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Posted on Sep 22, 2010
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For the last session with my 2011 models, they picked the beach!  This day, I had half of my models, and then the other half will be photographed another day.  Well, it was probably a good thing that they couldn’t all shoot on this one day, with all the mishaps that we had.  With a hurricane out there somewhere, it was doing crazy things to the surf.  First, we couldn’t drive all the way down to the rock wall, because the tide was so high.  Then, after shooting near the rock wall for a short time, the beach patrol advised us to move the cars, because the driving beach was closing.  The tides were coming up fast!  So, we decided to drive off the beach, park on the street, and then finish our shoot.  Sounded like a good plan, until we got to the exit!  The exit was already flooded!  So, we had to just hold our breaths, and go for it, hoping that we didn’t get stuck.  We DID make it out without flooding our cars, so that was all good!

After parking again and going back out to the beach on foot, the waves were being so unpredictable!  The surf looked so far out, and we would start shooting, and then BAM, out of no where, the waves would come up to where we were and knock us over.  It was a memorable session, and lots of fun.  I had a great time, and I hope they did too!  Here are a few of each of the girls from the day:

2011 seniors ~ if you want to have a fun session like this (well, maybe not EXACTLY like this!), talk to one of my models about booking YOUR session.  (Or you could just ask me too!)  Fall is booking up VERY quickly, so if you know you are going to want a session with me, it is best to get your date on my calendar now!

Posted on Sep 21, 2010
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This was such a special session for me.  If you had followed my blog, or on facebook, you know that friends of mine were adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  I was so excited for them as a family, and me too, because they asked me to travel with them to document it for them.  And if you were following, you know how long it dragged out!  As hard as it was for me (and my clients who were great with reschedules!), I know it was 10x more hard on them.  They were waiting for their son to come home!  There was 10 days out of the entire year that I couldn’t travel with them (because of a family vacation that had been in the works for almost 2 years).  Turned out, they got the call to go when I was on said vacation.  I was SO upset, especially because I felt that I was part of the entire process with them.  But as upset as I was, I was equally as excited for them.  This long ordeal was finally coming to an end, with a very happy ending and the forming of a brand new family.

Since I couldn’t go with them, the next best thing was to fly up to Nashville (where they live) and to give them their first family photo session.  On a personal note, it was so amazing to meet this little boy.  He was acclimating to life in America, he is learning English more every day, and he is so funny!  Even with a language barrier, he had me cracking up the entire weekend!  I was quite taken with him, and really enjoyed my (too quick) weekend getting to know him.  On a professional note, boy, this was going to be a tough photo session!  This family also has 4 dogs (which HAD to be in a few photos).  So, we are talking about brand new locations (she picked one at night and one in very bright sunshine with no shade at high noon), a child who doesn’t really understand what we are doing, and doesn’t understand what I am saying because he doesn’t speak English, AND throwing 4 dogs into the mix?!  Wow, I guess they had a lot of faith in me (and I am glad they did!).

Here are a few of the brand new Hammons family:

Posted on Sep 20, 2010
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This precious little girl will just melt your heart!  She has so much love around her, and such an amazing family and extended family.  I am so happy that I got the chance to meet and photograph her!

Posted on Sep 16, 2010
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Shooting downtown is always great.  But there was this one place that I wanted to try out that was really close to downtown.  The problem is, it isn’t in the best area.  So I waited for a day that my husband could come there with me!  Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was an area that had some great graffiti walls!  We shot there for a few minutes, and then headed to the Church Street area (where the boys REALLY wanted to go).

Did I mention this was a session for my own boys?!  Every time I photograph them, I can’t believe how old they are getting (I am not getting older, so I don’t know how they are!).  My oldest will be turning 14 in a couple months, and my “baby” will be 8 in a few months.  CRAZY, isn’t it?!  Here are a few sneaks from my handsome boys downtown session:

Posted on Sep 07, 2010
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Lately I have been receiving more calls inquiring about modeling and acting headshots.  I always encourage them to check with their agency before investing in headshots, just to make sure that they are getting what the agency wants.  But some people do not have an agent, and just want to have headshots to take around to different agencies.  Or, their agent has already given them what they are looking for.  Whatever your need, I am happy to now offer special headshot sessions.  There will be a couple of different headshot sessions to choose from:

Basic model~actor headshot session: 60 minute session, 2 outfit changes, 1 location, and an online gallery showing approx 15-18 images.  You will choose 3 for retouching for your high resolution files. $260

Extended model~actor headshot session: 2 hour session, 4 outfit changes, 1 location, and an online gallery gallery showing approx 30-35 images.  You will choose 6 for retouching for your high resolution files.  This is a great choice for someone just starting out, and who is looking for lots of different “looks”.  $500

And to kick off this new part of my business, I have a few headshots of my sister and her boyfriend.  They are both headed out to LA, so of course a couple new headshots would be appropriate!

And one last one of the two of them together!  Good luck you guys on your exciting new adventure in Los Angeles!

Posted on Sep 07, 2010
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I have a list of great locations that I shoot at.  So, when a person books a shoot with me, we talk about all the different types of locations.  There are garden-type locations, there are urban-type locations, and then locations somewhere in between.  Just depends on what that particular client is looking for, and feels most comfortable with.

This senior, couldn’t make up her mind on if she wanted gardens or urban (both very different from each other!).  So, she came up with her own idea for location that mixed both downtown and some greenery.  Lake Eola!  Now, in 11 years living here, sure, I had heard of Lake Eola (who hasn’t?!), but I have never actually been down there.  So, this was extra fun exploring a new location!  And I will say, I think Lake Eola DOES have a lot to offer!  Even swans, haha!   Here are a few from her session:

Posted on Sep 02, 2010
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One of the “perks” of my senior reps, is they get to try out new locations with me.  Half of my models went with me to Sanford a little while ago, and now the other half came with me to try out Baldwin Park.  AND, to add another something new, we went to shoot in the evening!  Now, I have done night sessions before, but only a couple times.  And I could always use some more samples to show how versatile my senior sessions can be!

SENIORS!  Now that we are starting to get the *hint* of cool weather (OK, so maybe not cool, but not so hot anymore!), now is a great time to schedule your senior photo session.  I have lots of choices of locations, lots of choices of types of locations, and lots of opportunity for gorgeous photos!  (BTW, I am not just talking about for girls!  I have some great ideas for amazing shots for the guys too.  I just need some guys to book!).  Talk to any of my senior models for info about sessions with me, or contact me directly!