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Posted on Jan 10, 2018
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I’ve had some questions and confusion about next year’s plans (for the class of 2019), so I wanted to do a little post to better explain and clarify a little!

No, I am NOT doing reps next year.  I know, I’ve been doing them for the past 8 or 9 years, so this is a big change!  But all that means, is no one is working to get referrals and earn extra shoots!  Every one can focus on THEIR own session, and making the most of it.  I am starting a new program, for those seniors who want to have more than one shoot with me.  That is the model program.  It is a brand new program that I came up with, that I think could be a lot of fun!  If you would like to participate in the model program, you would pay one session fee and it would cover the main shoot in the summer + several bonus shoots throughout their senior year (including a beach shoot, night time shoot, destination shoot in Miami, and a family shoot).  How many bonus shoots is up to you!  I have three different options available.  Of course, I throw in a few little perks to those that are in the model program 😉  If making your senior photo experience last all year is something you (or your senior) would be interested in, please contact me, and I’ll give you all of the details!

If one session is enough, then that is great too!  Of course I will still be taking regular clients.  You do NOT have to be a part of the model program to have your session with me!  You will still be able to pick one or two locations (on the same day), and have a wonderful time and get lots of gorgeous photos!  I will start booking in May for the class of 2019.  Most seniors DO get their senior photos taken during the summer before their senior year!  The reasons for this is simply, you have the most time in the summer!  We can shoot 7 days a week, and we don’t need to work around school schedules.  I know everyone is worried about the heat, but let me put your mind at ease!  We shoot early mornings only in the summer.  We are done before it gets too hot (and starts the afternoon thunderstorms!).  You will want to book your senior photo session as soon as the calendar opens up, just so you have the best choice in dates!

Hopefully that clears things about about model vs rep vs client!  If not, please do reach out to me!  I’m happy to talk to you further about any questions you may have!

Posted on Nov 03, 2017
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This isn’t a typical sneak peek post, sorry about that!  This is more of a “what’s up and coming” info post!

So, if you have been following me for a while, you know that every year applications go up to select my next class of senior reps.  I have LOVED each and every one of my reps.  I love working with them all year, and I love keeping in touch with them after graduation.  They have been a great resource in helping me spread the word to their friends about JPSearcy.  But it seems like lots of other photographers have started using reps as well.  So, I guess it is time to shake things up a bit!  I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing ;).

I am working on a plan to put the focus completely on the senior, and giving them a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.  This will be open to all upcoming seniors (class of 2019), and I won’t be limiting how many from each school.  No applications or anything like that.  Just giving everyone the opportunity for the Model Experience!  It will include multiple sessions through out the year.  Of course, I will still offer beautiful photos as a part of regular senior sessions.  This is just something a bit more!  I’m still finalizing the details, and will be sending it all out to whoever is interested.  Do you want to be a part of the very first JPSearcy Model Experience team?  Just take a second and fill out the short form with your contact info, and you will be the first one to hear the details!  And feel free to pass it along to your friends who would totally be up for an over-the-top senior model experience!

Posted on Jun 25, 2016
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For a change of pace for a day, I had a different kind of shoot.  I was called by a previous client to do a lifestyle type shoot for her new business and website.  She is in the process of building her website, but for now, you can find her on Facebook  Go and “like” her page, and learn something new!  We did the shoot in her kitchen (and I got a bonus ~ she made me a delicious green smoothie!).

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

matt14 matt34 matt47

Posted on Feb 01, 2013
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The time has come!  Time to introduce my new 2013 JPSearcy Senior Model/Representatives!

Over the next couple of months, you will be seeing more of them, but for just now, here are a few headshots of my fabulous juniors (soon to be seniors) who will be representing me next school year!

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

Now, if you follow me at all, you know that it is pretty rare that I will run a sale.  But this year, I am getting caught up in all the Black Friday fun.  So I thought to do a Black Friday sale MY way.  No crazy waiting in lines, no pushing or shoving, no having to get up at 2am.  All you have to do is give me a quick call, during normal people hours, and you get a gift that no one will want to return!  But I didn’t want it to stop with just Friday.  There is also a relatively new thing (or at least it is new to me) – Small Business Saturday.  This is when you support local small businesses in your area.

