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Posted on Jun 11, 2012
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I started photographing big sister about 5 years ago, and I just adore her.  She is a great little model for me now, and knows exactly what to expect.  I was SO excited to hear that she had a little sister on the way!  Another sweet little girl to photograph and love!

When it was time for baby sister’s newborn photos, of course we had to get a couple with big sister too.  We started with the baby, but I could tell that she was anxious to get started on her photos too, so, we stopped and did the sister photos, and then went back to the baby ones ;).  At first, we didn’t think that baby sister was going to sleep at all for us!  She was wide awake and so curious to what was going on.  And when I saw the (awake) one, I knew I wanted that to be a sneak peek for sure.  She had a little sassy look on her face, like “what are you messing with my naps for lady?!”.  But then she fell asleep and we got to do all the fun hats and blankets and rugs.  I tell you, once they are asleep, they are SO much easier! Hahaha!

Anyway, here are her sneak peeks.  Hope you love them!

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Posted on Mar 26, 2012
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This was a session down in Ft. Lauderdale.  Since my parents moved back there, I am trying to pick up sessions when I visit.  Depending on how long I am staying, I usually only take one or two sessions, because come on, I want to have a little mini vaca too!  But if you live in south Florida, and would be interested in setting up a session (it could be a family session, kiddo session, or even high school senior session), email me and let me know.  That way, you would be the first people I call when I have plans to go down south again!  For the south Florida sessions, I do not charge a travel fee if I am already going down.  So the session fees would be treated as local sessions listed on my website.

I was so excited to meet this little sweetheart!  She is about two months old, and I had heard what a happy baby she was.  And she was!  Very sweet baby.  Loved me, talked to me, smiled at me, until the camera went up to my face.  Hahaha!  Put the camera down, and she loves me again.  Even though she was determined to not have me take nice photos of her, I won out in the end.  I have lots of gorgeous shots of her!  And some silly outtakes as well ;).  We did the first round of photos just of her.  Then the next day, we did some family photos at TY Park.  Here are a couple from each for her sneak peeks:

Posted on Jan 23, 2012
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Guess who I get to share now?!  My little nephew!  Unfortunately I was not able to make it up to Atlanta when he was born (not by lack of trying, mind you!), so this was the first chance I had to give this little prince a photo session!  He is 2 months old already, and such a good and happy baby!  I am a little sad that I didn’t get to do “newborn” photos with him, but I DID get to get the wide awake, alert and smiley photos!  I will tell you though, I hate to admit this, but the one who can get the BIGGEST smiles out of him is not me!  It is my dad.  So, for the last sneak peek, I had called him into the room, and as soon as he heard Gampa talking, he just lit up and gave a very big grin.  Such a sweet boy!