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Posted on Aug 26, 2014
Posted in Headshots

A little known product that I offer is business headshots.  This can be for a single person who wants to update their headshot, like someone who is self-employeed, OR I can do the entire office!  How it works, is (if it is for one person) you come by for the quick session.  More often, I go to your office, set up the backdrop and then each person comes in and has them taken.  Kind of like school picture day (but I’m more personable 😉 ).  Usually, each person only takes a few minutes, so it isn’t too much time out of their work day.  And then what you get afterwards, is the digital file and release to use them for your own professional use.  That could be in ads, on business cards, or on your website.  I make it as painless as possible!  If you are interested in updating your headshots, or your department’s , or for your entire office, let me know.  I’d love to hear about what you want and need!

My most recent headshot session was with the best hairdresser in the area, Kim Kubo (with Xander Blue Salon).  I use her myself, so I can speak on how amazing she is!  Highly recommend.