So . . . the details!!!  You have two options for the sale.  Option #1 – Pre-purchasing a session for $225 (local session for a family session, kid session, senior session, or engagement session to be held anytime between 1/1/13-4/1/13 – includes session fee and print package)  OR Option #2 Gift Certificates!  The gift certificates can be used towards session fees and/or prints.  The higher the dollar amount you purchase, the more you get for free!  Either of these two options can be purchased for yourself or can be purchased for someone else for the perfect gift!  Call during the hours listed, and let me know which option you want!  If you receive voicemail, it just means I am on the phone with someone else taking advantage of the Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Holiday sale!  Just please leave a message for me and let me know which option you would like, and I will get back with you as soon as I can!

Posted on Sep 16, 2011
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I know it is mid-September, but it is totally time to get your family holiday sessions on the books!  And I am actually a little late getting this out this year, and for that I apologize!  But better late than never, right?

My fall availability calendar is now up on the website.  (Just go to, click on enter site, and then click SCHEDULE.  Those dates with boxes are still available for sessions).  My deadlines this year are: last day for sessions (for Christmas delivery) is November 20th.  The last day for orders (for Christmas delivery) is December 11th.  Please keep in mind, these are the last possible days, and you will be cutting it close by getting your prints back RIGHT before Christmas.  For peace of mind, or if you are going to need your order shipped, give yourselves a little extra time ;).  Once you know you want me to do your family photos, it is best to call or email and book your date!  Fall dates tend to go quickly!

And now, a little holiday special!  For the past couple of years I have offered a special mini session (the only time I offer mini sessions all year!).  So, I will be happy to offer them again this year!  It is a one day only kind of deal.  The date for this year’s mini session is Saturday October 29th!  This is a one day only special, and once all the slots are filed, the mini session special is over!  So if just getting a couple images for your cards, or a gift of two sounds perfect for you, check the details below and book your slot!

The mini session date is Saturday October 29th ONLY, and the location is Kraft Azalea park in Winter Park.  The price is $200 (+tax), and it includes your session fee (for immediate family up to 5 people), 25 holiday cards, and your choice in gift print.  If you would like to place an additional order, you can do so after seeing your images.  To book your slot in the mini session date, you simply need to send me an email ( or call me (407) 977-6296!  You will need to let me know what time of day works best for your family (I will set the exact schedule about a week or so out).  $100 will be due to book your slot, with the remaining $114 due the day of the mini session.

Of course, as always, if you don’t think that a mini session would be enough for you, or if you want to pick your own location, full sessions are available too!  Regardless of the type of session you want (mini or full), you want to get on the books soon!

Posted on Jul 04, 2011

I will be on vacation from July 5th – July 13th.  Just a quick week away in beautiful Maine!  I will be checking emails, and phone messages.  I just won’t be responding as quickly as you are used to!  I will probably check once or twice a day, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

If you are looking to book a session, take a look at my availability calendar and pick a date that works for you (and possibly one as a back-up date).  I am completely booked up for the month of July, and almost completely booked up for August.  There are a couple dates left in August, but I expect those to go quickly.  So, email me the date that you want, so I can hold it for you.  September is still pretty much wide open for shoots, but you will want to get your date on my calendar, because once we hit fall, I start filling up for family sessions (for holiday photos!).

As soon as I get back, I expect to be rested and recharged, and ready to dive back into work!  See you in a week and a half!

Posted on Aug 30, 2010
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I know, it is still 90 degrees outside, and we haven’t hit September yet.  HOWEVER, it isn’t too early to start thinking about holiday photos.  Now, you don’t have to get your photos taken right now, but you do want to start thinking about when you want to have your session, and get on my calendar.  LOTS and LOTS of info in this post!

I have just released my fall availability calendar, and it is on my website now.  My deadlines this year are as follows: November 21 LAST session date to guarantee Christmas delivery; December 5 LAST day to place an order to guarantee Christmas delivery (not including canvas and/or purses, those need more time to come back).

Now, some fun news!  I am going to be offering mini sessions for the holidays! This is a one day only special, and as soon as the slots are all filled, the mini session special is over!  So, if getting just a few images for your cards, and maybe a gift or two, sounds just perfect for you, check the details below!

If you have ANY questions at all, please call or e-mail!  But if you prefer to have a full session at your choice in location, I am definitely booking those as well!  You will just need to let me know when you would like to have your session, and where you want it to be!  Fall dates tend to fill up quickly, so you will want to get on the calendar as soon as you know you want to have a session with me.

And last bit of fun info, this year’s holiday cards!  I am so excited about this years cards.  There are lots and lots of choices, so you are bound to find one design that you just love!  If you haven’t seen my cards in person, just ask, and I would be happy to show you a sample.  They are high quality, linen textured two sided flat cards (with envelopes, of course).  They are sold in packs of 25.  The pricing is: 25/$75, 50/$135, 75/$185, 100/$225.

Here are the cards that I will be offering this year!  Can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Posted on Jul 31, 2010

Hi all!  I am back from vacation, and I am not gonna lie, I wish I was still there!  Alaska is such a beautiful place, and it was hard to come home.  But, of course, I did come home!  And now I am rested and recharged and ready to get shooting again!

For my seniors, I know you don’t want to hear this, but there is only 2 weeks until school starts.  I know some of you wanted to wait until the end of summer to get your senior photos taken.  Well, that time is now!  I still have several  dates open this month, so you want to get a jump on them.  Once school starts, there will be a million other things going on!  But, if you are wanting to wait a little longer, that is fine too.  Fall does tend to book up with family shoots, so you will want to at least get on the calendar soon, so you get the date that you want.

For my families, I know YOU don’t want to hear this, but we are getting close to the holidays!  I know, you are going to say that there is still 5 months, but if you have been with me for a while, you know that really isn’t true.  Yes, of course there is still 5 months until the holidays, BUT not 5 months until holiday photos!  My shooting deadline is usually the end of October, for you to get them back before the holidays.  That allows enough time for editing, proofing, ordering, and printing.  So, if you know you are going to want your family photos done, it is best to contact me now to set your date.  Weekends in the fall go pretty quickly!

And then a little more news.  Many of you have been hearing about my Africa trip.  Many of you have been so patient and understanding with me and my ever-changing schedule, with regards to the Africa trip.  Well, you don’t have to wait anymore.  There was only 10 days in this entire year that I would not be able to go (because of this family vacation that has been in the works for over a year).  After too many delays to count, the family FINALLY got the clearance to travel and pick up their son!  Unfortunately (for me, not them!), it was a few days ago, when I was in Alaska.  I am over the moon excited for the family, because as you know, this is a LONG time in waiting (we were originally supposed to travel in JANUARY!).  I wish I was there, but I am so happy that their wait is finally over.

So, since I won’t be traveling to Africa (anytime soon!), I am planning on flying up to Nashville (where they live) and doing a family session for them after they get back and settled.  I have to wait until they get back to set exact dates, but it will be sometime in September.  I will be there for a few days, and since I am up there, I will accept a couple of sessions while I am there.  If you live in the area and are interested in booking a session, OR if you know someone in the area who would be interested, let me know!  My travel sessions tend to fill up quickly, and especially with this time of year (perfect for those holiday sessions!), I expect these couple of slots to go.

That is all the news and updates I have for now!

Posted on Jul 20, 2010

As much as I love the scorching heat of Florida (insert eyeroll here), I am leaving this great state for a little while.  No worries, I’ll be back, it is just vacation!  My family and I are heading off to Alaska for a much needed vacation!  This is one of those “bucket list” vacations, and we are SO excited to be going.  I will be taking at least 2 million photographs while I am gone, so I am sure you will be seeing a few here in a couple of weeks.  But for now, I will be checking my e-mail only frequently (come on, it IS a vacation afterall!).  So be patient with my e-mail response time please!  But I promise you, I will come back fully recharged and ready to shoot!   If you are interested in booking a shoot, check the calendar section on my website for available dates, and then e-mail me the one you want (with one back up date, just in case).   And what a way to come back from vacation, with an e-mail full of people who want sessions ;).