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Posted on Jul 14, 2012
Posted in Seniors

What a great session I had with Allison!  She had booked a deluxe session (2 locations), and we started off downtown Orlando, and finished up at Rollins.  I have got to say, she was probably the most organized senior I have had on location.  She had her rolling garment rack, and another rolling shoe carrier, and not one, but TWO assistants (mom and sister).  Every outfit was clearly planned in advance complete with the accessories.  LOVE that!  Beautiful girl, and a beautiful selection of clothes!  She is also a cheerleader and a dancer, so she wanted to get a couple of shots of each.  Little did I know, the girl can fly!  She did her jumps and aerial cartwheels, like it was nothing!  Very impressive!  And to top off the session, it wasn’t as hot out as it has been.  We started early, but even by the time we had finished both locations, we weren’t sweating and that is huge! 😉

Here are a few sneak peeks from our session: