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Posted on May 31, 2016
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It’s much more common to have family portraits taken when the kids are little.  But why not when they are older?  Or better yet, when everyone is grown up?!  This family session was such a fun one for me to photograph.  Three grown up sisters with their mom.  What an amazing gift to have?!  Beautiful photos of everyone!  Even though they all have their own families, to go back to the original women in the family was such a great idea.  And let me tell you, all 4 of these beautiful women were so much fun to be around!  Yes, margaritas before the session *may* have had a tiny bit to do with how silly they were.  But I think they all were just having a good time being together.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their shoot:




Posted on Mar 23, 2016
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I was so excited to photograph this sweet family.  I met mom and oldest daughter for her senior photos earlier in the summer.  And they were so great to work with!  So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the family to get some beautiful family photos for them.  We shot at the same place as we did her senior photos (Rollins).  It is a great location for pretty much any age group!  Must be why it is one of my most requested locations.

Here are a few sneak peeks from our session:




Posted on Mar 21, 2016
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I was so excited to shoot this family!  The daughter was one of my first seniors eight or so years ago.  And I was so touched when she reached out to me a while ago saying that she and her brother wanted to do something special for their mom.  The grown up kids wanted to give mom a family photo session as a gift.  Such a thoughtful and sweet gift!  I did tell her, it is best if you tell her about the shoot ahead of time (speaking from a mom’s perspective here), not just have her show up and “SURPRISE! Photo time!”  We (moms) absolutely will want the shoot, especially if the kids were the ones who planned it.  But we also want to make sure that we are photo ready, and it is done at a good time for us, so we feel and look our best.  So, that is exactly what the did.  The kids gifted her the session to be held whenever she wanted it.  And let me tell you, if you haven’t had family photos since your kids were little, it is SO MUCH easier now that they are older!  No need to bribe the little ones to sit still, no need to force them to dress nice, just make it a day or afternoon together, photos and then breakfast!  So if you have been putting it off for a while, now is as good of a time as any!

Here are a few sneak peeks from their family shoot:

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Posted on Feb 23, 2016
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I love this family.  I have been working with them for a few years now.  Starting with senior photos, and then another round of senior photos (as a rep this time), and now finally family photos!  And now that I have had the pleasure of meeting Grandma too, I can see where all of these ladies get their beauty from (and maybe even a little of their sass).  Dad definitely has his hands full with this group! 😉

Here are some sneak peeks from their shoot:





Posted on Jan 21, 2016
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It is time again for my favorite family!  Not only are they friends of mine, but they appreciate how important photos are.  They come to me every 6 months, to make sure they have their children’s childhood documented!  The kids are so used to their sessions, it isn’t a chore.  We have fun, they act silly, and they will have beautiful photographs all thru their young years. Another thing I love, the parents love to have something in the photos that is totally “them” for that period of time.  Could be a major toothless grin or could be their favorite sport at the time.  For this shoot, it is the boy’s orange Crocs.  Apparently, those are his “thing” right now.  A little too small for him now, but he still loves them and squeezes his feet into them.  So, instead of making him wear shoes to match his outfit, they want those orange plastic shoes to be a part of it.  That is what he loves right now, so why not have it a part of his photos?  Years from now, he will look back on those photos, and hopefully laugh at the memory of his orange Crocs.





Posted on Nov 24, 2015
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While I still mostly photograph seniors, ’tis the season for family sessions!  And I absolutely love it when I get my senior’s family in front of my camera.  Many are seeing a family session is long overdue, and they need to get in a shoot before the kiddos leave for college.  And let me tell you, if you have high schoolers especially, it is so much easier getting a family photo now that they are big kids  (compared to when they were little kids).  Don’t let the time slip by, you will love looking back on your family photos for years to come!

This is the family of not only a couple of my current senior clients, but also their triplet sister, my rep!  They are a great family!  We have lots and lots of photos of the kids, but mom wanted some of the entire family too.  Even their pup!  There was so much activity going on in that park that day, the pup was far more interested in everything else going on, instead of boring me with the camera.  With dogs, you never can tell if they are going to cooperate.  Thankfully, we managed a few where puppy was looking and “smiling” at me.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

Posted on Nov 06, 2015
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Next sneak peek up on the blog has a couple of familiar faces in it.  I have photographed them for their senior photos this year, but mom really wanted a family photo too!  And what better time to have one?!  I knew they would all be beautiful and coordinating.  Wasn’t worried about that at all.  But what I DIDN’T expect was the extreme cuteness of the youngest, tiniest, part of the family.  Little baby Blue!  Yes, their little puppy came dressed up for the photo shoot too, in a coordinating tie.  Could you just die from cuteness overload?!  He did very well for his first photo shoot.  Looking all adorable and smiling at me.  You never know how the pups are going to act for photos, but I think I have been pretty lucky this year with very well behaved sweethearts.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their shoot:

Posted on Oct 21, 2015
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Oh my goodness!  This family looked like they stepped right out of a magazine!  So gorgeous, and so perfectly styled by mom.  And those kids?!  So much fun!  The beautiful little girl liked helping me pose the family and definitely liked to model herself.  And the adorable little boy was so silly!  He was happy with taking photos, as long as Lightning McQueen was able to be in the photos as well.  Yes, that would be a tiny little red car that was in his hands pretty much all of the time (sometimes we could talk him into tucking it into his pocket)!  It is going to be a funny story to tell him when he is a teenager ;).

Here are a few sneak peeks from their fun family session:

A note – If you were wanting a family session, with photos back in time for the holidays, you will want to contact me ASAP.  I only have a couple of days left on my calendar.  Because remember, photos have to be taken by the beginning-mid November, to have your photos back by Christmas!  If you don’t need them back by Christmas, then we can shoot in December or January.

Posted on Jul 02, 2015
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And again, like clockwork, these two little cuties are back for photos.  I think this family has just as many photos of their kids as I do!  Their parents are so good, and make sure they come for a shoot every 6 months.  And because I know them so well, the kiddos are totally comfortable in front of the camera and with me.  This shoot, they were acting totally like little teenagers.  I swear, with the little girl, she was so much like one of my seniors, I was laughing the entire time.  She wanted outfit changes, she bought new outfits for her shoot, and she was so excited to use the model change tent.  And even though she is only 6, she wanted to pose “like my big girls”.  Not to mention the gossip she was telling me about her brother’s girlfriends and her own boyfriends!  Her brother wasn’t as into it as she was (as are most of the senior boys I photograph 😉 ), but he did keep asking if I was posting to instagram and snapchat.  Hahaha!  I just love watching these two cuties grow up, and can’t wait to see what they are going to be like when they are my senior clients!

Here are a few sneak peeks from their shoot (including one with their beautiful mom who was so great to jump in and be silly with them):

Posted on Jun 17, 2015
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Next up for the class of 2016 is a great guy!  He was such a good sport, and really seemed to enjoy his session.  We had his session at Rollins, and had a little extra added to his shoot. . . his twin sister!  And yes, she may look familiar, she is one of my reps.  But for any and all twins, I give them two options: they can book two separate shoots, or they can split one.  In either case, I like to get a few shots of them together.  For Johnny and Olivia, they wanted their own separate sessions.  So, Olivia came on Johnny’s shoot with him to help out, and to get their twin photos too.

Here are a few sneak peeks from Johnny’s shoot: