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Posted on Sep 16, 2009
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Boy, I have a great job!  I realize this a little more every session that I shoot.  I get to meet some wonderful people, and photograph them.  What is not to love about that!  And I am really loving all my seniors this year.  (Not that I didn’t love them last year, or the year before! LOL!).  They all have been so great!

This senior was no different.  She was so much fun, and so full of personality!  I love it when my seniors get excited and into the session.  I mean, how much fun is it to have your own personal America’s Next Top Model shoot for your senior photos?!  OK, so it isn’t an ANTM shoot, but it can be a lot of fun pretending! LOL!

How much fun is she?!

But of course, we got plenty of “normal” ones too!

And this shot I loved.  But I can’t tell which version I love most, so I will put all versions up that I was playing with.  The first is the regular one, the next is black and white, and the last is one with my new funky textures.  Isn’t it cool how ONE shot looks so different?!

Posted on Sep 11, 2009
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I know I have two kids too, and while they run me ragged most days, I can’t even begin to imagine what a crazy lady I would be if they were twins!  I am so in awe of parents of twins.  I love twins.  I love their relationship with each other, I love how they look, I love how they interact with each other, I love everything about them!  I just can’t imagine having my own! LOL!

I was so excited to be able to photograph this wonderful family (yes, it was another sorority sister! LOL!).  We met in a little tiny historic town outside of Atlanta.  They had neat little old buildings and a train that the kids could actually get on.  How fun is that?!  Well, they LOVED the train, of course!  And they just loved exploring.  When kids are this young it is pretty difficult to get them to sit still for portraits (and that is when you have just ONE of them!).  That is why I love just watching them play and capture their play (them just being them!), and then we can sneak in some posed shots too!  This sneak peek is a mix of just that.  Play time and fun semi-posed shots!

Posted on Sep 10, 2009
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This session was for another sorority sister of mine that I have seen in a million years!  It is so neat to see old friends in such different roles than when we last knew each other.  She has two such beautiful little girls now.  And these girls, such style they have!  They had several outfits for the session, and the older one especially, had definite opinions on what to wear, and how to wear it!  I was helping her put on her hat (that was a MUST for this part of the session! LOL!), and she looked at me and told me to make sure the flower was turned to the side, NOT the center.  LOVE THAT!

We took several family photos in their amazing back yard and several of the girls by themselves.  Lots and lots to go thru!  But I managed to pull a few that I really loved for their sneak peek.

And this one, is a great example of family photos that I really love: interaction shots.  Everyone being happy and being together.  Something kind of sweet about it!

Posted on Sep 09, 2009
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This Atlanta session was for a sorority sister of mine, and her family.  They live in a beautiful neighborhood, so we just walked around there and found lots of places to shoot!  And while the weather was perfect for photos, and the scenery was great, what made this session SO much fun were the kids.  Teenage boys!  Of course it would be fun (what teenage boy DOESN’T want to spend time with his family taking photos?! LOL!).  These boys were great.  Very talkative, and very funny.  So, I am sorry, but I had to put a couple of the funny ones in for the sneaks!  Being that was so what this session was!

This one, I don’t think Dad even knew what was going on behind his head.   LOL!

This one, I was telling all of the guys to get close together.  What I DIDN’T see until he said it, was how broken his ankles looked!  (This one still makes me laugh!  It may be one of those, “you had to be there” kind of situations!)

And since I am not THAT mean, I will put up a couple “normal” ones for you too!

Posted on Sep 09, 2009
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As you may know, I go up to Atlanta quite frequently now because my niece is there!  It seems that I am up there probably every other month.  And every time I go, I try to line up at least one session (justifies the trip as a business trip! LOL!)  Sometimes when I go up and have sessions, they are strangers, sometimes friends of friends, and sometimes friends.  This trip ALL four sessions were with old college friends.  It was like an extra bonus!  Not only did I get to have great sessions, I got to meet their families.

This was one of the four sessions that I had while in Atlanta.  A precious little newborn!  He was just over 2 weeks old when I got to play with him and have his first little model session.  He did GREAT!  Still very sleepy, and was great being shuffled around for the shots.  What got me most though, were this little guy’s lips!  He has fabulous, delicious, lips!  I don’t know how mom isn’t just smooching those lips all day long! LOL!

Here are a few sneaks of the little guy and his very proud parents:

Posted on Sep 08, 2009
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getting ready for the holidays!  I know, I know, you are thinking that it is still SO far away.  But you know, every year, it sneaks up on us faster and faster!  So, why am I torturing you with this news?  Because with the holidays, comes HOLIDAY PHOTOS!

If you are a past client of mine, you know that you can’t just call in late November or December and get your photos done!  Well, you can, but they won’t be back in time.  If you are a future client, then you may not know this yet (which is the point of this post!).  Sessions take time.  The normal time frame is: session, then two weeks later you get to see your proofs, then one week to make your decisions, then two more weeks until you have the photos in your hands.  So, that is what? A minimum of 5 weeks?!  Yep!  That is why you need to plan early.

This year, my absolute LAST session date for Christmas delivery will be Sunday November 15th.  That will be pushing it a little, but if past years are any indicator, I can do it.  Optimum time?  Anytime BEFORE that!  October is usually the quickest month to fill up, because it is allowing plenty of time.  And my holiday availability calendar JUST went up, so there are still plenty of dates open.  BUT, you don’t want to wait too long.  If you are interested in a session, go ahead and go to my site, and click on CALENDAR on my main site, and you will see the dates that are still open.

And last thing . . . I am considering opening a day or two for mini sessions.  What this would be best for, is someone just looking for a quick session for holiday cards.  They would be 15-20 minute sessions held at one location of my choosing, and there would be special mini-packages that are for this day only.  If you would be interested in this, please e-mail me ASAP and let me know.  If I have enough interest, then I will release the details to those who e-mailed me first, and then open it up to everyone else.


Posted on Sep 07, 2009
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Being that today is a big game day (FSU – UM, just in case you didn’t know!), I thought I would put up a couple of shots from my recent visit with my niece in Atlanta.

Isn’t she the cutest little cheerleader ever?!  GO NOLES!

Posted on Sep 06, 2009
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If you are a past/current client, you know that I like to give you your “sneak peeks” 2-3 days after your session.  I do this because I know how excited you are to see your images!  And it is very hard to wait 2 weeks to see all of them!  Well, I have just spent the past week in Atlanta with no access to my editing computer.  So, this poor girl had to wait a WEEK for her sneaks!  I felt horrible, so I put in an extra one for her.  LOL!

She was fantastic to shoot, and she brought her ADORABLE little pup with her to get in a shot or two.  I tried to do the puppy shots near the end, because I was hoping that the pup would tire out and would sit still for us.  Well, she did tire out, but not enough to not try to run away from us! LOL!  Puppies have endless energy, I swear!  We did manage to get a couple in before she took off as if to say, “no more photos please!”.

Thanks for being so patient and waiting a little extra for your sneaks.  I will get the rest done as soon as possible!  Hope you like!

And then the same image, but with one of my new textures!  Don’t you just LOVE it?!