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Posted on Feb 23, 2011
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Another beautiful senior braved the beach for a sunrise session!  Actually, she booked a “deluxe” session which meant two different locations.  The first one was the beach at sunrise, and then we headed out to Park Ave later in the day.  Best of all worlds!

It was a beautiful morning at the beach, although I hear the water was a bit cold.  Haha!  She was a great sport, and didn’t bat an eye getting in the water.  Go big, or go home!  I swear, these girls are so fabulous who will do anything for the shot!  The afternoon portion was much warmer, and you would think it would be easier.  Nope!  Since she would do anything for the shot, I had her climbing a lot!  In high heels!  The best was when her mom (jokingly) said, oh hey, why don’t you climb up on that roof there?!  I looked up and thought, hey not a bad idea!  (The last sneak peek was taken of her laying down ON the roof and me shooting down from the stairway to the second floor.)  Whatever it takes!

Here are a few shots from our session day!

Posted on Feb 21, 2011
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Can you believe that my sweet little niece is already two years old?! She is growing up way too quickly! I got to spend a couple days with her in Atlanta, while her mommy and daddy took a couple days off to themselves. Of course, I HAD to attempt do take some photos, but it is a little difficult when I am the only one there (and I need to be behind the camera). So, I thought of a great incentive for her. M&Ms! Worked like a charm! I could have gotten her to take photos all day long (well, as long as the M&Ms were there).

First one made me laugh, because you can SEE the M&Ms! LOL! But here are a couple more that I really liked. (And I knew it before, but looking at these photos, she is IDENTICAL to my sister when she was little! OMG!!!)

Posted on Feb 01, 2011

I can’t believe it is that time again!  Time for my search for the perfect girls to be my  next JPSearcy Models/Representatives!  I know it is barely 2011, but I like to search and select the next class models early.  Not sure what it is like to be a rep for me?  Let me give you the basics!

Your “job” as a JPSearcy Model/Representative is to talk about and show off your fabulous senior photos!  You will let your classmates and friends know where they can get photos that really are fun to do, and showcase their true self.  No cheesy backdrops or studios.  We go on location, where ever the senior wants to go, and I photograph everyone to show off their true beauty.  And having a blast at the actual session is a major bonus!

What’s in it for you, you may ask?  Well, this year,  my models will receive a very special, complimentary, all-day VIP photoshoot at several different locations (some of these locations will ONLY be offered to my models!), and they will receive the VIP treatment ALL DAY!  (Further details will be given to my models after they are selected.)  Trust me, this will be the most outrageous session I have ever done!  I am actually REALLY excited about it, and can’t wait!  Your VIP model session will take place sometime at the end of April/beginning of May.  And you will receive ALL the images for your facebook pages, at no charge!  You also have the opportunity to “pay” for all of your senior photos by bringing in referrals (remember the telling your friends and classmates part I was saying earlier? THIS is what I am talking about!).  Each person you refer to me will earn you credit towards your order.  Refer lots of people to me, and you will get lots of photos for FREE!!!  And lastly, you will be featured on my website!  I use many of my reps’ images in my website, blog, and advertisements.  Your model images will be everywhere!

Are you excited yet?  Do you think you would be PERFECT for this position?  Well, let me tell you what I am looking for.  I am looking for someone who is active in their school.  This could mean on sports teams, in student government, theatre, clubs, anything!  Just be involved with lots of contacts!  I am looking for someone who is NOT shy.  Now this is for obvious reasons!  Seriously, the job is talking to lots of friends and classmates, and showing off your gorgeous photos, so shy really wouldn’t cut it.  I am looking for someone who is influential.  I am not the only photographer in town, so when your friends/classmates are asking “why should I go to JPSearcy instead of XYZ Photography?”, I want you to be able to let them know! I am looking for PERSONALITY!!!  I am looking for someone who is good at social networking.  Let’s face it, facebook/myspace/twitter, etc, is where everyone is at!  I do a lot of advertising there.  I need someone who is well connected there too!

And lastly, what I am NOT looking for.  I am NOT looking for a perfect model in the looks department.  “Normal” people, which, let’s be honest, is most of us, is perfect in my eyes!  (OK, if you know you are gorgeous, and look straight out of a magazine, of course you can apply too (;, but that isn’t a requirement!).  I am NOT looking for someone who is lazy.  I am NOT looking for someone who is just in it for the VIP session, and has no interest in the representative part of it.   I am NOT looking for someone to badmouth other photographers or photography studios (that’s just not cool!).

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a JPSearcy Senior Model/Representative?  I will be accepting one model from each of the central FL schools.  Last year I had models at Oviedo High, Hagerty High, Winter Springs High, Winter Park High, and Lake Mary High.  Of course I would love to have models at those schools again, but I would also be thrilled to get into some other schools as well.  Public or private is fine by me.  Last year, all the model positions were filled pretty quickly, so if you are interested, it is best to apply early!  (The longest the applications will be open is 1 week, but will probably close early if I get lots of qualified applicants!).

Ready for the application?!  One more thing first!  Please talk to your parents about it before submitting the application.  We want to make sure they are kept in the loop and are on board with it.  Show them this blog entry as well as my website (if they aren’t already familiar with it!).  That way, they can get a feeling of the type of work that I do, and hopefully be excited for you to be a model/rep for me!

Click link below for application!

And because no posts are complete without photos, how about showing off my amazing 2011 JPSearcy Senior models/reps?!  They were FANTASTIC this year.  I am going to be so sad to see them go.