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Posted on Aug 28, 2009
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This senior was just fabulous.  Not only was she a lot of fun and up for anything, she is also the cousin of one of my 2010 reps!  And I love my reps, so I knew I would love her too!

She was here on vacation from California and wanted to get her senior photos done while she was here.  So, being from CA where else would she want her session, but the beach!  Now, FL beaches are so much different than CA beaches, but I think that is what she liked about it.  We went to a new beach (near where she was staying), and I have to say, I LOVE it!  It has a great long boardwalk, beautiful dunes, and a fabulous rock wall.  Lots to work with!  And to finish up her session, she brought an old dress to “trash”.  Remember a couple of entries ago, I had a girl in her prom dress in a fountain?  Same idea, but the beach.  They are SO much fun to do!  So, if you are interested in “trashing” a dress during your session, let me know!

Here are her sneaks (because she is anxiously awaiting them!)  Isn’t she FABULOUS?! :

And this last one, I wanted to show something.  Sometimes I put little “effects” on the images.  I recently found some textures that I love!  And since I was playing, I thought I would show one!  The first is the “normal” one, and the second has the texture overlay added.  What do you think?

Posted on Aug 19, 2009
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I was looking forward to this senior session.  This was for a family that I have shot a couple of times in the past, and he is a great guy.  His mom and I went back and forth trying to find the location for his session.  She decided that she wanted it to be up at the high school.  Cool by me, it is a new spot!  We got there and thought “great!  The gates are open, so should be just fine to walk around!”.  We stayed pretty close by, and only were going in areas that were open.

He brought his girlfriend with him, and let me tell you, that was a GREAT idea!  (I am now encouraging guys to bring their girlfriends if possible!).  It was a great idea, because guys typically (not all the time) are more uncomfortable getting their photos taken.  Having his girlfriend there totally loosened him up, and he had just the best smiles!  LOVED THAT!

So, after we finished some casual shots, he headed back to the car to change into ROTC uniform.  That is where the “interesting” part came!  COPS!  Apparently, even if the gates are open, you are NOT allowed to be on campus without prior written consent!  OOPS!  After being told that it is an “arrest-able” offense, just being there, we got off with a warning.  They made me sweat though!  I think I was the only nervous one in the group though.  Mom thought it was quite funny, and was even asking the police officer if we could take some shots with the police car (which was answered with a definite NO!).  And since they made me so nervous, I didn’t even dare to take photos as we were pulling away (for blog purposes only! LOL!).

Our session ended early, so we will have to do his ROTC photos someplace else on another day.  But I didn’t want to make him (or his mom) wait until then to get the sneaks!  So, here are just a couple for you (first ones showing the great smiles for his girlfriend!):

Posted on Aug 19, 2009
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One of the girls in this family should look familiar!  I recently shot her senior photos (“adorable senior”).  Her mom realized that time is passing REALLY quickly and wanted to book a family session before her oldest went off to college.  It is such a good idea to do that!  There will always be excuses to put it off, but time is passing and the kids are getting older, no matter what!  So, don’t keep putting it off, just do it!

This family was so much fun to work with.  The little one is definitely the one in charge!  But it is obvious how much they are crazy about her!  Here are a few  sneaks from their session (including one outtake because it made me laugh!).

Posted on Aug 11, 2009
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Well, not OLD, how about, young former college friend of mine?!  Sound better?  I think so!  Thanks much in part to facebook, I have reconnected with lot of young former college friends.  I was thrilled when she asked me to take photos of her and her kids.  Not only for work sake, but to get to see her again!  And when I am seeing these young friends again, it is so cool to see them in completely different roles than when we knew each other.  They are MOMS now!  WILD!

She has two beautiful children who were so much fun to photograph!  We shot at Dickson Azalea park, but the favorite part of the session was the tree.  That tree, I tell you!  It is a great tree.  Looks like it grew sideways, and is perfect, especially for the younger ones, to be able to climb.  I like to save it for last, because it is hard to get the kids off it!

It was great to see you again, and let’s meet up again real soon (no cameras next time! LOL!).  Hope you enjoy your sneaks!

An outtake that I HAD to take before saying something! LOL!

And then one of the “real” ones!

Posted on Aug 05, 2009
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Yes, this senior may look familiar.  I have already done some of her photos, as she is one of my fabulous senior reps!  I wanted to explore a little more downtown, so she volunteered to be a model for me!  (My senior reps get a couple of sessions anyway.  I love working with them, and since they work so hard to spread the word around their schools, I like to give them extra incentives!).

I haven’t done too many sessions downtown.  I think it is such a fabulous place for photos!  You have so many different options.  I like to start off around Church Street Station, and then do a little wandering.  So, you will get looks from a wide assortment of places and “looks”!  This location won’t be for everyone, but for some, it would be PERFECT!

For her sneak peek, I wanted to show the wide variety of shots you can get while shooting downtown.  We go from sweet all the way to more edgy (which was a blast, btw!).  Hope you like them!

Thanks again sweetie!  I had a great time with you (despite all the rain we had!).  You were a great sport!

Posted on Aug 03, 2009
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The senior I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this time was a very musical one!  She plays not one, not two, but THREE different instruments!  (Talk about TALENTED!)  And she brought all three with her for her session!  I love it when the seniors bring things that are special to them for their shoot.  It makes their photographs so much more personal for them.  To incorporate what is important to them really makes the photos special.  Now, if you are wanting to bring things with you to YOUR session, please do!  Know that the entire session won’t be using it, we will still have plenty without.  It just gives a little something extra for us to play with!

Here are a few from her session (only one musical one though!  Leaving the rest for her gallery!)  Hope you like!:

And a little note for the rest of the seniors who have not yet gotten your FUN session scheduled yet.  It isn’t too late!  Really the best time for your session is before school starts.  You know how much you have going on during the school year.  And I don’t want your session with me to be just another something that you HAVE to do.  This is fun, and I want you to have the time to do it!  So, contact me to schedule your session!  Some August dates still available!