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Posted on Jan 26, 2010
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Can you believe it? I know it seems early, however, I don’t want to be rushed at the end of the school year (I have learned so much in the past couple of years)! So, I am beginning my search for the next class of JPSearcy Senior Reps now! And this year, I am a little more high tech. LOL! I have created an online application form (better than a stream of e-mails, I think!). It is a pretty quick application, but I do ask that you fill it out completely with all of the info that I would need to make my (difficult) choices.

Basics of being a rep for me: You will receive a FREE promo session to take place in either late March or early April (value $150). It will be at probably two or three different locations (my choice), and you will have lots and lots of gorgeous images to show off! You will receive a FREE spiral bound book with all of your images from our promo session (value $250) so you can show them off to anyone and everyone who is looking to have senior photos taken. And then you will receive another session (smaller than your first one) at the end of the summer/beginning of school year at the location of your choice (value $150). And for the parents (can’t forget about them!), they will receive a discount on their order for any prints that they want/need. To top it off, you can “earn” more prints or cash, for every person who you refer to JPSearcy Photography! How does that sound?!

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! I expect my reps to work hard for me! I expect them to represent me, and work hard talking me up to their friends and classmates. So, if you are looking for just a free session, then this probably won’t work out. But if you ARE willing to work for it, then please fill out the rep application linked below!

I will be selecting one student per school, and will leave the applications open until the end of February. If you think you would make a great rep, fill it out and tell me why! Or, if you KNOW someone who would make a great rep, direct them to this application! There is no reason to wait until the deadline, if you are interested, fill it out now!

What I am looking for: outgoing students! Someone who is comfortable being social and not afraid to talk about their photos! Someone who is involved in their school, or outside activities. Looking like a model is NOT a requirement! And last year, I did have only girls as reps, but I have had guys before. I found that girls are better talkers than the guys! But if you can convince me that you would be able to be a great rep (and you are a guy), feel free to apply! I may even take a girl AND a guy from each school (if the right guy applies!).

My 2010 reps were fabulous. If you know any of them, and want to know what it was like being a rep for me, ask them! Last year, I had reps from Oviedo High, Winter Springs High, Hagerty High, and Lake Mary High. I would love to expand into other high schools in the area, so just because I didn’t have a rep in your school last year, don’t let that stop you from applying!

Last year’s reps:

[polldaddy survey=’33537C0009326918′ link_text=’CLICK HERE FOR 2011 REP APPLICATION’]

BTW, if you are a 2010 senior, it isn’t too late to get your photos taken! Every year, I have some people that prefer to wait until the second half of the year to have them done, and that is fine! The weather is gorgeous now, and it is a great time for a session. Just e-mail me for details and to set up your shoot!

Posted on Jan 25, 2010
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to get “senior-like” photos from me!  This guy was a younger brother of a senior that I had already shot.  Mom was frustrated with the typical “school” photos, so why should she have to wait a few more year until he is *officially* a senior?  Absolutely NO reason to wait!  There will always be reasons to put it off, but why?  Why not now?  I do promise you, you will have a good time at our shoot!  It won’t be the typical “sit here in front of this backdrop and give me a “CHEESE”.  We go out someplace cool, and have a little fun!

For his sneak peeks, I could be mean, and post some of his outtakes (where he was making fun of me, or covering his face because he was laughing) but I will be nice for now.   (They MAY show up on facebook later though! LOL!).  Here are a few that I really liked.  The first one, I processed two different ways.  One in my “normal” processing, and the other with a more aged look with texture.  Which way do YOU like it better?

Thanks for a great session!  I’ll get the rest for you soon!

Posted on Jan 20, 2010
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My sweet little niece is ONE!  Already!  Boy, this year went by quickly!  And we were lucky enough to have her down here for a few days because her mommy had a vet conference in town.  Of course, she needed a proper photo session.  And oooooh, we had some fun!

First, I *had* to go shopping and find her the perfect outfit, with perfect accessories.  DONE!  Then, I had to find a day where I could have her all to myself, so we could do a proper session!  That was a little trickier!  Her other aunt and grandma wanted to come too.  But I could share, so no problem!  And lastly, I needed her to have fun.  That was the easiest part!  I swear, she got into it!  She had no problem with the accessories, and she was happy and let me keep shooting for a nice long time!  I couldn’t help but to just laugh and laugh looking at her!  Hope you all get as much of a kick out of my sweetie as I did!

Here she is, little Miss Hollywood!

Posted on Jan 18, 2010
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Alex from Hagerty High School! Her entry was:

“The idea: The general image I thought of was an evening/nighttime shoot in the village area of Baldwin Park full of streetscapes, stores, palm, and even a picturesque waterfall. Clothing of course would differ from person to person and be represented of who the student is (for myself, I would most likely have a very trendy outfit on similar to an Urban Outfitter meets Teen Vogue look). As high school students, I know we are in the process of self discovery so I chose a location that represents self discovery (a city like town area near “home”); in addition, a location that represents being a unique person in the “town”. I would encourage the student to bring an object that represents themselves or what they like, essentially an item that takes part in creating who they are; for my brother, it would be his guitar and saxophone, for others it may be an ipod, book, sketchbook, a camera, flowers, or even the trendy clothes they have on. I would believe that this session is an ideal one for youth finding their place in modern society as they become adults. This session is all about being true to yourself and expressing your radiant character as the night approaches. I think the different brick roads, lighting, and scenery can make for a fun session full of unique places to sit, stand, walk, or just smile.”

I have been really wanting to try a night session, so as soon as I read this entry, I loved it. It will be stepping out of MY box as well, so that is why I had to choose it. I had several great entries, and in the end, it came down to two that I really loved. But since I have never shot at night, and I have WANTED to, this was the entry that won. (Don’t worry, I am giving that second place entry some stuff too! LOL!). I can’t wait to shoot these sessions, and post about them too! Thank you to all who entered!

Posted on Jan 05, 2010
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Oh no, not another boring news post with no photos!  Well, the no photos part is correct, but not boring!  PROMISE!

I know that there are lots of you who have not yet gotten your senior photos done yet.  Well, not to your liking yet, at least!  This is a contest directed at YOU!  This is a way for you to get your senior photos done EXACTLY how you want, and for FREE!  Yep, you heard me correctly!

What is involved, and what do you have to do?  Glad you asked!

The theme is “Thinking outside the box“. This is open to any 2010 senior.  You can submit, via e-mail (, your idea for a session. Something that is different and unique. I want to hear your awesome ideas! Could be a location idea, could be a wardrobe idea, could be a specific look, could be something you saw in a magazine, or on TV.   Whatever! And then the one that I like best will get a free session (no $150 session fee), and a freebie from the session.   The best part is, the session would take place with YOUR vision in mind!  Yes, I will still get some “normal” headshots that mom and grandma will love, but the shoot is mainly just with YOU in mind!  And really everyone is a winner.  Even if your idea isn’t chosen, if you book a shoot with me, I will still give you a freebie from that session.  See?  Can’t lose!  **If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me and ask!**

I would like to have this session held sometime in January or February, so start thinking of your session ideas now!  I am going to set the deadline for the end of the day, Sunday, January 17th.  All ideas must be in before that date!  Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

**When sending in, please include – Full name, school, e-mail address, along with your session idea.**

Posted on Jan 05, 2010
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Being 100% on location is wonderful.  You get such a wide variety of locations, such a different array of looks, and your photos look different than everyone else’s!  However, every once in a while, certain locations aren’t available exactly when I want them to be!  One of those locations is Casa Feliz.  It is a fabulous location, however, certain times of the year (and holidays are really those times of year!), there are lots and lots of weddings and events there.  So, I  normally just don’t do that location on Saturdays, because chances are, there will be a wedding!  Well, I used to be fine on Sundays, and that is what this session was booked for.  Wouldn’t you know it, there was a private party that day!  But my senior REALLY wanted that location, so we agreed to come back the next week.  Casa has their open house on Sundays, so that is a pretty safe bet that we can shoot. Well, they had a wedding scheduled right after open house, so we couldn’t shoot AGAIN!  But again, this is where my senior wanted, so that is what she would get!  And thankfully, the third time was the charm!  We had a great time, and the images are fabulous!

The location was perfect, the senior was perfect, and the light was perfect!  I absolutely adore images when I can get the warm light, AND get the sun in the shots.  Gorgeous!  Here are a few sneaks from her session:

(P.S.  I could never check availability for Casa Feliz before, there was no way to get anyone on the phone.  During this situation, I was able to get a direct e-mail to someone there.  So now, there IS a way for me to check availability!  Don’t let this scare you off from Casa, it is a gorgeous location!)

Posted on Jan 05, 2010
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I have photographed this family several times before.  Actually about twice a year!  The kids are adorable, and we always have fun.  But what I love most, is the mom always has ideas for what she wants!  I never have to plan anything, because she has it covered, and that is awesome!

For this session, she wanted mostly just the kids individually photographed.  And for the three year old, she wanted him, just being him, in his room.  PJs and all!  This would be categorized as a “lifestyle” shoot.  Nothing really set up, just me following him around and playing with him.  Jumping on the bed, playing with his toys, etc.  In other words, FUN!  For the baby, we did more portrait style, just used her room as a backdrop for most of it.

Here are a few sneaks from that session:

Posted on Jan 03, 2010
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Can you believe it?  2010?!  Time is flying by just a little too quickly, I think!  I hope all of you had a beautiful holiday with your families!

Well, with a new year, comes a new blog!  I was having so much trouble with my last one in the past two months (not to mention, I didn’t have much time to try to fix it being in the busy season!).  So, I apologize for being a blog slacker!  But now I have a brand new blog (all the old posts were transferred over already).  Isn’t it pretty?!  I promise, I will get back to my normal posting self soon enough!  Starting tonight!  This post is a news post, not a sneak peek post (sorry!).  I have some big news coming up, and can’t wait to share it with you!

I am going to Africa!  Whoo hoo!  I was hired to travel with a wonderful couple to photograph their international adoption.  They are such wonderful people, and I know they are going to make terrific parents.  This is going to be one very lucky child, I tell you!  Anyway, I am going to be out of the country for about a week and a half.  When, you ask?  Well, that is the million dollar question!  We just have to wait for the final go ahead, and then we will have our exact dates.  For now, they are telling us that it “looks like sometime in January”, and that we will get about 2 weeks advance notice.  Needless to say, that poses some challenges for booking sessions in the meantime.  Several of you already know about this, because you have tried to book!  Thank you for being so patient and understanding!  So, what I am going to do until I have my dates locked in, is only offer “last minute” sessions.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you have your session the day you book!  It just means, I can’t book any sessions more than 2 weeks out .  (Of course, when I get my dates, then it will be back to business as usual!).  So, bare with me during the next month or so!

That is about all the news I have for now!  Oh, don’t forget to check back often to my blog.  I have a contest or two in mind that are going to be announced here in the next couple of days!  (I love contests!)  I also announce things on facebook.  So if we aren’t “friends” yet, add me!  Jeannette Priest Searcy and/or JPSearcy Photography fan page!