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Posted on Jul 30, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog, is the gorgeous Emma!  Emma had a deluxe (two location) session.  And let me tell you, she was a trooper!  You can’t tell from her photos (because she is gorgeous!), but we were having major issues with the heat and with allergies!  It was extra hot and humid this day, so we had to take lots of breaks.  That is fine by me, and that is a big reason why I only take one shoot a day.  I don’t ever want my clients to feel rushed.  If they need a break for whatever reason, they get a break! So, we took breaks to cool off in the car A/C.  But it wasn’t until the end, I realized she was having allergy issues as well.  Poor thing!  But you totally couldn’t tell by looking at her photos.  Just as beautiful as she could be!

Here are two sneak peeks from her first location (Rollins) and two from her second (Dickson Azalea):

Posted on Jul 29, 2015
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It has been a LONG time since my last maternity session.  But I was SO excited to do this one!  This one was for a very special woman and her new little family. She was not only a past senior of mine, but a past senior rep of mine!  So I got an entire year to get to know her.  Naturally when she told me she wanted a maternity shoot, I was over the moon excited! I love being able to continue with my seniors on the next stages of their lives.  (And my reps can NEVER get rid of me 😉 ).  It was great catching up with her and meeting her boyfriend.  They make a super sweet couple!

She wanted her maternity shoot to be at the beach.  We did not have a great sunrise, and it was very cloudy, but that works well for sessions too!  When it is really cloudy, we can spend more time ON the beach without squinting in the bright sun.  So I LOVE cloudy beach days to shoot!  We got lots of beautiful photos.  And I have to say, with parents this good looking, that is going to be one pretty baby!  Can’t wait to meet him in a couple of months!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our shoot:

Posted on Jul 27, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog, is the beautiful Hailey!  We braved the early morning to head out to the beach for her senior photos.  You never can predict what kind of sunrise you are going to get.  Some are amazing and some are just ok.  Hailey had an amazing sunrise, and the rain held off until we were leaving.  I felt very lucky!  We had a great time on her shoot.  She was up for anything, including getting all the way in the cold beach water at the end (even knowing that she forgot a towel!).  She was a great sport, and I have lots of beautiful photos to show from her session.  But first, just a few sneak peeks!

Posted on Jul 26, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog is the super sweet McKenna!  We started off this shoot to make mom happy, but by the end of the shoot, she was having a good time having her photos taken!  I have said it a million times before, I am NOT like the yearbook photographer.  I take my time with you, get to know you a little, make sure you are comfortable, and end up getting beautiful photos!  It is a completely different experience than getting your yearbook photos taken.  We had McKenna’s session at her church.  I can take your photos anywhere you want!  And when I get a request to do them someplace new, it is a good challenge.  We found plenty of great spots to shoot all around the grounds.

Here are a few sneak peeks from her session:

Posted on Jul 19, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog, is the beautiful Daniela!  She was such a pleasure to meet and photograph.   She was so sweet, and a natural in front of the camera! She wanted her shoot to be at Park Ave, and wanted most of it to be at the garden area.  She loves the flowers and nature!  Whatever the senior wants, I encourage them to tell me  The shoot is about THEM, and I want them to get exactly what they want!  And at the end, we hit the fountain.  Fountain shots seem to be favorites!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Daniela’s shoot:

Posted on Jul 19, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog is Clayton!  I had such a good time photographing him.  Boys can be a little challenging sometimes, because this isn’t always their idea of a fun way to spend their morning.  Wake up early, and go and take photos?!  Ha!  But Clayton didn’t seem to mind.  He had his mom and his sister with him, and they were laughing the entire time.  He was all smiles for his photos, although I was able to catch a couple of serious faces too.  They didn’t last long, because then he would start laughing.  He made the shoot fun and easy!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Clayton’s shoot:

Posted on Jul 18, 2015
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Next up on the blog, is the beautiful Jacquelyn!  We had a great time shooting her senior photos at Rollins.  She is such a sweet girl!  It is the time of year where it is getting pretty hot, even in the morning.  But her mom was more than prepared, and kept her make up looking perfect the entire time.  I know some of my seniors are a little surprised when I tell them how early the start time is in the summer.  But it is for very good reason.  It is stinking hot outside in the summer!  I don’t care for myself, because I am not being photographed (besides an occasional behind-the-scenes snapchat).  But I do it for the senior, so they are the most comfortable for their shoot.  No one has complained yet, but that is just the reasoning behind the super early shoots during the summer.  Once the weather starts cooling down, and it isn’t raining (or 100% humidity) in the afternoons, we can start later.

Here are a few sneak peeks from Jacquelyn’s session:

Posted on Jul 17, 2015
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Next senior up is the super sweet, and beautiful, Renee!  I enjoyed meeting her and her mom for her session.  We had her shoot at one of my favorite locations, Dickson Azalea.  Dickson is a great little location with lots of greenery, trees to climb, and little “streams” to pose by.  And best part about it, it is very shaded, so it isn’t as terribly hot as some of my other locations.

Here are a few sneak peeks from her shoot:

Posted on Jul 15, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog is Ben!  His older sister was one of my reps a couple of years ago, so of course, his parents wanted lots of great photos of Ben too!  And he was a good sport with all of it.  We got lots of great photos, and finished up with sports photos with fire!  I love lighting stuff on fire (I guess it is the being married to a firefighter thing, because  firefighters are all piros!).  I promise, it is all safe!  I would never put my seniors in danger.  😉  If you have an upcoming shoot with me, and want some fire, just let me know ahead of time, so I can come prepared!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Ben’s shoot:

Posted on Jul 10, 2015
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Next senior up on the blog, is Gavin!  Although it may not have been his idea to do the shoot, I think we had a good time. 😉  We had his shoot at his future school, UCF!  He is going to be majoring in Engineering, so we found some areas around that part of campus to shoot.  And in addition to that area, we went over by the stadium so we could get some with his brand new Mustang (lucky guy!).  I think he would have been happy to do his entire shoot with his car if we let him.  And I can’t blame him, it is a beautiful car!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Gavin’s shoot: