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Posted on May 31, 2019
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It’s time!  Time for the next senior class!  And the very first senior up on the blog is MY senior.  Yep, my “baby” is a senior ((sniff, sniff)).  I asked him what he wanted for his senior photo session, and he wanted to go downtown at night.  So he will get two shoots (perks of being a photographer’s kid 😉 ), and the second one will be next week during the day.  I didn’t want to press my luck and try two locations with him in one day. I love photographing my boys (and I love it when they humor me and let me).

I am SO excited for the next senior class!  I’m excited because I already have several booked for this summer!  I still have some availability and one more day of the sale, so make sure to message me/email me/call me to get YOUR session on the calendar!

Here are some sneak peeks from our evening downtown:

Posted on Mar 11, 2019
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This was a shoot for one of my models, and it was so much fun!  For her bonus mini shoot, she wanted something a little different.  So, we tried a night shoot!  I’ve done night shoots before, and they are usually downtown (because of all the lights on the skyline), but the stars were just not aligning for us to shoot downtown.  So instead, we went to one of my more popular locations, Park Ave, but at night!  This was a lot different for me, since I am usually there bright and early, with no one around.  For this shoot, it was on a Friday evening, so of course, there were tons of people around.  Not the most convenient to shoot, but I think we did pretty well!  And even though this dancer told me that she wasn’t going to do any dance photos this shoot, we ended up doing a couple ;).  I can’t help it! I love to shoot dancers!  And she was so awesome, she was happy to oblige.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from our fun night shoot.  I usually prefer color, but for the dance ones, I am more drawn to it in black and white!  I will leave it up to her to see which way she prefers it:


Posted on Dec 19, 2011
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A month or so back, I took a few of my JPSearcy senior model/representatives out for a little fun night shoot.  We had such a great time!  But the second group of my models has been harder to schedule.  We have had rain outs, last minute out of town trips, and a couple other reschedules.  But we WERE going to get it done!  We had the perfect night, not to hot, not to cool, all three of them were available, and then OOPS!  I made a huge mistake!  I forgot my battery pack at home.  I have never made such a huge mistake before!  See, no power, means no lights, and no lights at night, means no session!  Thankfully, my very sweet and loving husband (who accompanies us on all night shoots downtown), offered to run back home and pick it up.  So, me and the girls and their moms all hung out and got something to drink and talked until dear husband came back.  Unfortunately, we did lose one girl to the shoot, because of a previous commitment, so you will be seeing “night shoot part 3” in another week or two ;).

Here are a few sneaks from their shoot:

Lainey (Oviedo High)

(And this was just too funny!  As we are standing on the side ready to go to Amway, we see a ad for her father’s company!  So, yes, we needed to get a picture in front of the Harris sign!)

Regan (Winter Springs High)

As crazy as it sounds, I will be starting to look for my 2013 JPSearcy senior model/representatives next month!  If you want to be kept in the loop on the details for that, please “like” me at, because I will post the details there first!

But 2012 seniors, never fear, I am not closing up shop on you yet!  This time of year is a fantastic time to have your senior photos taken.  The weather is much more pleasant, and you do not have to do early morning shoots like in the summer.  Your senior year is HALF over already (can you believe it?!), and the second half is going to fly by!  Don’t settle for just your “yearbook photos”, come have a session where YOU want to, to get the photos that YOU really want!  Also, you don’t want to wait until the end of the school year, because then it is just one more thing that you have to do before graduation.  Do it now, so you can really enjoy it!  Talk to any of my 2012 JPSearcy model/representatives, or me directly!

Posted on Nov 28, 2011
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Yep, you read that right!  Now, this wasn’t supposed to be a night beach, it was supposed to be a sunset beach family session in Ft. Lauderdale.  But sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned!  Not only was it after sunset, it was SO windy, I needed extra help holding down the light!  Put that with a little three year old who wanted to just run and play and have fun at the beach, it was a challenging shoot!  But those can also be the most fun.  Despite all the challenges we had, I think we got some fantastic photos for them!

As a little side note, I will be coming down to Ft. Lauderdale more often now.  My parents are moving down, so of course, that means I will need to visit more!  If you live in south Florida, and would like to book a session with me, drop me an email  I will put you on an interest list, and get ahold of you first, before I put it up to the general public to book.  (You don’t have to book if it isn’t going to be a good time, I will just offer it to you first!  And if it doesn’t work that time, I will contact you the next time!).

Here are a few sneak peeks from that night.  The first one was taken a little earlier in the day, the rest were that night.  (I just *love* the older son.  He LOVES photo sessions.  I don’t pose him at all, he just moves and poses all on his own!):

Posted on Oct 18, 2011
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These girls will look familiar if you follow my blog at all.  They are 3 of my 2012 senior reps (the other reps will come out and “play” another day)!  I missed the girls, and it had been a while since I have photographed them, so I asked them if they would be willing and able to do a shoot.  But they have plenty of senior photos already, so I asked if they would let me just take them downtown and “play around” one night.  So, these are different from my normal work, and a little more model-y/edgy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it!  We had so much fun!  We started off on Church Street, and then made our way down some of the streets (which, as you can imagine, they draw attention from people passing by!), then found a rooftop garage (that we very shortly got kicked out of), and ended up in front of Amway.  Definitely different shooting at night!  But it was a fun change of pace!

Here are a couple of each girl from our night out downtown!

Sarah (Hagerty High School):

Meaghan (Oviedo High School):

Kylan (Winter Springs High):

If YOU are a 2012 senior (or a parent of one!), it is not too late to get your senior photos done!  I am NOT your yearbook photographer, but I AM the photographer that will get your gorgeous photos that you will have a blast taking, and will love hanging around your house!  Talk to any of my reps (or me, of course) about my senior sessions, and to get YOURS scheduled!  Also, look up my page on facebook and “like” it, so you can see your friends’ photos that have come to me ~