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Posted on Mar 28, 2014
Posted in Couples, Engagement

The entire reason I started accepting wedding jobs were for situations like this!  Sarah was a former JPSearcy senior client of mine some years back.  I loved her, just like I love all of my seniors.  So, I was completely tickled when I heard she was engaged and she and her family wanted me to be their photographer.  I love love love the idea of meeting up with my seniors again (years down the road, no rush!) when they get engaged.  It just feels like I am a small part of the family when I get to take one milestone (senior photos) and then the next – engagement and wedding with them!  And I would love it, if a few more years down the road, I am called to do their maternity and newborn photos! (Again girls, no rush! Haha!).

I met Sarah and Jeff at Kraft Azalea in Winter Park.  I hadn’t met Jeff yet, but I knew if Sarah liked him, then I would too ;).  They are an ADORABLE couple!  It was so sweet to see them together, all happy and in love.  We goofed off, they told me stories about how they met, things they like to do together, and little sweet things about each other.  And oh yeah, I took some photos too!  Haha!  Time flew by and now I think I am looking forward to their wedding day *almost* as much as they are!

Here are a few of Sarah and Jeff’s engagement photos:

Posted on Mar 02, 2014
Posted in Seniors

YES!! I am still photographing 2014 seniors!  We are running out of time, but I can still get you in if you want to set up a shoot!  I love all “my” seniors, even the last minute ones.  So no matter how much time we have, I promise we will have a wonderful shoot and get you gorgeous photos!

I was so happy to meet and photograph Arianna for her senior photos this weekend.  We had to postpone from last weekend when we had those horrible rain storms.  But we were rewarded with a picture perfect day for her shoot!  We had perfect temperatures, beautiful skies, and just the right amount of clouds so she wasn’t squinty ;).  She was so photogenic and such a sweetheart.  She made me laugh during her shoot, because I mentioned that some girls like to climb on things in their photos, and I pointed out an area that I have used before.  I could tell she was unsure, but wanted to hear HOW they did it.  I asked her if she wanted to try, and she was such a trooper, she did!  And she laughed all the way thru!  I love it when the girls just relax and have fun with their shoot!

Here are a few sneak peeks from Arianna’s shoot: