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Posted on Feb 28, 2019
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I’m not quite done with the class of 2019!  Yes, most of the seniors have had them done, but not everyone has!  If you haven’t yet gotten photos that you love, you still have time to give me a call and schedule a shoot.  We are getting close to being out of time, but we aren’t there yet 😉

I had the pleasure of meeting a super sweet girl for her senior photos this weekend.  Samantha wanted to have her shoot out at Rollins (and for good reason! It is beautiful there!).  We all had a great time, just hanging out, and getting some beautiful natural photos of  this beauty.  These are the kind of shoots that I really enjoy.

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Feb 19, 2019
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I absolutely LOVE photographing these kids!  I have been so lucky to be able to photograph the both of them since they were born!  Seeing them a couple times a year, I have not only been able to see them grow physically, but how they are growing into such neat little humans!  I just love talking with them, and hearing all about what is going on in their lives.  They are so smart and so talented, and just awesome kids!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks of the both of these amazing kids:

Posted on Dec 20, 2018
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It has been such a wonderful year, with the best clients!  And I can’t imagine a better family to wrap it all up with.  For my last shoot of the year, I had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful family again.  And many of my seniors will recognize her.  Yes! It is the fabulous Rosie (my friend AND the best make up artist ever!).  I love photographing her beautiful family every year.

And I would like to take just a second to thank ALL of my clients, and wish all of you and your families HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and a happy and healthy new year.  See you in 2019!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Nov 29, 2018
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Next family up on the blog, is the family of a past senior!  I love when families come back to see me.  It’s great to catch up AND get them some new beautiful photos!  Even though I am pretty sure, this was not tops on the boys’ lists to do, they were great sports (and I think that they even, maybe, had a little bit of fun too!  It’s so great that all of the family wanted to do this for mom.

We had a great time on our shoot at Kraft Azalea.  It is a beautiful park, however at this time of year, it is packed solid with lots of families getting their Christmas pictures!  Thankfully, we can all work well around each other so everyone gets beautiful images 😉  Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Oct 24, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog, is the beautiful Cassidy!  I had such a great time meeting her and her mom for her senior shoot out at Kraft Azalea in Winter Park.  Cassidy is such a natural beauty, I loved having her in front of my lens.  She told me she loves photography as well.  Now I know, photographers typically like being on the OTHER side of the camera, but she did so great being the subject for the day.  She relaxed and had fun, so we could get some great photos of her to help mark this milestone!

Here are some sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Oct 22, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog, is beautiful Lauren!  Not only is she stunning, but she is super sweet, and I had so much fun photographing her.  She and her mom decided on a deluxe (two location) session for her senior photo shoot.  She knew she wanted Rollins, but wasn’t sure about the other.  Mom wanted something with blue walls, so I thought of a location that I don’t use very often anymore (but it IS beautiful!) – Maitland Art Center.  They have that fantastic blue mosaic wall!  The reason I don’t use that one very often anymore, is because of the hours that they are open.  It is just pretty much middle of the day, which is pretty hot during the summer time.  And during the school year, they often have weddings going on during the weekends.  So logistically, it is a difficult location to schedule.  But for Lauren’s shoot, all the stars were aligned, and we were able to shoot there!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from each of her locations:


Now, if you (or your senior), haven’t had your senior photos done yet, there is still time! And no, I’m not talking about the boring yearbook ones, I’m talking about going out on location and having FUN and getting gorgeous photos that you will WANT to have all over your house and to send to relatives.  Right now, the weather is cooling off a little, so it is such a nice time for a session!  Trust me, senior year goes by so quickly.  You don’t want to wait too long, and miss out on getting beautiful, fun, timeless photos taken for this important milestone in their lives.  Email me ( and we can talk about you want for your shoot!

Posted on Oct 16, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog, is the beautiful Mackenzie!  We had such a fun time on our shoot at Rollins.  Yes, I shoot at Rollins often, and that is because it is such a perfect session location!  The lighting is good there, and there are some great backdrops.  Whenever someone asks for a recommendation on where to shoot, this spot is at the top of my list.  And even though it is a popular location, it feels like we have the entire location to ourselves (even when there are other shoots going on).  Enough about the location, now onto Mackenzie!  Not only is she beautiful, but she was so sweet and a lot of fun too!  She brought her mom along as her personal assistant, and mom did a great job.  Both with Mackenzie’s outfits/accessories AND with being my “guest snapchatter” for the day.  (For those who don’t follow me, add me on Snapchat, and you will see behind the scenes of each shoot).

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Sep 04, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog, is a super sweet and beautiful Sarah!  We had such a great time on our shoot at Kraft Azalea.  That location is always one of my favorites.  Nice and small park, with great light, and lots of nature!  Her mom and cousin joined the session, not only to fill the role of “guest snapchatter”, but to also be Sarah’s personal assistants.  I love it when family is able to join the senior for their shoot.  It helps the senior feel more relaxed and it is helpful to have an extra set of hands to help with the wardrobe.  I enjoyed getting to know Sarah a little better, and get her some beautiful senior photos.  She is such a fun and sweet girl!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our session:

Posted on Aug 07, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog is beautiful Hailey (wait until you see her eyes!!  Seriously stunning)!  Yet another repeat family coming back.  Love that I have so many siblings coming back to me this year!  This one was extra special, because even though they moved, they still made the trip to have me do her senior photos.  The location she chose was Rollins, a beautiful spot with lots of options.  She was so sweet and having so much fun, she found another outfit just to make the shoot just a little longer.  I would think that meant she was having a good time.

Here are some sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Aug 01, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog is beautiful Allie!  Her family is another one that I have worked with in the past, for both her big sister’s senior photos AND for family photos.  So, I already knew we would have a great session ;). Allie started off the shoot with a good attitude, but said she was just doing this for her mom.  However, after we got started, she started having fun!  And she should, because she was so photogenic, and had such a gorgeous serious face!

Here are some of her sneak peeks: