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Posted on Mar 16, 2010
Posted in Seniors

I had the pleasure of photographing this beauty, not once, but twice!  I had something that has never happened before, happen on her first session.  Total fluke, but the card from the shoot had gone corrupt.  I felt horrible, because we had to reshoot.  But she was so sweet, and didn’t seem to mind.  So, we went out to Leu Gardens again, and did her shoot again!  Funny thing was, I think as good as the first session was, I think her second was even better!  She is such a natural in front of the camera!

Here are your sneak peeks!

Thanks for being so understanding!  I’ll get the rest ready for you as soon as possible!

Posted on Mar 12, 2010
Posted in Seniors

Oh, I loved this session!  I love having a shoot where the client is a little nervous about looking good, even though they are gorgeous.  I love talking and laughing with them, so they forget that they were uneasy.  I love when they finally relax and have a great time and really get into the shoot.  And then I love looking in the camera and just knowing that they will love the results as much as I do!

This senior started off telling me that she just wanted “normal” photos, no funky poses.  I will give you whatever you want, but I know that we will end up having fun and looking like a model! LOL!  It didn’t take too long for her to enjoy herself and her model-like posing!  She was beautiful, and I hope she likes her sneaks!

And because I don’t know which I like better, color or b&w, I will show this one in both!

Posted on Mar 05, 2010
Posted in Family, Kids

I have photographed this family a few times now.  And I swear, I laugh so much during our sessions.  The parents are hilarious, the kids are goof balls, so in other words, we have lots of fun!  My boys came with me to this shoot, and that was a good and a bad thing.  The good, is that their kids love my kids (you know how much little ones love the older kids?!).  The bad, they didn’t want to shoot, they just wanted to hang out with the boys!  Oh well, we did a little of both and everyone was happy!

Since I made them wait extra long for their sneak peek , I am putting up a bunch of sneaks!  (I was busy working on not-so-fun taxes this week, so no fun work until that was done 🙁 )  Hope they were worth the wait!

And as much as I love color images, I think I may like this one better in black and white!  What do you think?