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Posted on Jan 31, 2011
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OK, OK, I know.  I have ALWAYS said that I would never be interested in being a wedding photographer.  (I really should learn to never say never!)  Well, I am still not sure if I want to go that avenue, but I did want to give it a shot.  You know, just to see what it was all about.

It would be extremely irresponsible of me to take on a wedding without any wedding experience.  And I would never do that.  But a good friend of mine IS a wedding photographer out of Volusia County (Sandy Brantley Photography, btw).  So, I told her about wanting to dip my toes in and see what all the hoopla was about.  She graciously let me tag along as a second shooter.  I was responsible for some groom shots before the ceremony, some detail shots of the day, things like that.  I really just wanted to do it so I could observe her and watch her do her thing.  And I will admit, it was more fun than I had thought.  Lots and lots of work, but no where near the “bridezilla” type day that I thought it would be.  The bride and her family were delightful, as were the groom and his family.  And it was so great to be around all the love of the day!

Being that I was only the second shooter, I didn’t get to do lots of creative type stuff and not a ton with just the bride and groom (that’s the primary photographer’s job), but I did like the photos that I was able to get!  Here are just a few from the day:

All in all, I think it was a great experience.  THANK YOU SANDY!!  And now, I can say, I *may* do weddings in the future.   For now, I will stick with my  seniors, the families and their little kiddos, and on occasion second shooting.  But who knows!  You may start seeing me do a wedding here and there!

Posted on Jan 26, 2011
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If you are anything like me, you like to send out cards that will stand out from the others.  Something different, something “pretty”!  So, this year, I decided to offer pretty announcements for my seniors!  These are available to anyone who has had a session with me, even if it was this past summer.  OR, if you haven’t had your senior session yet, get one on the books so you can not only have gorgeous photos and a lot of fun on your shoot, but you can have these beautiful graduation announcements as well!

These cards are somewhat customizable.  Meaning, you can come up with your own wording, choose one or multiple photos from our session, and move things around a little bit (if you want to).   You can use them in place of the standard ones from the school.  You can use them as open house invitations.  Whatever you want!  (The samples below are showing the fronts and  backs to each design.)

The pricing for these 5×7 double sided cards (includes standard envelopes) is 25/$75, 50/$135, 75/$185, 100/$225.  You don’t have to order now, but you will want to place your order at least 3 weeks before you are needing them.  So, it may be something to think about, or something that you want to go ahead and check of your graduation to-do list!

Please contact me if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to order (or set up a session). or 407-977-6296.

Posted on Jan 19, 2011
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I recently photographed the  most delightful family.  They are not going to be living in Florida much longer, and they wanted to get some “Florida photographs” before they left.  I asked what that meant to them, and it was green trees, spanish moss, and sunshine.  No problem!  We shot in a little area by their house that had all of the above!

A little funny from their session, this family is from Europe, and while they all could speak perfect English, their dog couldn’t!  They had me laughing because they were all speaking Hungarian, and would talk to the dog, and then when I went to call the dog so she would look at me, they all started laughing at me and told me that she doesn’t speak English.   Hopefully they weren’t just making fun of me in Hungarian, because I was laughing along with whatever they were saying! Hahaha!

Here are a few sneak peeks of this beautiful family:

Posted on Jan 10, 2011
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Ooooh, I had so much fun with this senior!  She wanted to do a two location session (deluxe senior session).  One at the beach at sunrise (favorite time of day to shoot there!) and one a little more local, on Park Ave.  Now, the sunrise beach session was first.  And this morning it was a balmy 44* with a decent wind coming off the ocean.  In other words, for us Florida folk, it was FREEZING!  But you would never be able to tell it with this girl.  I swear, her “thinking warm thoughts” really  worked.  (On the outside at least.  On the inside, she told me afterwards, that she was still really cold.).  Me, thinking that she had warmed up by the end of that shoot, had her IN the water (barely, but still IN!) in a prom dress.  She looked amazing, but that part couldn’t last long, for fear of hypothermia setting in ;).  She was a real model that day!

The second part was much more tame, weather wise.  That was the next afternoon on Park Ave.  Because there were at least one million people (felt like it!) on the street that afternoon, we did most of our session in the back alleyways behind the shops.  Just looking and exploring neat little areas.  Much more relaxed (and much warmer)!

I don’t know how I am supposed to narrow down these images for her!  I had so much trouble narrowing down for her sneak peek!  But here are a few that I really loved:

And to further help illustrate how COLD it was, here is a little outtake, behind the scenes photo of her mom helping her get ready for the next shot.  Notice the multiple layers she had to keep warm! LOL!  The robe was put on her in between set ups.

Posted on Jan 09, 2011
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I loved this session!  Not only because one of the girls was a rep for me this year, and not only because I adore this family.  But because, it was because it brought back memories for me!  I am the oldest of three girls too.  Of course, these sisters were so much sweeter to each other (and their parents!) than we were.  But still!  Three girls is a fun dynamic.

The session was going very well, lots of laughs, and at the very end, we had a little mishap!  One of the girls fell (not hurt, thankfully!) after one of the shots.  I was so afraid she was going to be hurt!  I tend to not watch the kids as closely when they are teenagers, but maybe I should start!  But it just prompted lots of laughing (mostly out of her!), so we finished up.  Crazy girl!

Here are a few from their session:

Posted on Jan 03, 2011
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Now that the weather has cooled down, it is such a FABULOUS time to get senior photos taken!  Little to no chance of rain, nice cool temperatures, PERFECT!  If you haven’t had them done yet, it isn’t too late!  Before you know it, it is going to be graduation time, so you don’t want to wait too much longer.

This beautiful senior brought her brother with her for a couple shots together.  He wasn’t too excited to have his photo taken, but was so cute and didn’t mind taking a couple with his sister.  We did a couple of normal ones, but then they wanted a couple funny ones too.  The one I am showing in the sneak peek may just be my new favorite sibling shot.  HILARIOUS!  After that, he got the heck out of there, and we had a great, fun session with just her.  Leu Gardens give so many options, so she will have tons of different looks in her gallery!

Here are a few teasers:

Posted on Jan 03, 2011
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I love it when lots of family members are in town.  And I love it even more when they think ahead of time to work in a big family photo session!  This family wanted it to be a total surprise gift for grandma.  The girls took her out to get her hair done, and then showed up at the park where everyone was waiting for her.  I think it was a fantastic surprise!  So, the session included grandma and grandpa, their 4 kids (and spouses), and 6 grandkids.  What a big, beautiful family!

Here are just a few teasers: