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Posted on Nov 13, 2018
Posted in Seniors

A new program for seniors that I introduced this year, was called the “Model Experience”.  This was to take the place of my reps.  Now, I loved having reps, mostly because I got to work with them their entire senior year.  They had the opportunity to earn bonus photo shoots.  Well, the NEW program, was you pay for whichever level of “Model Experience” you wanted (based on how many bonus shoots you wanted).  Everyone has a main shoot in the summer, and then the bonus shoots are during the fall/winter.  They can have one bonus shoot or two bonus shoots.  And what the bonus shoots are, is completely up to them!  I ask what they want to do, and we go do it!  Most of the bonus shoots will be with one or two other models, and that just adds to the fun.  So far, the program is working great, so I do expect to do it again for the class of 2020, so stay tuned, if this sounds like something you (or your senior) would want to do next year!  Sign ups will be in the next couple of months!

The next bonus shoot we did was out at Magic Kingdom!  I have two girls who are in the model program this year, that are Disney fanatics!  So, why not try a shoot at Disney?!  Unfortunately, the schedules wouldn’t align for them to both go the same day.  So, no problem, we will go two different days!  Faith brought her sister along (who is a past senior client of mine AND a future WEDDING client of mine too!).  We had so much fun playing around in the park.  They even got me on the teacups (NOT my favorite ride, because it makes me sick).  But anything they want, and anything for a fun photo!  Here are a couple of sneak peeks of my model Faith (and a bonus one with her and her sister):