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Posted on Jun 21, 2009
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Whew!  I am SO ready for vacation!  I will be gone (but still checking in, of course) until July 3rd.  Feel free to e-mail me directly at to schedule sessions or ask questions.  However, be patient with me getting back with you!  I should be able to check my e-mail once a day, but I do plan on keeping work to a minimum to spend as much time as possible with my family!

And a side note, to the two families that I shot the other day.  I am so sorry that I couldn’t get the sneak peeks up for you.  I really did have good intentions, but here it is almost 5am, and I JUST finished packing and wrapping things up.  Off to bed to take a little nap before a long drive!  And I promise I will get the sneaks up for you as soon as I get back!  Thanks for your understanding!

Posted on Jun 14, 2009
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Yes, I do shoot at the beach often.  I love it!  However, I will only do it first thing in the morning.  That being said, I don’t get very many seniors who want to get up and out that early.  As a matter of fact, this was only the second time!  It was a very nice treat to be able to photograph a senior there.  

This guy was a great sport.  He woke up early to get out there, he listened to all my suggestions (mainly bringing lots of clothes to choose from!), he didn’t mind getting in the water, AND he was very photogenic!  Can’t really ask for much more than that!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from his session:


And just to show you, it isn’t always easy being a gorgeous model, getting that perfect shot:

LOL!  Sometimes you get soaked when you aren’t expecting it!  Before you start feeling too bad for him, I got caught by a wave or two as well, and had to ride home in wet pants! LOL!

Thanks for a great session!  I’ll get the rest of your proofs ready as soon as possible!

Posted on Jun 09, 2009
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We have had a string of problems with scheduling, which recently was compounded with rain in the afternoons!  I think all of the trouble getting them together was worth it though!  They really wanted to have a family session that involved a very special member of their family.  Their sweet dog!  I usually tell people who want their pets in the session, that we will TRY.  But pets can be pretty unpredictable!  Thankfully this big guy was PERFECT!  He humored me moving him around and around, and then stayed a perfect dog for my boys (they were dog sitting for the shots that he wasn’t going to be in).  

So we will start off with sneaks with our little star in it!

And this last one, just because it makes me laugh!  This family was VERY much into the goofy, funny stuff.  I really always enjoy the jumping shots, but I don’t know if the parents have ever gotten this much enjoyment out of it before!  I love it!

Thanks guys!  You were a great family to photograph!


Posted on Jun 05, 2009
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Oh, how sweet those new little babies are!  They are so tiny, so sweet smelling, so precious.  I love photographing newborns.  I don’t get very many for some reason, so it is a real treat when I do!

I photographed this little angel’s big brother starting when he was exactly this age.  Ten days old!  I know, when you have a ten day old newborn, probably the LAST thing you are thinking (if you can even think straight at all!), is “let’s have someone over to the house for photographs!”.  However, the absolute BEST age to photograph newborns is between the day they get home from the hospital (I have yet to have one of those! LOL!) and two weeks old.  The newborns that I do get, usually are between 7-10 days old.  The reason I want to get them early, is that time period, they are still very sleepy (so they will put up with me moving them and posing them around in the adorable poses!) and their newborn acne hasn’t set in yet!  Once you get past that first 2 weeks, they are much harder to get those “newborn looks”, even though they are still obviously newborns!  So, if you are pregnant, (or know someone who is) and you know you are going to want photos of your new baby, you will want to contact me ASAP.  Don’t wait until after the baby is here, because honestly, you won’t be thinking straight afterwards!  Call me before hand, and let me know your due date, and we will pencil in a date for you.

On to the little angel’s sneak peeks!

Her big brother had this same photo taken, and mom is anxious to hang them side by side to see the similarities/differences between the two.  So, I thought that she would want one of these for her sneak peek! LOL!

All bundled in a blanket that her grandma made special for her!

They had these great pillows in their house.  I think she looks like a cabbage patch doll! LOL!

And do you think she was ready to be done with her photos?!