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Posted on Dec 30, 2011
Posted in Seniors

I was beginning to think this session would  never happen!  We had to reschedule several times.  BUT, sometimes things happen for a reason!  This reason, was we were holding out for the perfect day (previous session days wouldn’t have been as pretty as this one)!  Now, we were out of school, and the weather was cool and beautiful.  (If you ask Heidi, she may say it was a little *too* cool outside.  But she did warm up, and when I wasn’t having her barefoot on the cold ground, or laying on cold benches or stones, it was perfect!  Hahaha!

I had a great time, and she was a complete sweetheart.  I found it funny that she didn’t think she could do a good “serious” face, because I thought (and so did her mom!) that it was beautiful!  So, for her sneaks, one serious, one smiley, and one somewhere in the middle!

Here are a few from her session:

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