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Posted on Jul 23, 2018
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Next senior up on the blog, is the beautiful Abby!  Abby had a deluxe (two location) session.  Since she is on the water polo team, she wanted the pool as one of her locations.  I love being able to go to different places!  The second location she chose was Casa Feliz.  This is one of my favorite places, because it was one of my very first locations that I started shooting at over 10 years ago.  The one tricky part about Casa, is that I prefer to shoot it in the afternoon.  Afternoon in the summer is tough.  Not only is it really hot out, it is also a good chance that it will be raining.  (And I have to book it in advance).  So, basically all the stars need to be aligned!  This afternoon was no exception.  It was rainy all afternoon, but we kept in touch and when it looked like there was going to be a break in the rain, we headed over.  The rain gods smiled on us, and held off for us to do our shoot.  So glad that we could have a good day to have this sweet girl’s shoot!

Here are some sneak peeks from our session:

Posted on Sep 01, 2017
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Next senior up on the blog is Olivia!  She is such a sweetheart, and we had such a great time on our shoot.  We had our shoot at Casa Feliz.  This is one of my past favorite locations.  But due to photography restrictions, I don’t have the opportunity to shoot there very often anymore.  It has to be scheduled and coordinated with Casa, so there aren’t many available times.  BUT when we DO get to shoot there, I just love it!  Olivia had the perfect clothes to go with the location, and just looked beautiful!

School has started!!  So, if you have not yet gotten on my calendar, and you want to, please contact me ASAP and we will talk!  Weekend dates are very limited, so you want to get on the calendar soon!

Posted on Aug 22, 2012
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After a summer full of seniors, it was a great change of pace to photograph a little guy and his mommy and daddy!  Of course I love my seniors, and always will.  But I do have a special place in my heart for families and little kids too!  So, even though you see a lot of seniors on my blog and site, remember me for your family photos too!  With holidays around the corner (yes, holiday photos start late summer/early fall!), it is just about time to get your family session on my calendar!

It was such a pleasure to meet this sweet family.  It was the little man’s 1st birthday!  And what a great way to celebrate!  Family photos, first birthday photos, and finished up with messy cupcakes.  Here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

Posted on Apr 09, 2012
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This senior is a special one to me.  Not that you ALL aren’t special, because you are!  But, this particular girl I have known since she was a tiny little girl.  She is my kind-of-cousin/niece from California.  Kind of cousin by marriage, but because I am so much older, she has always referred to me as an aunt.  Anyway, I was supposed to go out to California to photograph Sierra for her senior photos, but plans fell thru and she ended up coming here for her spring break.  And you know what?  Everything happens for a reason!  Because she was able to come out here, I was able to take her to do her official Florida State University college tour (which she had just found out she was accepted!).  And besides the fact I kept being referred to as her MOM in Tallahassee (not that I wouldn’t be proud to be her mom, I just don’t feel anywhere close enough to be old enough to be the mom of a high school senior!  Yes, I am in some major denial!), we had such a great time seeing the campus, and I just LOVED showing her around!

When we weren’t in Tallahassee, we were going around town around here for her senior photos!  We started at Casa Feliz in Winter Park, then moved to Kraft Azalea.  And the next morning, we headed out to the beach for sunrise beach photos.  Yeah, the weather had other plans for us there ;).  It was a rainy morning, unfortunately.  BUT, we got some killer waves photos, and some different kinds of beach photos!  She has turned into such a gorgeous young lady (OK, now THAT comment made me seem old! Hahaha!), and I had such an amazing time spending the week with her!  Here are some sneak peeks from her shoots:

Posted on Mar 11, 2012
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Natalia is one of my 2013 JPSearcy models.  I offer my models a sports/activities mini session before our big VIP day, if they would like it.  I, personally, LOVE it when they take me up on it.  Sports/extracurriculars can play such a huge part of their high school experience, so it SHOULD be documented!  Now, of course I am not talking about just boring posed photos, that they have done every year.  Something a little more fun, of course!  Now, keep in mind, this is available for ANY of my seniors to do with their photo shoot.  It doesn’t have to ALL be sports, but why not get a few sports shots along with your other gorgeous photos?!

We did Natalia’s dance photos at Casa Feliz in Winter Park, and I think they turned out beautifully  (And yes, the fire was real 😉 ).  Here are just a few from our session:

Posted on Nov 17, 2011
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This age is so much fun!  OK, so I say that about lots of ages, but it is true!  Every age has something that I just *love*.  This little sweetheart is about 10 months old.  So, that means, she is totally curious about everything.  She isn’t quite walking yet, but crawling all over the place!  Not to mention, she is such a happy little girl with two parents who just adore her and every thing she does.  Life is pretty good at this age!

Here are a few from her session that made me smile:

Posted on Jul 22, 2011
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These senior shoots are getting earlier and earlier!  Yep, it is hard to get out of bed, especially for the seniors who are on summer break!  BUT, it is so worth it.  The heat is getting unbearable.  But when we are starting at 7am, we are done before it is beastly out!

I loved when I suggested the start time to Jordan, she put up no fight.  She was all for starting early!   We started off at Casa Feliz.  I LOVE shooting there, but it is getting harder to book there, because the are getting more and more popular for events.  So, during the week, we have the best chance!  Then after Casa, we headed to our second location, at Rollins College.  I had such a good time with Jordan.  She is so sweet and fun, and seemed to be having a great time at the shoot.  So much fun (or maybe it was just because she is naturally happy!) that she had trouble with the “serious face”.  She was such a good sport, and she kept trying, but I will say, most of hers are going to be of her naturally smilie face!

Here are your sneak peeks!  Hope you like them!