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Posted on Mar 19, 2013
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This girl was such a trooper!  Seemed like the stars were not aligned for us for our photo shoot.  Her mom couldn’t make it last minute, she was fighting off a cold, she got a little lost getting to her location, and then when we got to Park Ave (where she wanted to shoot), there was some kind of art show going on right where we were going!  Even with all of that going on, she was fantastic!  She made the decision to go to Rollins, because it was right there around Park Ave.  And you would never have guessed from her beautiful photos, that she was sick!  Such a great sport!  I even *almost* had a mishap towards the end of her shoot.  My flash was on a tripod while we were on a (very narrow) dock.  My clumsy self turned and knocked it over!  But thanks to my ninja-like reflexes ;), my foot caught it literally two inches before it splashed into the lake.  Whew!!!  Very eventful session, but I am happy to say, it was a fantastic one!  Here are a few sneak peeks from her shoot:

Posted on Mar 15, 2013
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What I love, is when my seniors start off thinking that they don’t want to take photos, or that they don’t look good in photos, but then end up laughing and having fun!  Hannah is gorgeous, but wasn’t super excited about being photographed.  So, she brought her older sister (who I photographed last year!) and friend.  And the four of us ended up having a great time!  And time just flew by during her shoot.  She ended up with beautiful photos (and some laughing outtakes)!  Here are a few sneaks (and one laughing outtake 😉 )from her shoot:

Posted on Mar 13, 2013
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I have known Devin for a few years now, because her mom is the hair genius who keeps my gray hair covered ;).  I was really looking forward to doing her senior photos, but she made me wait until the end of the year!  But it was worth the wait.  We lucked out on a picture perfect day for Devin’s senior photo shoot.  The temperature was perfect, the skies were clear, and I had a gorgeous senior to shoot!  We had our session at Leu Gardens, which was fun because it has been a while since I had been there.  That is a location that has lots of different little areas to shoot around, all in a nature setting.   So if you are looking for lots of greenery and nature for your backdrop for your photos, you may want to consider this garden!

Here are a few sneak peeks from our session:

If you have been putting off getting your senior photos done, or if you just didn’t really love the ones you had done for the yearbook, time is just about out to get them done!  Graduation is right around the corner, believe it or not!  I have only a couple of days remaining on my calendar for 2013 seniors.  So contact me if you want one of them!

Posted on Mar 04, 2013
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I am finishing up with the class of 2013 seniors, and had the pleasure of meeting Jasmen for her session downtown.  She was great, and we had such a fun time.  Only one tiny little problem we had . . . it was windy and FREEZING!!!  You know, we don’t get many of those days here, so when we do, we are all totally unprepared for it!  Thin skin, I guess.  Well, freezing temperatures aside, Jasmen was terrific.  She bundled up in between shots, and just thought warm thoughts.  And end result, we got some beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!  I’m excited to share a few of her sneak peeks:

Crazy to think that the class of 2013 is on countdown time to graduation!  This school year has been flying by!  I know there is still a few months left before graduation, but if you were wanting senior photos, we are almost out of time!  I have just a few days left, so contact me asap, so I can get you one of those remaining few days.