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Posted on Jul 22, 2013
Posted in Seniors

What a great session!  Meghan was such a fun girl with a beautiful smile, and super prepared.  From all of the clothes she brought, to the assistants she brought with her to help, to the pintrest photos on the phone!  Now, it is always better to be over prepared, than wish you had brought something with you.  So, I say BRING IT!  If we don’t use it, then we don’t use it.  But at least we have that option.  I think the only thing we didn’t use though, was her assistants.  Hahaha!  Her entourage included her mom (who we DID use), her sister, and her friend.  It was pretty early for sister and friend I think.  But they were great for a laugh, especially when they were modeling her high heeled shoes ;).  And even though we didn’t really use them, it was nice for Meghan to have them there.  I have no problem with a small entourage coming with the senior to their shoot, as long as they don’t make them nervous!  And Meghan was anything but nervous!  She was so relaxed and beautiful and up for anything.  So we ended up lighting volleyballs on fire and jumping into a fountain (in addition to the “normal” shots).  I love how her photos are coming out, and I hope she does too!

Here are a few sneaks from Meghan’s session:

I am now scheduling senior photos for AFTER school starts up again.  If you are wanting to schedule a session with me for the fall, let’s get your date on the calendar!