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Posted on Nov 26, 2012
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What a picture perfect afternoon we had for Monica’s senior photo shoot!  This time of year, we are safe to shoot in the late afternoon (summertime, we have to worry about those pesky afternoon thunderstorms, but not in the winter!).  Not to mention, this time of year, the mornings are actually pretty chilly!  So, I love shooting in the late afternoon right about now.  The one little oversight I had, was I scheduled Monica’s session for right in the first half of the FSU vs UF game.  Rookie move on my part.  Thankfully, mom was a FSU fan as well, and kept us updated on the (pathetic) score of the game via iphone ;).  It was probably better that we were out shooting during that game anyway.

Monica was a fantastic model for me, and we had a great time during her shoot.  I must say though, I am completely jealous of her hair!  I told her I had major hair envy!  I am trying to grow mine long again, in hopes that it looks half as beautiful as hers.

Here are a few sneak peeks from her session:

One last little note.  Monica mentioned that at Lake Brantley, you all are just now starting to have your senior photos taken.  If you like hers (and the others on my site), give me a call, or hit me up on facebook and we can talk about YOUR session!  Now is such a perfect time of year to shoot!

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

Now, if you follow me at all, you know that it is pretty rare that I will run a sale.  But this year, I am getting caught up in all the Black Friday fun.  So I thought to do a Black Friday sale MY way.  No crazy waiting in lines, no pushing or shoving, no having to get up at 2am.  All you have to do is give me a quick call, during normal people hours, and you get a gift that no one will want to return!  But I didn’t want it to stop with just Friday.  There is also a relatively new thing (or at least it is new to me) – Small Business Saturday.  This is when you support local small businesses in your area.

So . . . the details!!!  You have two options for the sale.  Option #1 – Pre-purchasing a session for $225 (local session for a family session, kid session, senior session, or engagement session to be held anytime between 1/1/13-4/1/13 – includes session fee and print package)  OR Option #2 Gift Certificates!  The gift certificates can be used towards session fees and/or prints.  The higher the dollar amount you purchase, the more you get for free!  Either of these two options can be purchased for yourself or can be purchased for someone else for the perfect gift!  Call during the hours listed, and let me know which option you want!  If you receive voicemail, it just means I am on the phone with someone else taking advantage of the Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Holiday sale!  Just please leave a message for me and let me know which option you would like, and I will get back with you as soon as I can!

Posted on Nov 21, 2012
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‘Tis the season for family photos!  This was very evident when we got to Kraft Azalea for our family session.  There were at least 10 photographers all around.  Thankfully, Kraft can accommodate lots of different groups all photographing at the same time.  Still though, it is making me think that I need to find some “exclusive” new locations.  Ones that are not overrun with other photographers.  In the new year, I will start the hunt ;).  If you have a unique property that you wouldn’t mind me using on occasion, or if you know of a great little hidden spot, let me know!  There may be something in it for you, hint hint ;).

This little one just stole my heart immediately.  She is pretty attached to her momma right now, so she stayed close by at all times.  But her expressions and smiles were awesome.  I give it just a few more years, and she will be one of my future models.  We had a great time, and even got in a couple of wardrobe changes.  Which is a big deal for a one year old!

One last tidbit before their sneak peeks.  If you are ever in need of a fabulous DJ, dad just happens to be one!  He is a firefighter, but DJs as a side job.  And I can personally vouch for him, because he DJ-ed my party I had this past summer.  If you want “DJ Jelly” info, email me or message me and I will get you in touch!

On to the sneak peeks:

Posted on Nov 21, 2012
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I love photographing all ages.  Little kids, big kids, families, you name it.  But I typically get more “little kid” families.  We seem to be much better at getting family photos taken when our kids are little.  So, it is always a great treat to take family photos with “big kids” in it!  This family, you may recognize one of the big kids ;).  She is one of my senior reps this year from Winter Springs.  It was fun photographing her with her family.  They were such a great family to shoot!  I just loved that they watch America’s Next Top Model and they knew how to pose, and didn’t want everything all totally smiley (well, dad humored us and went along with whatever the girls wanted to do).  Such a beautiful family!

So, when is the last time you had YOUR family photos taken?  Is it time for a new one before the kids all go off to college?!

Here are a few sneak peeks from their session:

Posted on Nov 19, 2012
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Ashley has been on a couple of shoots with me this past year, but always behind the scenes.  Coming with her friends to help them out, etc.  But on this day, it was her turn, and I was so excited!  She is such a sweet girl.  ‘Bout time it was her time in front of the camera with her friends behind the scenes assisting her!  We had our session at Rollins College in Winter Park.  Normally, it is pretty quiet, but it was so busy!  There was a wedding, and at least 6 other photographers around with family photo sessions.  Crazy!  We ended up making friends with a couple of the wedding party, because they wanted to photobomb a couple of her photos ;).  Between that and one of her friends literally throwing flowers at her while she is trying to do a serious face photo, I think we had a pretty good time at her shoot.  I just love it when the senior has a friend come with them to their shoot.  They are so much more relaxed!

Here are a few sneak peeks for Ashley:

Posted on Nov 05, 2012
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What a beautiful fall morning to have a senior photo session!  The weather has cooled off, and it has been absolutely perfect weather for outdoor sessions.  We met downtown Orlando for her session.  We * almost * ran into a problem, because I totally forgot about the time change this weekend!  Thankfully, Shannon didn’t forget about it, and my iphone didn’t forget ;).   Due to my trouble last downtown session (with people trying to tell us that we couldn’t shoot there), we got to explore around just a little further and ran into absolutely no problems.  Shannon was fantastic and such a beautiful girl.  So much fun to photograph 😉

If you haven’t yet had senior photos taken that you LOVE, hit me up and we can talk about scheduling a session for you.  You get to pick the location, you get to choose how many outfits, and you get to choose your “look”.  The session is all about you!

Here are a few sneaks from Shannon’s session: