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Posted on Jan 15, 2016
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It is that time of year again!  My search for the next class of JPSearcy Senior reps!

I have more details on an earlier blog entry (from a few days ago).  You should read it in its entirety if you haven’t already.  But the shortened version is, I search for a couple of girls from each of the local schools to represent me and my business during their senior year.  (I say girls, because the major perks of being a rep is all of the photo shoots you go on.  And guys, while they do have a good time on a shoot with me, don’t always want to do multiple shoots.  AND talk about their photos with others (the main job of a rep).  However, if the right guy wanted to be a rep, I’d totally be open to it.).  What I look for in a rep – good kid (because they ARE representing me, after all!), very social and outgoing, friendly and approachable, involved in their school, involved in extra curricular activities, responsible and driven, and someone comfortable in front of the camera.  I am NOT looking for a model or model-types (I’ll make them look and feel like a model on their shoots with me, but looks alone are not what is going to get the rep spot!).   My reps will show off their beautiful photos to their friends and classmates and talk to them about their experience with me.  And in turn, they can earn credits to be used towards their own senior photos (and they can earn extra photo shoots too!).  Reps DO pay a session fee, just like everyone else.  They just have the opportunity to turn their session fee into credits towards their own senior photo order.

So exciting!  Here is the official application for the class of 2017 JPSearcy Senior reps:

2017 JPSearcy Rep Application

PLEASE before submitting your application, make sure your parents know about it, and are ok with you applying.  I will have to contact each of them anyway, and I don’t want to surprise them ;).   I am looking for reps for Hagerty, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Lake Howell, Lake Brantley, Winter Park and any other school in the nearby area (public or private schools are fine, even if I don’t have a rep there this year!).

After submitting your application, please go to your social media sites and add me, favorite me, like me, whatever!  I am jpsearcy on twitter, instagram, and snapchat, and Jeannette Priest Searcy on facebook (and jpsearcy on the business page of facebook).  It is easier for you to find me and add me, than it is for me to find you!

I leave the applications up for as long as they need to be for me to get lots of possible reps, and then when I think I have enough fantastic people to choose from, I close it for that school.  (It is a very overwhelming job as is!)  Some schools fill up QUICKLY (I’m talking within hours!) Others take a little longer, maybe a few days.  Once I have closed the applications for your school, that is it, no more accepted!  So, bottom line, if you know you want to do this, and you know that you would be a fantastic rep for me, apply NOW!!

All of the info about the JPSearcy rep program is listed in the blog entry before this one, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do!

Any questions for me, I can be reached by email – or by text 407-977-6296 (or any other social media 😉 ).  Good luck!!