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Posted on May 06, 2019
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Although I don’t typically photograph weddings, I was so touched that one of my former seniors wanted me to shoot hers!  I think it was a perfect wedding.  So beautiful and so sweet!  This adorable couple was so happy and so in love, it was amazing to play a small role in their special day. I came home and went right to work so I could have some sneak peeks for them before they left on their honeymoon.  Ahhh, young love!

Posted on Apr 26, 2012
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Yep, you read that correctly.  JPSearcy Bridals.  I have been fighting it for a while, but since starting my business, one thing I have learned – NEVER SAY NEVER!!!  I used to say, “I will never shoot seniors.  I remember ME as a teenager, and I wouldn’t want to work with me every day!”  Obviously, that doesn’t hold true anymore!  Seniors are my most favorite people in the world to shoot now!  (Not to mention, they are a lot nicer than I was as a teenager 😉 )  And many of you have asked along the way, “Will you shoot weddings?”  My answer has always been NEVER!  Well, I am softening up in my old age, I guess, because I am not going to say, “No,  never!” anymore.  Does this mean that I am going to go full force into weddings now, and ditch my seniors?  Of course not!  Seniors are my favorites, I would never give them up!  But I will, begin to take on a couple weddings.  What would be ideal for me, is to shoot my senior’s weddings (after they are done with college of course!).  You won’t see me out in bridal shows, or anything like that.  It will just be something that I will offer when the right couples come along.  Really, would probably be only referrals, because I don’t know how else they would find me ;).

With that all being said, I have a very good friend in Nashville.  She, happens to be a fabulous wedding/event planner (, if you are needing someone!  She does do out of town weddings/destination weddings/events as well, so you don’t HAVE to be in Nashville to use her!).  Well, she has been trying to twist my arm for YEARS to get into weddings.  When I told her that I was thinking about offering weddings, she was so excited, and we planned a trip for me to Nashville.  She was fabulous!  She had a nice variety of locations for me, beautiful dresses, wedding bouquets, AND some beautiful models, all so I could do some bridal shoots to start a portfolio.  We had such an amazing time!

Here are some samples of what I was working on when I was there:

First location: The Factory at Franklin

Second location: Gaylord Opryland

And final location: Kings Chapel

So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer, give me a call!  I will be accepting only a VERY limited number of weddings, starting in the fall of 2012.  Contact me to discuss your wedding and packages I offer!