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Posted on Oct 19, 2010
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I love getting the chance to meet so many terrific teenagers.  It is such a fantastic age!  And this one was no different!  We had such a good time playing model.  Shelby had booked a deluxe session, which meant that we went to two different locations for her shoot.  We started the morning at Winter Park High School pool for her swimming pictures.  At the end of that session, she wanted to take a new twist on “jumping pictures”.  She did a fantastic jump off the diving board!  Something different (so of course, that will be one of her sneak peeks!).  And then later that day, we met at Kraft Azalea park to finish her session with the “dry” photos.  I thought she had some beautiful swimming shots earlier in the day, but holy cow, in the afternoon, she looked like a model!

Here are a few from her shoot(s):

If you are a 2011 senior, and didn’t have a fun shoot like Shelby’s, give me a call!  We can set up a session for anywhere in the Orlando area, and you can get fabulous senior photos.

Posted on Oct 18, 2010
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This was such a fun and different session for me.  A mom with her two grown girls!  It is a totally new stage of their lives, and I was so happy that they wanted to document that.  There is NOTHING saying that once your kids are grown up, you need to stop doing family photos with them!  We had a good time exploring Leu Gardens, and were lucky enough that they brought two handsome young men to come and carry all the bags.  LOL!

Here are a couple that I really liked:

Posted on Oct 13, 2010
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I really love doing family sessions with little kids in trees.  Why?  Because kids love to climb trees, and they are happy when you put them IN the trees.  Kids happy = great photos!  This family was great, because while there was a little guy (who really liked climbing!), there were also two older siblings to help.  Makes my job so much easier!  Trees are also great for open shade, making beautiful light for the photos.  This area is a small little park with lots of trees, and several great climbing trees!

Here are a few that I really liked from their session:

Posted on Oct 12, 2010
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Ahhh, it has been a while since I have shot a senior at sunrise on the beach.  It IS pretty early to get up and gorgeous, but I really love the results!  The light is just simply amazing at that time of morning.  So, I love it when my clients will wake up so early and drive so far to have their session at the beach for sunrise.   With a wonderful senior to work with, and a beautiful location, how could we go wrong?!

Here are a few that I really liked from her session:

Posted on Oct 06, 2010
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I love catching up with old friends (OK, we aren’t old, just friends from a long time ago!) and meeting their families.  Seems like just yesterday we were at FSU together, and now, we have families of our own.  Crazy!

This family was a lot of fun.  Family with all boys.  And yes, they were ALL BOY!  Silly, goofy, crazy, wild, wonderful . . . BOYS!   I guess that is why it is so great to shoot on location.  We can let the kiddos run around, be silly, and then eventually stick them in a tree to keep them put for a minute or two. LOL!  Here are a few from their session: