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Posted on Jan 16, 2015
Posted in News, Seniors

So exciting!  Here is the official application for the class of 2016 JPSearcy Senior reps:

PLEASE before submitting your application, make sure your parents know about it, and are ok with you applying.  I will have to contact each of them anyway, and I don’t want to surprise them ;).   I am looking for reps for Hagerty, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Lake Howell, Lake Brantley, Winter Park and any other school in the nearby area (public or private schools are fine, even if I don’t have a rep there this year!).

After submitting your application, please go to your social media sites and add me, favorite me, like me, whatever!  I am jpsearcy on twitter and instagram, and Jeannette Priest Searcy on facebook (and jpsearcy on the business page of facebook).  It is easier for you to find me and add me, than it is for me to find you!

I leave the applications up for as long as they need to be for me to get lots of possible reps, and then when I think I have enough fantastic people to choose from, I close it for that school.  Some schools fill up QUICKLY (I’m talking within hours!) Others take a little longer, maybe a few days.  Once I have closed the applications for your school, that is it, no more accepted!  So, bottom line, if you know you want to do this, and you know that you would be a fantastic rep for me, apply NOW!!

All of the info about the JPSearcy rep program is listed in the blog entry right before this one, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do!

Any questions for me, I can be reached by email – or by text 407-977-6296 (or any other social media 😉 ).  Good luck!!

  • Madison Alderman

    Id love to be a rep for you! I’ve been waiting to apply since freshman year!! Thank you for considering me!!

  • Haley Parlette

    I have been waiting forever to apply to be a JPSearcy rep! You take amazing pictures. I will be filling out my application tonight. Thank you for your consideration! (:

  • Jules Burford

    I’ve been waiting to apply to be a JPSearcy Rep since freshman year and I couldn’t be happier to say I have just applied! Your pictures are incredible and I really hope I get to work with you, thank you for the consideration!

  • Jordan Jahosky

    Hi, my name is Jordan Jahosky and I was referred to you by Lauren Wade and Sydney Seltenreich. I go to Oviedo High School and I have been dreaming of being one of your senior reps since I was a freshman. All your photos are outstanding and something I would be privileged and humbled to be apart of.

  • Emily WIlliams

    I would like very much to be part of this. I attend Lake Mary Prep. I was sent this information by someone who knows me and my passion. Please provide me with additional information to how I can properly dubmitvwhat you require . Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Emily WIlliams