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Posted on Oct 21, 2009
Posted in Family, Kids

Families like this make my job SO easy!  Not only were they adorable, they were so easy to work with!  It didn’t take the girls long to get comfortable and have fun being little models.  Mom was excited about this from the very beginning, when she booked her session months ago.  And even Dad got into it and was coming up ideas and locations to shoot by the end!  It makes the sessions go by so quickly, and so enjoyable when everyone is having fun.

Here are a few sneak peeks from their session!  Thanks for a great time!

Posted on Oct 13, 2009
Posted in Animals, Seniors

I was SO excited when this booking came in.  I have been wanting to shoot on a farm, but just haven’t found one that I could shoot at!  I don’t know if it is just because it is something different, or all the cool textures that are on a farm, but it was so much fun!  Having an adorable and sweet senior to shoot wasn’t so bad either! LOL!

She wanted a couple photos with her horse, and a couple with her dog, and of course, some alone.  But since I don’t get a horse at many sessions (OK, NEVER!), I really had to take advantage and take a few extra.  Her horse made me really laugh.  As she was sitting on the horse’s stall, her mom thought that carrots would help the horse look in the direction of the camera.  Well, as soon as he saw the carrots, I swear, he smiled!  He lifted his lip up and was showing his teeth! LOL!  And because I found it so funny, of course, that has to be one of her sneaks!

Hope you enjoy your sneaks!  I will let you know when the rest are ready!

Posted on Oct 05, 2009
Posted in Seniors

Dramatic, but in a good way! LOL!  She is in the theater program at school, and in the upcoming play!  With someone who is used to being in front of an audience, that REALLY helped us for this session.  Normally, there aren’t too many people around where I shoot.  But this afternoon at Rollins, they were ironically, doing an outdoor theatrical production RIGHT in the same area that is my favorite to shoot!  Of course we wouldn’t get in their way, and we were there well before it started.  But there were lots of people around!  No problem for her!  She was able to play model, no matter if there was an audience or not!  She was just delightful, and so much fun!

Here are just a few for her sneak peeks.  Hope you like!

Posted on Oct 01, 2009
Posted in Seniors

I love shooting seniors!  Especially when they are so excited about their session!  This delightful girl was having a great time playing model for the day.  Her mom told me that she has always loved the camera.  And the camera loves her right back!   What a beautiful and photogenic girl!  Makes my job easy, doesn’t it?!

Hope you like your sneak peeks!  I’ll let you know when the rest are ready!