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Posted on Aug 25, 2011
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What a sweet girl this senior was.  I enjoyed hanging out with her for our shoot.  We had a nice and early start for her deluxe session.  I always feel bad having these kids wake up so early on their day off, but thank them for trusting me.  When we don’t start at the crack of dawn, we melt (and get frizzy hair, and who wants that?!).  So, we start early, and end early, and go home and take a nap.  Everybody wins!  We started off at Park Ave, and then hopped in the car and headed off to Church Street.  Beautiful morning for both locations!

Here are some sneak peeks that I really liked:

Posted on Aug 17, 2011
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The last summer session before school starts!  And boy, it was a hot one!  Thank goodness we start early for sessions in the summer, otherwise we just may melt ;).  Now, as we get closer to the fall, we will soon have late afternoon sessions available again.  Not yet, but soon!  Putting the summer heat aside, we had a fantastic session!  Ashley is a great girl, and we had fun at Rollins for her senior shoot.  She didn’t let the heat get in the way of her getting some gorgeous photos!

Here are a few that I really liked from her shoot:

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Posted on Aug 14, 2011
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Another great girl, another great deluxe session.  The two locations that she chose are Rollins College and a sunrise beach.  We had perfect weather for Rollins.  It was overcast and ready to rain, but the rain held off for us until the drive home.  Couldn’t have planned that better if we tried!  The beach, well, that turned out perfect as well.  But it didn’t go exactly as planned.  We didn’t have a sunrise that morning.  I was bummed, because when people get up that early, you want to see the sun actually coming up.  BUT, when it is really overcast like that, the light is wonderful!  So, we ended up having gorgeous weather, and were able to get amazing photos (even if we didn’t get the 5 minutes of sunrise).  Bottom line, even though things don’t go exactly as originally planned, I will still get you amazing photos!

Jenna was a great girl, and wonderful to photograph.  AND, she now holds my record on most outfit changes for a session!  I honestly don’t mind how many outfits you bring for your session.  The average is about 4 outfits per session/location.  Some bring more, and as long as they are a quick changer, there is really no problem.  You just don’t want to spend your entire session changing clothes, so as long as you are quick, bring whatever you want!  Well, Jenna (between the two locations), had 14 different outfits!  But she was in and out of the little changing room so quickly, it wasn’t a problem.  Not to mention, she has great taste in clothes!

Here are  a couple from each of her locations:

Posted on Aug 13, 2011
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I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Haley, not once, but twice!  She booked a deluxe session, so that means she got to go to two different locations.  The first location was Kraft Azalea.  She brought a little entourage with her (mom, sister, and friend) to help her out with hair and outfits and stuff like that.  Cracked me up!  Mostly because she is such a laid back, easy going girl!  Her second shoot was a sunrise beach session.  Not so surprising, but her entourage didn’t show up for that one.  Way too early in the morning, I think!  That is ok though, her mom and I could handle it all on our own ;).   I had such a good time photographing her (both times)!

Here are a couple from each location:

Posted on Aug 08, 2011
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What a fun shoot this was!  Tori is a fabulous girl with a love for clothes!  I loved seeing all the outfits she brought with her.  We did almost melt in the heat, but she kept her cool through all her wardrobe changes and moving from spot to spot.  In addition to my “regular” favorite spots on Park, we also shot with her car and IN the fountain.  My first senior in the Park Ave fountain this year!  While it did cool her off (and her mom and I too, because we dipped our feet in as well!), she was such a great sport and got totally in and soaked!  And of course while in the fountain, she wanted to try the famous hair flip shot.  This is such a difficult shot to get.  Because some hair just doesn’t hold onto the water as well as others, the hair length makes a difference, etc.  Her hair was WAY long, so I didn’t know how it would work.  But I ended up LOVING the shot!

Here are a few of her session that I really liked:

Posted on Aug 06, 2011
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What a beautiful morning for a sunrise beach session!  Not only did we have a perfect morning, I had the treat of meeting and photographing Kenna.  She is a wonderful girl, and has lots of experience in front of the camera.  She works as a model!  Made my job super easy!  We worked fabulously together, and had a great time.  Especially when it was time to get IN the water.  You know how much I love getting in the water at the beach (not just because it is hot outside, but because they make beautiful and fun photographs!).

Here are a few sneak peeks of those I really liked:

Posted on Aug 06, 2011
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I had the pleasure to meet Marlene at Kraft Azalea for her senior session.  She was such a great girl, and so beautiful!  I absolutely love her dark hair/blue eyes combo (makes her eyes really pop!).  Not to mention, she is such a sweetheart!  We had a great time, and as a bonus, we were shooting at Kraft, and because of all the trees, we don’t have to wake up super early, and it feels at least 10 degrees cooler there!  That helps a lot in the heat of the summer!  As much as I have loved shooting all you seniors this summer, I am looking forward to shooting you all in the fall and winter too!  I am just about over these 100 degree temperatures ;).

Anyway, here are a few that I loved of her from her session:

Posted on Aug 04, 2011
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This session was different, and a lot of fun.  I even learned something!  This senior loves her horse and riding, so it was a natural choice to meet for her session at the stables.  We did her “normal” shots first around the beautiful grounds.  Then we brought her horse out to join in the fun.  Now, something I learned, was to make for a good horse photo, the horse’s ears must be straight up and facing you (otherwise they look mad).  I never really realized that horses moved their ears around so much, until I tried to photograph one!  Boy, that horse was quick, and her ears moved around so much!  It was almost like she was taunting me.  Hahahaha!  But I DID get some with her ears up, and Kaily looking beautiful, so I consider it a very successful shoot!

Here are a few from her shoot that I really liked (check out the last one of her and the horse.  Not only are the ears up, it looks like the horse is laughing!  To me it does anyway!):

Posted on Aug 01, 2011
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Another beach sunrise!  She had booked a deluxe session, so the first part was at the beach, and the second part was the next morning at Park Ave.  This sunrise was not cloudy at all, nice and sunny!  She is a dancer, and wanted a different kind of jumping photo (you know how much I love jumping photos!).  As soon as she flew (yes, FLEW) in the air, I was loving the shot!  So, of course that is one of her sneak peeks ;).   She was such a great sport, she was up for absolutely anything.  From getting all the way IN the water in her dress to laying upside down on a flight of stairs in an alley behind Park Ave.  LOVE IT!

Here are a few that I really liked: