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Posted on Apr 05, 2014
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I have had such an amazing time with the class of 2014!  And sadly, I think I am coming to an end with them.  There may be another one or two to squeeze one in before graduation, but for now, Brooke is my last one on the calendar!  And what a great one to end up the season with!  Her mom and I had actually been talking about her session for almost a year, but things kept coming up and session kept getting pushed back.  But better late than never!  We had a great time at Rollins for her shoot.  And not only was she a sweetheart and gorgeous, but she brought an extra special “prop” with her for a couple of shots.  Her puppies!  YES, she brought her puppies (OK, so they aren’t puppies, but to me, no matter how old or young dogs are, they are always puppies in my eyes!).  I have no problem when a senior wants to bring along their puppies (or whatever pet) for their shoot.  My only “rule” is, that someone has to be there to take care of them during the other shots.  No leaving animals in cars!

Anyway, I know she is super anxious to see her sneak peeks, so here you go!

*IF you are 2014 and are still wanting me to shoot your senior photos, we are down to only a couple of days available on the calendar.  Please let me know ASAP, so we can try to squeeze you in!*

Posted on Apr 03, 2014
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Every year, I get calls asking about cap and gown photos.  They don’t necessarily want a whole session, but want a couple of nice portraits in their cap and gown.  This year, I am getting a jump start on them, and getting the package info out a week before the cap and gowns are even distributed, that is why I am using a sample from 2013!  (How’s that for being on top of things 😉 ).  I will run these studio sessions just like I did last year.

Choose your cap and gown package (all packages are the same cost, just depends on what you like best!): $125 + 6% FL sales tax.  All ordering is done online, no need to set up an in-person ordering appointment.

Package #1

Includes session fee, editing, and (1) 12×12 graduation “faces” collage:

Package #2:

Includes session fee, editing, and (1) 10×20 storyboard:

Package #3:

Includes session fee, editing, and (3) 5×7 OR (24) wallets (can mix and match poses, like always!):

Package #4:

Includes session fee, editing, and (1) digital image with printing release

*And as a special thank you to my fabulous clients this year, if you had a full session with me  (either regular or deluxe) for your senior photos, any of the above packages will be only $100 (+6% FL sales tax)!*

Sessions will take place in the next month, so you will have them back before graduation.  That way you can have them proudly to display on your day of graduation!  These sessions are all “studio shots”, not on-location.  If you are interested, please email me at ASAP to book your time (and since they are studio, it is easy to pop in for your quick session anytime of the day.  But it MUST be booked, please don’t stop by unannounced!  Haha!) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

*One more note, of course if you  need or want more than what is included in the package, you can add on to any of them to get exactly what you need.  No obligation to, just want you to know the option is there if you want it!*