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Posted on May 13, 2017
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Let’s kick off your senior year with JPSearcy’s annual 2 day sale!  For those who have followed me for a while, you know all about it, and you know it’s coming!  But for those who have just found me, let me tell you all about it!

Let’s start by talking about senior photos.  You may be thinking, “the seniors are JUST leaving the building, isn’t it a little soon to be booking OUR senior photo session?”  The answer is NO!  The seniors will be graduating next two weeks, and then guess what?  YOU are the seniors!  Most seniors get their portraits done during the summer before the senior year starts.  This is when you have to go to the contract photographer to get the boring yearbook ones taken (you know the ones ~ they look remarkably like the ones YOUR parents had taken!  The fake black drape, the fake tux, you know, the way you would NEVER actually be photographed in real life!).  But yes, everyone must go thru that during the summer for the yearbook.  What you may NOT know though, is you can stop there right after the yearbook photo.  The contract photographers will have an appointment for JUST that – yearbook photos.  THEN, you come to me and get the photographs that will show the real you!  Your personality, your style, who YOU are.  I don’t line you up and shoot you like you are a number.  I take time making sure your experience is not only fun and personal, but resulting in gorgeous images that you will WANT to hang on your walls and give to family.  My shoots are done on location, where ever YOU want them to be.  It could be some place garden-like or some place more urban or some place more in the middle of the two.  That is completely up to you!  (If you don’t know an exact location, just tell me the “look” you are going for, and I am happy to offer up some suggestions!).  These are YOUR senior photos, and I want the entire experience to be one that you enjoy and remember for years to come!

And because I have been doing this a while, I can tell you some of the hesitations you may have: “It’s too early!  I don’t feel like a senior yet!”  Yes it is early, but not too early!  Like discussed earlier, you have to get the yearbook ones done during the summer, so why not get your fun ones done then too?  Also, once school starts, your schedules get crazy busy and it gets pretty difficult to schedule in some time for a session.  “It’s too hot!”  Yep, it IS too hot.  But know what?  We live in Florida, and it is always hot!  Seriously though, all of my summer shoots are held first thing in the morning.  Yes it means you have to wake up early one day during summer, BUT by shooting early in the morning, you won’t melt, and the temp isn’t at 200 degrees outside yet, AND it won’t be raining that early (rain comes in the afternoon!). After every summer shoot, the senior tells me, “I am so glad that we did this early in the morning!”  By the time we are finished, it is starting to heat up.  But definitely bearable during the shoot, which is what is important!  “I don’t care about saving money (to book during 2 day sale)!”  Well, I am willing to bet your parents would love any kind of discount they can get!  Haha!  Senior year is an expensive one!  So, by booking during the 2 day sale, you will save them a little bit of $, AND help spread out some of those senior expenses.  Those who say they want  to wait until the end of their senior year to get their photos done, usually end up not getting any done because all focus becomes on graduation, and then this just becomes a chore.  That is not what photo shoots with me are meant to be!  It is meant to be fun, not something you HAVE to get done!  Or the parents are just tapped out after prom, announcements, graduation, grad parties, college deposits, etc.  Do them a favor and book during the sale to save them a little bit and help spread out the expenses more so they aren’t slammed at the end of the school year!

There is only ONE sale that I run every year.  And it is my senior 2 day sale.  No, this isn’t like Macy’s where every other weekend is a two day sale ;).  Mine is truly only offered once a year!  And that time is quickly approaching!  During my two day sale, you call me, pick your session type, date, location (if you know it, if not, we can decide that later), and pay the reduced session fee at time of booking.  Your session must be scheduled for anytime during the summer, before September 30th.  Easy as that!  For a detailed listing of the different session types, it can all be found on my website under the pricing section –  Take a look all around the site while you are there, so you can see samples from different locations and the type of work that I do!

Without further rambling, here is the info for the class of 2018 2 day sale!  Sale is next weekend, and for upcoming seniors ~ class of 2018 only!