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Posted on Feb 16, 2010
Posted in Seniors

I always laugh when my seniors say this after their session.  It IS hard work being so gorgeous, and posing like a model, especially when it is cold outside!  But, as you will see again here, it is so worth it!  This senior and I, had a great time with this shoot.  I just love it when my seniors are so excited for their session!  She is also very excited to see her sneaks, so without further delay . . .

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And just to let other 2010 seniors know, it is NOT too late to get your senior photos done the way YOU want them!  But you don’t want to wait much longer.  Contact me, and we can set up a session for you!

Posted on Feb 01, 2010
Posted in Seniors

This session was from the little contest I put up to “think outside of  the box”.  (You can see her entry a few posts below).  But the gist of it was a night time shoot.  Now, this is outside my comfort zone as well, that is why I loved the idea!  I have shot at night before, but only in a learning environment, never for a client.  So, this was going to be quite a challenge, but it turned out so good!  We had some fun on the streets of Baldwin Park a few nights ago.  It was also a very cool  night, because that was the night we had that incredible full moon!  Although it was more work than a regular session (probably just because I wasn’t used to it yet), I think it is safe to start offering them on a regular basis!  So, if you like the idea, and you haven’t had your senior photos taken yet, give me a call, and we can set up YOUR night shoot!

Here are a few shots that I particularly liked!