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Posted on Jul 27, 2020
Posted in Family, Kids

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph a very special family last week.  They were down from Colorado on vacation.  A good friend of mine referred them to me, as she knew them from the adoption world.  And since they hadn’t ever done a family photo session before, they thought it would be a perfect time!  I completely agree!  I think by the end of the shoot, they were happy that I do summer sessions in the early morning ;).  The heat and humidity is a *little* different down here.

Whenever I have someone in front of my lens from a different part of the country, I find it so funny the things that catch their eye.  Like palm trees!  And lizards!  Yes, seeing a couple of their kids chasing after, and diving after lizards was hilarious to me.  I promised them, those wouldn’t be the last lizards they saw during their trip ;).

Thank you for trusting me with your first family photo session!  I had a great time meeting you and your wonderful family.