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Posted on Jan 29, 2013
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I met this mom almost a year ago, and have been waiting to do her family’s photos.  She is an extremely talented make up artist (just ask any of my reps from last year!), so if you are in need of one, let me know and I will hook you up with her info ;).  Anyway, she has been waiting to do family photos, but was a little hesitant because she wasn’t sure if her little guy would sit for photos.  At that age, I promise you, very few kids actually sit still for their photos!  But, we still have a lot of fun!  The little ones run around and play, and I chase after them capturing their natural happy faces.  His big sister, on the other hand, was all too happy to sit and pose for me (and tell me her list of banana jokes).  Over all, it was a great session with wonderful photos.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

Posted on Jan 16, 2013
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These two adorable little ones, I have been photographing since they were born.  So, they are really growing up right in front of my eyes (and lens).  Since they have sessions with me on a regular basis, for their whole lives, they know me.  They know me pretty well.  This session, they decided to have at their house.  And when I got there, those two little faces were the ones who greeted me at the door.  They were so excited!  All dressed for photos, but wanted to show me all their new Christmas presents first, and wanted to play.  When we finally were able to get started, I started with the little girl.  Then her big brother comes up to me, and asks me if I like chocolate.  Sure, who doesn’t?!  “Do you like Kit-Kats, Ms Jeannette?”.  I love Kit-Kats!  Then he says to me, “Ms. Jeannette, if you do a good job today, there *may* be a Kit-Kat in it for you.”.  Hahahaha!  He wasn’t making any promises, just a possibility.  Wanted to make sure I was doing my best. 😉

After we were completely done with our session, I was all packed up, and of course, it was time to play a little bit.  Couldn’t just come by and take photos and leave!  As I am being a patient for little Miss Doctor, her brother comes up to me with a Kit-Kat in his hand.  Gives it to me telling me that I did a good job today.  Quite the little charmer, isn’t he?!

Here are a few sneak peeks of these two little adorable characters:

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Posted on Jan 10, 2013
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I can’t believe it is that time again!  Time for my search for the perfect girls to be my  next JPSearcy Models/Representatives!  I know we just started 2013, but I like to search and select the next class models early.  Not sure what it is like to be a rep for me?  Let me give you the basics!

Your “job” as a JPSearcy Model/Representative is to talk about and show off your fabulous senior photos!  This is a year long position.  Your job is to refer me to friends and classmates, encouraging them to book their senior photo session with me!  You will let your classmates and friends know where they can get photos that really are fun to do, and showcase their true self.  No cheesy backdrops or studios.  We go on location, where ever the senior wants to go, and I photograph everyone to show off their true beauty.  And having a blast at the actual session is a major bonus!  My reps all pay a session fee up front (like any other client), BUT the difference is, that session fee turns into a print credit (money towards your OWN photos!) after you start referring your friends to me (not to mention, you have SEVERAL sessions plus perks, for that one session fee)!

What’s in it for you, you may ask?  Well, this year,  my models will receive a few of days worth of sessions, instead of just one like in previous years.  (Further details will be given to my models after they are selected.)  These shoots are held at multiple locations around central FL.  They are all different types of locations, so you will have lots of variety in your senior photos. I am actually REALLY excited about it, and can’t wait!  Your model/rep sessions will take place sometime in April-May.  And at these model sessions, a make up artist will be provided for you to make your photos look even better!  You also have the opportunity to “pay” for all of your senior photos by bringing in referrals (remember the telling your friends and classmates part I was saying earlier? THIS is what I am talking about!).  Each person you refer to me will earn you credit towards your order.  Refer lots of people to me, and you will get lots of photos for FREE!!!  And lastly, you will be featured on my website!  I use many of my reps’ images in my website, blog, and advertisements.  Your model images will be everywhere!

Are you excited yet?  Do you think you would be PERFECT for this position?  Well, let me tell you what I am looking for.  I am looking for girls who are active in their school.  This could mean on sports teams, in student government, theatre, clubs, anything!  Just be involved with lots of contacts!  I am looking for someone who is NOT shy, not afraid to talk me up.  Now this is for obvious reasons!  Seriously, the job is talking to lots of friends and classmates, and showing off your gorgeous photos, so shy really wouldn’t cut it.  I am looking for someone who is influential.  I am not the only photographer in town, so when your friends/classmates are asking “why should I go to JPSearcy instead of XYZ Photography?”, I want you to be able to let them know! I am looking for PERSONALITY!!!  I am looking for someone who is good at social networking.  Let’s face it, facebook/instagram/twitter, etc, is where everyone is at!  I do a lot of advertising there.  I need someone who is well connected there too!  I am looking for someone who is a great sounding board.  Someone who isn’t afraid to give me feedback, and their ideas!  It is a partnership that I am looking for!

And lastly, what I am NOT looking for.  I am NOT looking for a perfect model in the looks department.  “Normal” people, which, let’s be honest, is most of us, is perfect in my eyes!  (OK, if you know you are gorgeous, and look straight out of a magazine, of course you can apply too (; , but that isn’t a requirement!).  I am NOT looking for someone who is lazy.  I am NOT looking for someone who is just in it for the model sessions, and has no interest in the representative part of it.  (Remember, this isn’t just a modeling gig, that is the PERK!)   I am NOT looking for someone to badmouth other photographers or photography studios (that’s just not cool, not to mention since you are representing me, it makes ME look bad!).

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a JPSearcy Senior Model/Representative?  I will be accepting models from each of the central FL schools.  Last year I had models at Oviedo High, Hagerty High, Winter Springs High, Winter Park High, Lake Brantley High, and Lake Mary High.  Of course I am hoping to have models at those schools again, but I would also be thrilled to get into some other schools as well.  Public or private is fine by me.  Last year, all the model positions were filled pretty quickly, so if you are interested, it is best to apply early!  (The longest the applications will be open is 1 week, but WILL close early if I get lots of qualified applicants!).  My more popular schools last year, were filled up within 24 hours.  After I get plenty of qualified applications, I close the applications for that school (this job of picking is hard enough without having 100 fabulous applications to go thru!).

Ready for the application?!  One more thing first!  Please talk to your parents about it before submitting the application.  We want to make sure they are kept in the loop and are on board with it.  Show them this blog entry as well as my website (if they aren’t already familiar with it!).  That way, they can get a feeling of the type of work that I do, and hopefully be excited for you to be a model/rep for me!  As I get closer to making my decisions, I will be contacting them with all the info as well, so it would be nice if they knew what I was talking about!  Also, I like the parents to be involved in the entire process, from application to the sessions.  Hey, can’t hurt having mom telling all her friends on facebook to use you as a referral, can it?!

*** Application link ————>>>>>>> CLOSED***

And because no posts are complete without photos, how about showing off my amazing 2013 JPSearcy Senior models/reps?!  They were FANTASTIC this year.  I am going to be so sad to see them go (but they AREN’T gone yet!  So, if you are a 2013 senior, you can STILL talk to my current reps about getting in a shoot with me before it is too late!).

Posted on Jan 05, 2013
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Only one semester to go until graduation!  Can you believe it?!  Senior year is going by so quickly, so I wanted to get some new designs up.  Seems early, but schools start getting the info out when they get back to school, so I am right on time ;).  You have a choice, you can go with the traditional announcements from the school, or if you were looking for something a little different, you could choose to have me design your announcements.  Here are some designs (each one can be customized to what you want):

Each of the announcements are double sided and 5×7 in size.  They come in packs of 25, and the pricing is: 25/$75,  50/$135,  75/$185,  100/$225.

If you had a session with me and are interested in me creating an announcement for you, email me or message me and let me know which photos you want to use, and what design you like best!  If you have NOT yet had a session with me (and you are class of 2013), there is still a little time left!  Contact me to set up your session, and we can get you on the calendar before all of the hustle and craziness of the end of the year starts!

Posted on Jan 02, 2013
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I was so happy to be able to do this family session.  The timing was perfect, because everyone was in town for the holidays.  But they haven’t done a family photo since the kids were babies.  So, it was definitely time ;).  The little guy found me very interesting (not funny, mind you).  But keeping true to that age, he had a very short attention span and then wanted to go explore the park.  So, we got his part done early, so he could play, and momma could get the photos with her girls like she really wanted.  Beautiful family, and I am so excited for Mom to see them!  Here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

Posted on Jan 01, 2013
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, first and foremost!  I am looking forward to meeting my new clients AND seeing those who come back to see me for another session!  That was what happened for this session.  She was a senior of mine 4 years ago, and now she is a senior at University of Florida.  I was so excited when she called me to set up another session!  And even though both her and her brother are Gators, I won’t hold that against them, they are still fabulous people ;).  We had a great time, and I loved that they were so willing to take time out of their holiday break to do these photos for their parents.  I know their parents will LOVE them!  We got lots of great photos of the two of them together, but also some updated photos of them alone.  Here are a few sneak peeks from their session: