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Posted on Feb 04, 2020
Posted in Animals, Kids, Seniors

What a fun session this was!  Beautiful Brooke and her handsome horse made quite a pair.  I have photographed Brooke and her family a couple of years ago, but this time I got to have all of my focus on her.  Sweet 16 photos!  Her horse was so well behaved (when he wasn’t sticking his tongue out at me), and Brooke looked so gorgeous with him.  All that beauty on a gorgeous day near sunset, made for a picture perfect session.

I know she is excited to see them, so on to the sneak peeks!

Posted on Mar 20, 2012
Posted in Kids, Seniors

This photo session was for a special girl’s sweet sixteen!  Her party’s theme is going to be “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, so we used that as inspiration for her shoot.  Think woodland fairy type.  The perfect location is one that I have been to before, but don’t go to very often.  Dickson Azalea in Orlando.  It is a tiny park, that is mostly under the road, and I discovered it one day several years ago by accident!  It is a really great photo location, I don’t know why I don’t use it more than I do!

This girl was a trooper!  She was getting eaten alive by mosquitos and bugs (I guess she smelt really good 😉 ), and I kept having her lay down and squat down in “nature” with her pretty party dress.  No complaints (just have to edit out the red bug bites, hahaha!).

Here are a few of her photos for her sneak peek!