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Posted on Jan 28, 2014
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This session was so much fun!  Mostly because of the senior I was shooting (she is awesome!), but also because we were going to a location that isn’t one of my “usual” ones.  I love that we have so many fabulous locations in a close radius, but we are so lucky to live where we do, because there are lots and lots of locations that we can use!  This one was out at Disney, at one of the resorts.  So, anytime I can shoot someplace different, I have so much fun!  If you are wanting a shoot with me, and you have a great location in mind, keep in mind, I am more than happy to go where ever you want to go!  This is YOUR senior photo session.  It is all about you!  Tell me where YOU want to go, and I am there!

Here are a few sneaks from Nicolette’s shoot:

Posted on Jan 27, 2014
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I am so happy to be getting back to photographing some seniors!  I just had a few more book up, so for the rest of you slackers ;), who haven’t had your senior photos done, it is TIME!!  Time to get on my calendar, because the rest of your semester is going to just fly by.  Graduation will be here before you know it (I know it may not feel that way, but trust me!!), and you don’t want to miss this important milestone of senior photos!

After finding Park Ave to be way too busy this particular morning, we decided to head to Rollins.  Much better!  College kids don’t get up that early, so we had the place completely to ourselves.  Yes, it was a little chilly, but Chantel braved the “cold” and had a beautiful photo shoot with me!  She is a complete sweetheart, and I am so excited to be showing her some sneak peeks!

Posted on Jan 23, 2014
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I swear, every year, it gets tougher and tougher to pick my next class of senior reps!  I am so lucky to have so many amazing people want to be a part of the JPSearcy team!  Most of my clients come from Hagerty, Oviedo, and Winter Springs, so those schools have more reps than the other ones.  But I am so happy to have a couple of other schools represented as well this year!  I also am happy to have a Lake Mary and Lake Brantley rep.  I would love to grow in more schools, so I am super excited to have these reps to help me do that!

Now, to just get to it!  My new reps for the class of 2015:

Amanda – Oviedo High

Bri – Hagerty High

Chelsea – Oviedo High

Guerin – Lake Brantley High

Jessica – Lake Mary High

Jules – Hagerty High

Lindsay – Winter Springs High

Natalie – Hagerty High

Sydney – Oviedo High

Taylor – Winter Springs

And then one last one.  He is not a “real” rep.  He is an unofficial rep, my son Will (yes, I have an upcoming senior this year too!  Scary thought!).  He has no choice but to have his senior photos taken.  Haha!  He is a typical guy, who doesn’t care about photos.  But this year, I could use a couple of guys to show that it isn’t just a “girl thing” to get senior photos taken.  Hopefully, with more guy photos in my gallery, it will inspire more to set up sessions with me!

Will – Hagerty High

I have lots of exciting shoots planed for my new reps.  So, if you are a junior, you are going to want to talk to my reps to get all of the info about getting YOUR senior photos taken with me!

Posted on Jan 21, 2014
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First of all, I want to THANK this family for being so patient in waiting for their sneak peeks!  They had to wait WEEKS to see them!  First, because it was around then holidays, and then because of major technical difficulties.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know a little about my recent computer woes, so I won’t hash it again.  Needless to say, it has been testing all of the back up systems I have in place.  And I am very happy to say, even with a major crash, everything was able to come back.  It just took me a little time!

Now, on to tell you about this family.  They are awesome.  If you have read my blog at all for any length of time, you have seen these kiddos growing up.  They are so diligent with having their photos done every 6 months.  And I am talking about starting when their son was BORN!  Now, he has a sister, and he is in elementary school, and now he has no teeth ;).  Often times, mom decides on what the photos will be about, based on what they are “in to” at the time.  And right now, he is all about soccer!  So, naturally, we need to do some at a soccer field.  And his sister?  Well, she greeted me all excited like.  She said that her tiara broke, and she couldn’t wear it for her photos like she wanted to.  BUT, mom said that she could wear HER tiara!  I was thinking, how cool is mom that she rocks a tiara at home!?  I need to get me one of those!  But what she was really talking about was the headpiece that mom wore at her wedding!  How precious is that?!

Here are some (long awaited) sneak peeks from their session:

This first one, he was making fun of me.  “Oh look!  I’m Ms. Jeannette!  I’m taking pictures!”  Stinker!  I told him that for making fun of me, that was going to be one of his sneak peeks!

Posted on Jan 20, 2014
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Sorry for the delay in getting these put out.  I was having technical difficulties, but I am back on track now!  If you were a client of mine this year, I want to offer you graduation announcements that are a little different than the traditional ones that the school offers.  You have these beautiful senior photos, why not show them off in your announcements?!  What I am posting here, is just to give you an idea of what this year’s announcements will be like.  If you are interested, shoot me an email, and we can talk more in depth, and I can work up the mock up just for you.

The announcements are double sided cards, sized 5×7, can come printed on linen paper (has a little texture to it) or pearl paper (has a little sheen to it), and they include either white or parchment colored envelopes.  The pricing is: 25 cards for $75; 50 cards for $135; 75 cards for $185; and 100 cards for $225.

First, you will choose your favorite image for the front of the card.  This picture will take up the entire front, and you will have a name stamp on the bottom (see photos for choices in “stamps”).  Then you choose the layout of the back of the card.  They are ranging from 2 photos + text to 6 photos + text.  And then lastly, you choose the background “paper” to go on the back (under the photos and text).  I have lots of different choices (but too many to post here, so when you email me, I will email you the different sample “papers”).

The announcements can be ordered at any time now.  I know some of you are itching to check this off your graduation-to-do-list.  After we get the final design approved, it will take about 2 weeks to get them back.  So PLEASE do not wait until April or May and then panic on me ;).

Posted on Jan 12, 2014
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So exciting!  Here is the official application for the class of 2015 JPSearcy Senior reps:

PLEASE before submitting your application, make sure your parents know about it, and are ok with you applying.  I will have to contact each of them anyway, and I don’t want to surprise them ;).   I am looking for reps for Hagerty, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Lake Howell, Lake Brantley, Winter Park and any other school in the nearby area (public or private schools are fine, even if I don’t have a rep there this year!).

After submitting your application, please go to your social media sites and add me, favorite me, like me, whatever!  I am jpsearcy on twitter and instagram, and Jeannette Priest Searcy on facebook (and jpsearcy on the business page of facebook).  It is easier for you to find me and add me, than it is for me to find you!

I leave the applications up for as long as they need to be for me to get lots of possible reps, and then when I think I have enough fantastic people to choose from, I close it for that school.  Some schools fill up QUICKLY (I’m talking within hours!) Others take a little longer, maybe a few days.  Once I have closed the applications for your school, that is it, no more accepted!  So, bottom line, if you know you want to do this, and you know that you would be a fantastic rep for me, apply NOW!!

All of the info about the JPSearcy rep program is listed in the blog entry right before this one, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do!

Any questions for me, I can be reached by email – or by text 407-977-6296 (or any other social media 😉 ).  Good luck!!

Posted on Jan 12, 2014
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Some of you have been asking for a little more info about the JPSearcy Senior Rep program, so I thought I would put a little more out there, before the applications go up this evening!
What is a rep?  Well, every year I select 1-2 girls from each of the local schools to represent me, and spread the word to their friends and classmates about what it is like to have their senior photos taken by JPSearcy Photography.  The reps go on a “safari shoot” which is basically an all day photoshoot to locations of their choosing.  They also have the option of having a “sports mini session”, if they are in sports and want a few photos of that to represent their senior year.  And reps can earn a sunrise beach shoot by sending referrals my way!  They are also earning credit with each referral they send, to spend on their own senior photos.  Reps have advance notice of the once a year sale I run, and can offer a free gift to the people they are referring to me.
What am I looking for in a JPSearcy Senior Rep?  I am looking for girls who are super motivated, involved in their school, friendly, approachable, fun, and competitive!   Why only girls?  Well, I have tried using boy reps in the past, and they just aren’t as into their photos as the girls are.  And they don’t talk as much as the girls do!  Haha!  Now, I will say, the boys that do come to me as regular clients end up having fun and really liking their photos.  So, if I got an application from a guy, and he could convince me that he would do as much as the girls do, then I would be thrilled to have him rep for me!
Things to know about being selected to rep for JPSearcy Seniors:
*Each of my reps DO pay a session fee, just like any other client.  The difference is, they earn theirs back to use towards their senior photos as soon as they start bringing in referrals.  Why do they have to pay for a session fee?  Because I invest a lot of time and money into each of my reps.  And I only want reps who are in it for the job, not just all the extra sessions and perks.  So, by having my rep program set up this way, the reps do get free sessions, but they have to earn them.  I have been using reps for many years now, so if a parent of a potential rep is a little nervous, I am happy to connect you to some of the parents of previous reps for piece of mind.
*While I call this a “job”, it really doesn’t involve very much time.  Most of the referring is done just hanging out with their friends!  The busiest time will be around the 2 day sale.
*Selecting a new class of reps is one of my most stressful times of the entire year.  It kills me that I have to turn girls down.  Please know that there is a lot that goes into selecting the reps, behind the scenes.  Even having other senior photographers that I know in other parts of the country help me decide!  If you are not selected as a rep, it could be because of one of a 100 different reasons.  Even something as simple as you are good friends with another girl who was already selected as a rep.  So, please don’t be too upset.  I would still love to photograph you and get to know you better as a JPSearcy client. <3
Complete benefits and details will be sent to those who are finalists.  Your parents will have to look it all over with you, and agree to it, before you are officially a rep.  Gotta have the parent’s blessing! 😉
Applications will be going up around 6pm tonight.  The link will be posted on my blog, twitter, facebook, and instagram (basically everywhere!).  If you are interested, I would urge you to talk it over with your parents now, before the applications in a few hours.  Show them this post and show the type of photos I take on my website –  If they are alright with you applying, then fill out your application as soon as you see them posted.  Think about your answers, because the application is most of what I go on when selecting new reps!  Applications stay open for each school until I have plenty of great candidates, then I close them for that school.  In the past, some schools, closed after only 2 hours!  So, you don’t want to miss out!
And last note.  If you love my photos, and can’t wait for me to set up your senior photo session, but don’t really want the work or commitment of being a rep, that is NOT a problem!  Not everyone is cut out to be a rep, but everyone is cut out to be one of JPSearcy Seniors!  I am more than happy to give you an amazing photo session, tailored just to you, and you don’t have to be a rep!  I love all of the seniors I shoot, wether they are reps or not.  So, if you don’t want to be a rep, I would still love to be your photographer! <3