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Posted on Mar 16, 2019
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The next senior up on the blog comes all the way from California!  She was going to be in town for a volleyball tournament, so she and her mom wanted to do her senior photos down here!  I absolutely love it when people come to me and make their shoot part of their trip.  But what made this one even more special, was her mom is a photographer herself!  Shockingly enough, photographer’s kids (no matter what age) don’t always enjoy photo shoots ;). Probably because they have had a camera in their faces since they were babies!  But her mom wanted her to have a great senior photo experience, so she went looking for a Florida photographer.  I was truly honored that she chose me!

We had a fantastic time on our shoot (despite a major case of jet lag).  They wanted to shoot downtown Orlando, so we were there bright and early.  I don’t think any of us were thinking of the time difference when we set the date for the shoot.  When I met them at 8am, it was more like 5am for them.  And that was just our meeting time.  She had a make up artist at the hotel beforehand, so she was exhausted!  You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at her photos.  She looked so beautiful!  And boy, could she pull off the serious face!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Mar 11, 2019
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This was a shoot for one of my models, and it was so much fun!  For her bonus mini shoot, she wanted something a little different.  So, we tried a night shoot!  I’ve done night shoots before, and they are usually downtown (because of all the lights on the skyline), but the stars were just not aligning for us to shoot downtown.  So instead, we went to one of my more popular locations, Park Ave, but at night!  This was a lot different for me, since I am usually there bright and early, with no one around.  For this shoot, it was on a Friday evening, so of course, there were tons of people around.  Not the most convenient to shoot, but I think we did pretty well!  And even though this dancer told me that she wasn’t going to do any dance photos this shoot, we ended up doing a couple ;).  I can’t help it! I love to shoot dancers!  And she was so awesome, she was happy to oblige.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from our fun night shoot.  I usually prefer color, but for the dance ones, I am more drawn to it in black and white!  I will leave it up to her to see which way she prefers it:


Posted on Mar 09, 2019
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This is a new one for me!  Many seniors want to incorporate their sport into their sessions.  No problem at all!  But this one was a bit different.  She was playing in the Arnold Palmer Pro Am tournament at Bay Hill!  It is a once in a life time opportunity, so I was very honored that they wanted me to be there to document this amazing event.  This is something out of my norm, so that made it even more fun!  I couldn’t do any posing 😉  And while I was able to walk along side of the course, I still had to keep a little bit of a distance so my shutter clicks wouldn’t be a distraction. While I don’t know much about golf, it was so much fun to watch her play.  She is really good!  (In my totally unbiased opinion, she was the best one out there 😉 ).

Here are a few photos from our day:

Posted on Mar 02, 2019
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These beautiful girls have been dominating my blog recently!  They have had several shoots during their senior year, but this one *may* have been their favorite.  SOFTBALL!!  They both play ball for Oviedo, and will continue in college, so of course, we are going to want to do some sports photos for them!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks for each of them: