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Posted on Jun 30, 2012
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FINALLY!  The rain has stopped!  Now we can get back to normal FL summer weather – HOT and rainy in the afternoon.  I don’t mind the afternoon thunderstorms, because I plan around that.  I photograph in the mornings during the summer.  Well, this past week, everything needed a reschedule, because it was raining all day morning and night!

Now that the sun is back out, I am back to shooting my beautiful seniors, so I am happy!  Isabelle is a very sweet girl who had her session at Rollins.  I love Rollins College.  Beautiful scenery, and apparently, very concerned and caring people!  When we were first getting started with our shoot, I had Isabelle laying upside down on some stairs.  Now, I don’t think anything of this.  Totally normal for me!  Well, I guess it doesn’t look normal, because in a span of maybe 2-3 minutes, FOUR people stopped to check and make sure she was OK.  Hahaha!  Now, I have had people stop to make sure my girls are ok before.  Like if I have them laying in the middle of the street or something, but never have I had so many people stop in such a short amount of time!  If nothing else, it was a good ice breaker for us, and got her relaxed and having fun for the rest of her shoot!

Here are a few sneaks from her session:

If you are a 2013 senior, and want to have a fun shoot for your senior photos, give me a call!  407-977-6296 or friend me on facebook Jeannette Priest Searcy, and we can talk about YOUR shoot!  I am pretty much booked up for July, but still have some August and September dates open!

Posted on Jun 24, 2012
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Yes, you have seen Reagan before on my blog.  She is one of my senior reps!  I like doing sports sessions for my reps, just to show the rest of the seniors the option of having sports photos done with your senior photos.  For many of them, sports plays a big part of their high school life.  So, to me, it is just natural that they would have some sports photos as part of their senior photos!  So, for anyone who is wanting senior photos done with some sports photos as well, you have a choice.  You can either bring your uniform/equipment with you to whatever location we are at, and we will get a couple shots there.  OR, you can book a deluxe session (which simply means two locations), and have your second location be at your school (or pool, as Reagan did).

Reagan is a swimmer and a water polo player.  So, we met up at the Oviedo aquatic center early in the morning to get some swim photos for her.  The timing was really perfect.  We had cloudy weather (remember, clouds = good!), and we had the pool all to ourselves.  Well, for about 15 minutes.  Then a couple hundred kids showed up for a swim meet ;).  That was fine, because by the time they were getting started with their meet, we were finishing up.  Just couldn’t light that polo ball on fire with that many people around, so we will have to get that one later ;).  Heck, I even used one of the kids to help me out and throw balls at Reagan for more of an action shot.  Hahaha!

Here are a few swimming sneak peeks:

Posted on Jun 23, 2012
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Next senior up, is Alicia!  What a sweet girl she is!  We had a great time, early in the morning, out at the beach.  She and her mom were smart, they spent the night before out there, so they wouldn’t have to get up extra early.  Because, as you all know, I only do beach sessions at sunrise!  The reason for this is: the light is amazing at that time of day, there aren’t 2000 people on the beach to shoot around, and lastly, it isn’t 300 degrees outside!  So, getting up extra early, is definitely worth it.

Alicia had a great morning for a shoot.  Nice skies for a beautiful sunrise, and then it clouded up, and we could shoot anywhere we wanted (clouds are good!).  Can’t ask for more than that!  I loved that she was up for anything.  Even laying in the seaweed for a photo (HAD to make that one of her sneaks, because it was gorgeous!).  Here are a few from her session:

If you are a 2013 senior (or a parent of one), and you have NOT yet scheduled your senior photos, hit me up and we can talk!  As you can see by my work, I am NOT the yearbook photographer.  But if you are looking for something  a little *more* for your senior photos, check out my website for more information, or email me at  June is full, but there are a couple dates left in July, and several in August.  Let’s get you on my calendar!

Posted on Jun 16, 2012
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My first 2013 senior of the year (not including my reps, of course)!  And what a fantastic girl to kick off the year with!  Tianna and I had a good time out on Park Ave in Winter Park.  And sure, it was hot out, but we started early enough that it wasn’t too bad.  (Not to mention, she ended the session in the fountain, so that is a nice cool off too! Hahaha!)

If you are a 2013 senior, just a couple of notes.  YES, you do have to go to the contracted school photographer over the summer.  This is for the photo that goes into the yearbook.  But NO, you don’t HAVE to just go there!  You are able to choose whatever photographer you want for the senior photos that you actually want to purchase and give out to family and friends!  If you want something more than just your black drape/fake tux shot, and you like the kind of photography that I do, give me a call!  Most of the seniors do have their sessions during the summer, and the reason for this is, you are going to be SO busy during your senior year!  You may not think so, or realize it, but I hear it every.single.year.  Summer, the schedules are much more flexible!  Yes, it is hot, but that is why we shoot early in the morning.  I don’t shoot mid day, and I don’t really shoot evenings during the summer, because, come on!  We live in FL, and it rains every afternoon!  So, you pick the location, I will let you know what time, and we will have a great time AND get some amazing photos to commemorate the ending of your high school career!  I still have some availability for the summer months, and the early fall (if you really don’t want to do summer).  Email me, and we can talk about your session, and your ideas for it, and set a date before I fill up!

Back to Tianna now! 😉  Here are a few sneak peeks from her session:

Posted on Jun 11, 2012
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I started photographing big sister about 5 years ago, and I just adore her.  She is a great little model for me now, and knows exactly what to expect.  I was SO excited to hear that she had a little sister on the way!  Another sweet little girl to photograph and love!

When it was time for baby sister’s newborn photos, of course we had to get a couple with big sister too.  We started with the baby, but I could tell that she was anxious to get started on her photos too, so, we stopped and did the sister photos, and then went back to the baby ones ;).  At first, we didn’t think that baby sister was going to sleep at all for us!  She was wide awake and so curious to what was going on.  And when I saw the (awake) one, I knew I wanted that to be a sneak peek for sure.  She had a little sassy look on her face, like “what are you messing with my naps for lady?!”.  But then she fell asleep and we got to do all the fun hats and blankets and rugs.  I tell you, once they are asleep, they are SO much easier! Hahaha!

Anyway, here are her sneak peeks.  Hope you love them!

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