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Posted on Jun 25, 2019
Posted in Seniors

Next senior up on the blog is Zachary!  He is such a great guy!  I photographed his older brother a couple of years ago, AND then I photographed his entire family too!  That was the first time I met him.  Now, he may not have been totally excited to wake up early for a photo shoot on his summer break ;), but he was a great sport and did it for his mom.  And I tried to make it as painless as possible for him.  I tell the guys that I shoot, I can get a lot of great shots in a short amount of time IF they aren’t totally into it.  Other guys don’t mind, and end up having fun, so we take a little longer.  It is completely up to the comfort level of each senior.  That’s why I don’t have specific session times, and why I only shoot one senior per day.  The shoot takes as long as it takes!  Some are 45 minutes, some are closer to 2 hours.  (They still all end up with around the same amount of photos to choose from).  The senior shoots are about the SENIOR.  Whatever they want, is what they get!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot at Kraft Azalea: