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Posted on Apr 29, 2011
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That’s it!  My last official 2011 senior session!  And what a wonderful session to end with.  Mom wanted gardens, senior wanted beach, so they opted for the deluxe session so they BOTH got exactly what they wanted!  We started our morning out a Leu Gardens, and while it was pretty warm out, it was worth it because the gardens are looking gorgeous!  Everything so lush and green, it was beautiful.  And this senior chose the perfect colors for it!  Gorgeous girl, gorgeous setting, gorgeous colors, all makes for a perfect session!

For part two of the session, we drove out to New Smyrna Beach.  It was a perfect day there too!  Blue skies and no one (besides beach patrol 😉 ) around.  We climbed on the rock wall, found a boardwalk area, and oh yeah, the ocean!

Here are a few sneaks from her shoots (two from gardens and two from beach!).  Hope you like!

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 2011!  It has been a pleasure meeting so many of you, and working with you.  (If you are 2011, and STILL want photos, I can do them, but they will not be back before graduation.  Call or email me and we can talk!)

Posted on Apr 26, 2011
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A senior session downtown!  I haven’t been downtown for a shoot in a little while, so it was fun to go back.  One problem, while I did check the Magic schedule, I completely forgot to check the Predator’s schedule!  Oops!  Church street was blocked off for a party.  I thought that may be a problem for my senior, because I mean, we can still shoot, but there are lots of people around watching!  NOPE!  Not a problem for this girl!  LOVE that!  Oh, and I had a first at this shoot.  She brought a bassoon!  Yep, I have had other kids bring instruments, but never a bassoon!  So, just try to picture this: street party on Church street, pretty girl being photographed, AND a very large bassoon in the middle of it all.  Yeah, we had some people watching ;).

Hope you like your sneak peeks!  I will get the rest ready for you as soon as possible!

Posted on Apr 25, 2011
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Still photographing 2011 seniors!  We are almost done, but still a few more left.  This beautiful senior was so much fun, and I was so happy that we were finally able to have her session.  We have been talking about her shoot since SEPTEMBER!!!  But I guess now the time was perfect, because everything fell into place quite nicely.  Beautiful weather, we had the park to ourselves (other than all the birds and random dead fish – ewwww), good tan (her not me!), and lots of fun!

Thanks for a wonderful session!  I hope you like your sneak peeks, and can’t wait to show you all of them!

Posted on Apr 15, 2011
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Another beautiful senior at the beautiful Kraft Azalea park in Winter Park.  It is funny to me, how “my locations” go in cycles.  There can be a year that I don’t use a location, and then all of the sudden it is requested all of the time!  That is how it has been with Kraft lately.  Sure I do family sessions there on a fairly regular basis, but I hadn’t shot a senior there in a while.  Now, the past several sessions have been there!  With good reason too.  It is beautiful location with amazing light in the afternoon.

This gorgeous senior was so easy going and laid back.  “What do you want?  What are you looking for?”  “Oh, anything you do is just fine!”.  Really easy going!  And mom’s only request was lots of pretty photos with lots of close ups.  Easy enough!  Here are a few sneak peeks from our session:

Posted on Apr 05, 2011
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We are almost at the end of the 2011 seniors.  But not quite there yet!  I had the pleasure to meet another delightful senior.  She was so sweet and fun to photograph.  Despite a little hiccup at the beginning with my equipment (thank goodness for back ups!), we had a fantastic session.  Kraft Azalea is such a nice place to shoot with afternoon light!

Thanks for a great shoot sweetie!  And good luck at ‘Bama next year!

If you are a 2011 senior who has not yet gotten senior photos that you LOVE, time is just about up!  Contact me to set up your session!