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Posted on Jun 20, 2019
Posted in Seniors

Next senior up on the boy is Stephan!  I am so excited to have more guys on my calendar this summer!  I usually get a couple every year, but this year is off to a great start with guys booking their shoots too.  Note to the senior guys, I promise, I will make this as painless as possible for you.  No crazy posing, no 3 hour sessions.  Just relaxed, and having somewhat of a good time ;), and getting you lots of great photos.  Not to mention, I’m sure you will score some points with mom!  She might even take you out to breakfast after the shoot 😉

Stephan was great.  Such a nice guy.  Totally relaxed and laid back for his shoot.  He didn’t want a location with a lot of people around, so we chose Kraft Azalea.  It was perfect for him.  Lots of nature, not a lot of people, and not a big spread out location.  I think he even had a little bit of fun 😉

Here are a few sneak peeks from our session: