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Posted on Jun 28, 2011
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Yep, these kiddos look familiar (for those who actually follow my blog!).  I have the pleasure of  photographing these too cutie pies every 6 months, like clockwork!  Ever since big brother was a newborn.  For this session, we met at  Park Ave.  They are so used to sessions with me, that after shooting for a few minutes, big brother asked me, “Ms Jeannette?  When are we moving to the next location?”  Hahahaha!  And little sister, truly wanted to “work it”.  She was funny and gorgeous and didn’t particularly want to share the camera frame with her brother!  Oooh, they are going to have their hands full with that one in a few years!

Here are a few from their most recent shoot!

Posted on Jun 26, 2011
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What a fun senior I had this week!  She was fantastic, and was having so much fun.  (I even caught her using some “America’s Next Top Model” tricks, like micromovements in between shutter clicks.)  Although she was a little scaredy-cat thinking she would get hit by a high speed bullet train 😉 when we were downtown.  Which made me laugh, because she REALLY wanted train track photos, but was afraid to be on the track!  Hahahaha!  She was a pleasure to photograph, and thankfully, she moved so quickly, we were able to get thru both of her locations (deluxe session) before it got melt-your-face-off hot!  BONUS!  It was a pleasure to meet and photograph you!

Here are some sneaks from her sessions at Park Ave and Church Street:

Posted on Jun 25, 2011
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What an absolutely gorgeous morning to have a photo session at the beach!  Some things you just can not plan on, but are SO happy when they actually happen.  Like a beautiful cloudy sunrise!  This makes TWO overcast sunrises in a row, how lucky am I?!  Not only does it give beautiful clouds in the sky, it also gives more time to shoot without blazing white hot sun!  Win-win!

The very fortunate senior being photographed on this gorgeous day, was as sweet as can be, as was her mom!  We had a fantastic time!  Then all went home, took naps ;), and then got ready for part two of her session at Park Ave!  She had booked a deluxe session, which gave her two locations for her session.  And thankfully, the rain held off long enough for us to have a fabulous shoot in Winter Park!  Here are two sneaks for each of the locations, of this gorgeous senior!

Posted on Jun 24, 2011
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I love when extended families are all together and think to have photos taken.  Some families are lucky enough to have everyone close by, but others, they are only here for visits.  Regardless, it is so much fun to get everyone together and get some great photos!  Yes, it is a pain to coordinate everyone and get everyone on board for the session, but they are priceless to look back on.  Everyone all together!  So, I encourage you, where ever you are, if you are getting your entire family together, look for a photographer and have that time captured!

I had the pleasure to photograph a very large family in Winter Park last week.  Some of them were local, some were from out of town.  But all of them were fabulous!  It was difficult picking sneak peeks for them, because I wanted each of the families to have at least one sneak!  Thanks for including me in your day!

Posted on Jun 12, 2011
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And now the other half of the fabulous beach duo!  Just consider this a continuation of the last blog post ;).

Rachael was such a great sport.  She absolutely wanted to get in the water!  After we got our sunrise shots, and some other dry shots, she hit the water with her surfboard.  Never had a surfer to photograph before!  It was a shame that there were NO waves at all that morning, so I couldn’t see her in action, but we did get some great shots of her in the water with her board!  And after the surf photos, she put on a dress and some earrings, and got right back in the water!  LOVE that!

Here are a few of Rachael’s shots from that morning!

Posted on Jun 12, 2011
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What a fun morning I had with two great girls from Winter Springs!  It was early, yes, but they were wide awake and ready to be photographed at sunrise on the beach!  Their moms cracked me up.  They brought beach chairs and just sat back chatting and watching.  Seemed pretty comfy!

The reason I had TWO seniors at the beach, was because they booked a “friends” session.  What that is, is both get their full sessions, at the same location and at the same time.  I shoot one while the other is changing.  Or they both change at the same times, and then just help each other when it is their friend’s turn to be shot.  (You know sometimes, only a friend can tell if your hair is doing that thing.  You know, that thing that you HATE!  And she can correct it for you!).  Not to mention, whenever I do these friends sessions, they are SO relaxed and having so much fun!  As a bonus, I also take a couple of the two together.

Back to THIS session now!  This was quite possibly the BEST sunrise I have ever had at the beach.  What made it so great?  CLOUDS!!!  We had such amazing clouds that morning.  They not only provided very interesting patterns in the sky, but they also filtered the sun so much longer than I am used to for my beach shoots!  What that means is more options for shooting out in the beach and water after the sun is up!

Kelsey was so much fun.  She didn’t intend on getting in the water.  She told me as much right from the beginning.  Well, that lasted about 2 minutes, and then she was in!  Not fully in with wet hair or anything, but enough to get her dress wet before the sun even came up!  Afterwards, we got her in dry clothes, took some more, and then had some fun with beach volleyball shots!  Needless to say, she is the best volleyball player out of all of them (her mom, Rachael, and Rachael’s mom were supposed to hit the ball back to her.  Yeah, didn’t really happen as planned!).

Here are a few shots from her session!

Posted on Jun 10, 2011
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I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful WSHS senior, for a deluxe session (which simply means two locations for her session).  The first location was at Rollins College, and then the second wasn’t too far away, at Kraft Azalea.  We had a very beautiful day.  Definitely glad the “summer weather” isn’t in full force yet!  Which is to say, it was hot, but not unbearable at all!  We had a fun time, and in true model fashion, she had lots of clothes, and two assistants (her mom and her younger sister)!  Her assistants were fabulous.  Mom carrying all the clothes, and her sister carrying her!  (Kraft Azalea had some construction going on at the entrance, and to protect her shoes from the mucky ground, her sister offered to give her a piggy back ride!  SO sweet (and so hilarious!).  It was a great time with a fabulous senior!

Here are two sneaks from each location (all smiles 😉 ):

Posted on Jun 05, 2011
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Crazy to think that we are already photographing the class of 2012!  My first official session for the class of 2012 (not including my models/representatives, of course!), was with Dillion from Oviedo High School.  He wanted some photos outside, but really didn’t care where.  As long as we were outside!  So, we decided on shooting at Leu Gardens.  Lots of greenery and outdoor stuff there!  I have lots of location ideas, so pretty much whatever you are looking for, I have a location idea for you!

I was looking forward to his session not only because he was the first one of the season, but because I finally booked a guy for his senior photos!  I would love to get some more sessions with guys (hint, hint!).  Not that I don’t LOVE shooting the girls, because you know I do!  It would just be nice every once in a while to photograph a guy!  Come on guys, you know your moms would LOVE to get some great photos of you (this coming from a mom of two boys!).  I will make it relatively quick and painless, and you will make your mommas happy by giving her wonderful photos of you in your senior year.  Call me or message me for more info to set up YOUR session!

Here are a few from my session with Dillon: