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Posted on Oct 16, 2013

This year as a little bonus, I took my reps who have referred the most seniors to me out for a bonus shoot at the beach!  They have been working so hard, I thought they could use a few more photos ;).  It is so crazy that I have been working with my reps for almost a year now.  And before I know it, it will be time to start the class of 2015 JPSearcy rep search (I start in January, for those juniors who follow me!)!  But, I still have a few more months with this amazing group of girls to finish out the class of 2014!  Here are a few sneak peeks from Shauna’s beach shoot:

Posted on Apr 10, 2012
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Along with their sneak peeks from VIP day, I thought it would be nice for you all to get to know a little about my new 2013 senior representatives!

1. Name – Amanda
2. School – Lake Brantley High
3. Favorite TV show – Tosh.0
4. Favorite sports team – Boston Red Sox
5. Friends describe you as – Insightful, caring, competitive
6. Best day ever would be – Pitching and winning my championship game in baseball
7. Something that makes you smile – Puppies
8. What is your dream vacation? – Going to Australia
9. What could you not live without? – My cousin Kayla and my best friend Ali
10. What color best describes your personality and why? – Blue, because I am calm and soothing and love nature
11. What are your plans for after high school? – I plan on majoring in biology at a university
12. In 10 years I think I will . . . I hope to be done with school and doing the thing I love, which is helping animals

Why I think others should have their senior photos done with JPSearcy?  Not only do you get to choose where you want your photos taken, but you will get them taken by Jeannette.  She has different, original and creative ideas.  You truly feel and get treated like a model.

Make sure you talk to Amanda about getting YOUR senior photos done!  (And show some love on the blog in the comment section!)

Posted on Feb 01, 2011

I can’t believe it is that time again!  Time for my search for the perfect girls to be my  next JPSearcy Models/Representatives!  I know it is barely 2011, but I like to search and select the next class models early.  Not sure what it is like to be a rep for me?  Let me give you the basics!

Your “job” as a JPSearcy Model/Representative is to talk about and show off your fabulous senior photos!  You will let your classmates and friends know where they can get photos that really are fun to do, and showcase their true self.  No cheesy backdrops or studios.  We go on location, where ever the senior wants to go, and I photograph everyone to show off their true beauty.  And having a blast at the actual session is a major bonus!

What’s in it for you, you may ask?  Well, this year,  my models will receive a very special, complimentary, all-day VIP photoshoot at several different locations (some of these locations will ONLY be offered to my models!), and they will receive the VIP treatment ALL DAY!  (Further details will be given to my models after they are selected.)  Trust me, this will be the most outrageous session I have ever done!  I am actually REALLY excited about it, and can’t wait!  Your VIP model session will take place sometime at the end of April/beginning of May.  And you will receive ALL the images for your facebook pages, at no charge!  You also have the opportunity to “pay” for all of your senior photos by bringing in referrals (remember the telling your friends and classmates part I was saying earlier? THIS is what I am talking about!).  Each person you refer to me will earn you credit towards your order.  Refer lots of people to me, and you will get lots of photos for FREE!!!  And lastly, you will be featured on my website!  I use many of my reps’ images in my website, blog, and advertisements.  Your model images will be everywhere!

Are you excited yet?  Do you think you would be PERFECT for this position?  Well, let me tell you what I am looking for.  I am looking for someone who is active in their school.  This could mean on sports teams, in student government, theatre, clubs, anything!  Just be involved with lots of contacts!  I am looking for someone who is NOT shy.  Now this is for obvious reasons!  Seriously, the job is talking to lots of friends and classmates, and showing off your gorgeous photos, so shy really wouldn’t cut it.  I am looking for someone who is influential.  I am not the only photographer in town, so when your friends/classmates are asking “why should I go to JPSearcy instead of XYZ Photography?”, I want you to be able to let them know! I am looking for PERSONALITY!!!  I am looking for someone who is good at social networking.  Let’s face it, facebook/myspace/twitter, etc, is where everyone is at!  I do a lot of advertising there.  I need someone who is well connected there too!

And lastly, what I am NOT looking for.  I am NOT looking for a perfect model in the looks department.  “Normal” people, which, let’s be honest, is most of us, is perfect in my eyes!  (OK, if you know you are gorgeous, and look straight out of a magazine, of course you can apply too (;, but that isn’t a requirement!).  I am NOT looking for someone who is lazy.  I am NOT looking for someone who is just in it for the VIP session, and has no interest in the representative part of it.   I am NOT looking for someone to badmouth other photographers or photography studios (that’s just not cool!).

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a JPSearcy Senior Model/Representative?  I will be accepting one model from each of the central FL schools.  Last year I had models at Oviedo High, Hagerty High, Winter Springs High, Winter Park High, and Lake Mary High.  Of course I would love to have models at those schools again, but I would also be thrilled to get into some other schools as well.  Public or private is fine by me.  Last year, all the model positions were filled pretty quickly, so if you are interested, it is best to apply early!  (The longest the applications will be open is 1 week, but will probably close early if I get lots of qualified applicants!).

Ready for the application?!  One more thing first!  Please talk to your parents about it before submitting the application.  We want to make sure they are kept in the loop and are on board with it.  Show them this blog entry as well as my website (if they aren’t already familiar with it!).  That way, they can get a feeling of the type of work that I do, and hopefully be excited for you to be a model/rep for me!

Click link below for application!

And because no posts are complete without photos, how about showing off my amazing 2011 JPSearcy Senior models/reps?!  They were FANTASTIC this year.  I am going to be so sad to see them go.

Posted on Jan 26, 2011
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If you are anything like me, you like to send out cards that will stand out from the others.  Something different, something “pretty”!  So, this year, I decided to offer pretty announcements for my seniors!  These are available to anyone who has had a session with me, even if it was this past summer.  OR, if you haven’t had your senior session yet, get one on the books so you can not only have gorgeous photos and a lot of fun on your shoot, but you can have these beautiful graduation announcements as well!

These cards are somewhat customizable.  Meaning, you can come up with your own wording, choose one or multiple photos from our session, and move things around a little bit (if you want to).   You can use them in place of the standard ones from the school.  You can use them as open house invitations.  Whatever you want!  (The samples below are showing the fronts and  backs to each design.)

The pricing for these 5×7 double sided cards (includes standard envelopes) is 25/$75, 50/$135, 75/$185, 100/$225.  You don’t have to order now, but you will want to place your order at least 3 weeks before you are needing them.  So, it may be something to think about, or something that you want to go ahead and check of your graduation to-do list!

Please contact me if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to order (or set up a session). or 407-977-6296.

Posted on Feb 09, 2009
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They were down here on vacation from the northeast, and what do they get when they are here?  Record low temps!  So much for getting away from the cold.  Still, thought that they would think our “Florida cold” would still be warm.  Nope!  They wore jackets and then just took them off right before each shot!  They wanted it to at least look like warm Florida weather.  LOL!

This was a present arranged by (grown up) daughters for their mom. (It was so sweet that they thought to surprise her like that!)  Now, she did know about it before she came down, but the session was a gift for her.  You could just tell how happy she was to have her whole family around her for these shots!  And because this family was so relaxed and laid back, we got some wonderful shots.  And it turns out, some of the best shots were near the end when we were shooting on the playground!  Remember, it isn’t always just  about the background location, more the comfort and the family.  And this was a silly family, so it just fit!

Thanks guys!  I had a great time meeting you, and I am enjoying working on your photos!  I will let you know as soon as they are ready.

Posted on Jan 30, 2009
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I tell you, the mini models sessions went so well!  The kids were all great (gorgeous too, by the way!), the parents were all great, and everything just ran very smoothly!  Love it when everything works out as planned.  

Now comes the voting part!  Let’s see one of JPSearcy Photography’s models win this!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Even if you don’t know any of the models personally, that doesn’t mean you can’t vote for them!   How the voting works, is you go to:, and page down to ORLANDO, FLORIDA.  (I am going to try to link directly for each model, but just in case that doesn’t work, I want to tell you the “official” way to do it).  Then you will click on the letter that corresponds with the model’s last name.  Then vote!

Being that this is a charity contest, remember, the votes will cost $1 each.  All of the money will go to NILMDTS (if you have never heard of this wonderful organization, please take a few minutes to look at their website –  The great thing is, you can vote as many times as you want to!  Help your favorite model out, and know that you are also helping a lot of families at the same time.  What could be better than that?!

Because I want you to be able to see more than just the one for the contest  (contest site only lets you have one), I am going to post first the one that was entered, and then one other one that I really liked too!  Now, here are our models (in alphabetical order):

Last name starts with – Br


Last name starts with- Br


Last name starts with – Bu


Last name starts with – Ca


Last name starts with – Cr


Last name starts with – Cr


Last name starts with – El


Last name starts with – El


Last name starts with – Li


Last name starts with – Po


Last name starts with – Th

There you have it!  JPSearcy Photography’s contribution to the charity model search!  Please go vote, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Whether it is one vote for $1, or one hundred votes for $100, the money is going to a great cause, and every little bit helps!

Posted on Jan 21, 2009
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Whew!  It was a lot of work, doing so many sessions back-to-back like that, but it was also a lot of fun!  I normally will just do one session per day, but I had 3 on Friday and 7 on Saturday!  I thank all of you who participated.  Thank you for participating, thank you for being on time, and thank you for being such beautiful models for me!  You make my job easy!

No, no sneak peeks for these.  Sorry!  I am just trying to get all of them proofed, and then when they pick which ones that they want entered, I will put those up here so you can see all of my entries!  And even if you didn’t participate, you can still help out the charity by voting!  And who better to vote for, than one of our locals?!

And just a little note, I will be out of town for the next couple of days.  I am a new aunt!  And I need to go meet (and photograph) my sweet little niece.  I will be back by the weekend, so just be patient with me if I am not as quick as I usually am with my e-mails.  

Posted on Oct 21, 2008
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Well, maybe not literally, but they COULD be in a magazine!  As a matter of fact, the last shot on this peek, was inspired by an ad that she saw and brought with her (LOVE when people come with ideas that they want to try!).  

Well, as promised, “mom and dad” from the sneak from earlier today.  Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have shots like this of you and your husband/wife?!

*And as serious as they were trying to be, they were cracking each other up!*

Posted on Sep 22, 2008
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Personal life has been getting in the way!  Trying to tie up all loose ends before the busy holiday season starts!  Session dates are going quickly, so if you haven’t gotten your date booked, you don’t want to wait much longer.

I have a couple of travel dates to announce as well.  I will be in south FL from November 14-16th.  All slots are already filled, except for one on Sunday November 16th in the morning.  If you are interested in that slot (or know someone who is), please get in touch with me ASAP!  I am also thinking of going to Atlanta for a few days.  So, I will be opening up a few slots for there as well.  As of right now, I am only taking  *interest* in session slots.  Meaning, I am not definitely going, but will depending on interest.  The dates for that will be November 26-29 (that is right around Thanksgiving).  If you are interested (or know someone who is), please e-mail me and let me know.  I will work on first come first choice for time/date slots.  And hopefully, there would be enough interest, and I will get back with you and let you know for sure!  But please don’t wait.  If you are interested, let me know.  That won’t lock you in right away.  After I make my plans definite, THEN I will ask for you to lock in your slot with a session fee retainer.

Posted on Aug 08, 2008
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You may recognize this cutie, as I have had the pleasure to photograph him a few times already.  But this one was a little different.  Mom wanted to do this as a father’s day present when her husband’s father was going to be in town (following me?).  So, fast forward to now, everyone was in town.  She wanted a session for the three guys (grandfather, father, and son).  

And to take it a little further, she decided on a more “lifestyle” session.  What this is, is not staged or posed at all.  Just really follow them around.  Now, at this age, that is always definitely a part of it, but being that was the goal of the entire session, it was so much fun!  The session was held at a golf course on a putting green.  It was the first time he had “golfed”, and his dad and grandpa were teaching him.  He had a ball!  And the funniest thing, was after he would hit the ball, he did a “victory” dance.  He would put the club in the air and spin around (and wait for applause!).  SO stinkin’ cute!

Anyway, here are some sneaks from that fun session:

*and the victory dance*

Thanks for another great session!