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Posted on May 28, 2009
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And this time, I mean it! LOL!  After a few reschedules, due to rain outs, we FINALLY got a nice day to shoot!  Shoot AND play with a little fire!  No worries, my firefighter was there with us too.  (He had to work for me TWICE in one weekend!).  And I have to say, I am LOVING the results!  Playing with fire can be fun!  (So for those who are thinking about booking me for YOUR senior session, what do you have that we can light up?!).

Posted on May 27, 2009
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Man, I can’t remember when we have gotten as much rain as we have in the past week!  As much as we needed it, I don’t like having rain out sessions.  Thankfully, we made it all the way to the end of the session on this day, before the sky opened up again!

I was SO excited for this session.  Why?  Well, I am excited for ALL my sessions, but this one we were going to be incorporating a little fire!  No worries, I take lots of precautions, I don’t just light stuff on fire!  I bring my own personal firefighter, I have a fire extinguisher, and I have a special way to light sports equipment on fire without having everything go up in flames.  All those disclaimers aside, it is SO awesome to light the stuff on fire!  Yes, I could do it all in photoshop, but it just isn’t the same as the real thing!  Gives a very unique look in the photos, don’t you think?

BTW, if you are interested in incorporating fire into your senior session, I need to know ahead of time.  Gotta make sure my firefighter isn’t on duty that day! LOL! 

Anyway, here are her sneak peeks:

Thanks for a great session!  And I’ll get the rest ready for you as soon as I can!

Posted on May 20, 2009
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I have had such a great time meeting all of my 2010 senior reps!  I have an amazing group of ladies here!  And my fourth, and final rep is from Hagerty.  If you know my Hagerty rep, ask her about getting your photos done with me too!

Introducing my 2010 Hagerty High School senior rep!




Posted on May 18, 2009
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But not yet!  Including this beautiful girl, I still have three 2009 seniors left to go!  I love it!  We went to Kraft Azalea Park, in Winter Park for her session.  It was a gorgeous day (were lucky enough to shoot BEFORE the afternoon rain!), and we were there with her mom and sister.  Sound like fun?  Well, it was!  She was a great sport and tried every last thing I asked of her (including balancing herself on the edge of the dock, and jumping as high as she could on the pillars).  Thanks for a great time, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

Posted on May 13, 2009
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And I am so happy about that!  I have enjoyed all of the seniors ’09 that I have shot so far, and she was no exception!  We headed out to what is becoming one of my new favorite locations for senior sesisons – Maitland Art Center.  It has such beautiful texture and colors there, what more could a photographer want?  Well, there is one more thing, a beautiful model who will do the weird things that I ask!  Luckily I had that too!  

Here are her sneak peeks!

Posted on May 13, 2009
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Oh, what a fun session this one was!  The first time I photographed this little cutie, he was still in his momma’s belly!  And now, it is a year later, and he is a big, adorable little boy!  To celebrate his birthday, we did some “normal” shots around his house.  And then the real fun began!  We did a “cake smash” session.  What this is, the mom bakes a birthday cake that she  knows her little one will love, we set up a space (that can be hosed down afterwards), and then  we put the cake in front of the baby and sit back and watch (and photograph) the fun!  

I tell you, I have only done a handful of these types of sessions, but I think this little guy had the BEST reaction to it!  It took him only a millisecond to dive right in!  The funniest thing, was he didn’t know that he could eat it for a few minutes.  He was just smooshing it in between his fingers, hands, and feet!  But once he got a taste, I think he liked it!

Here are a few sneaks from his session:

Happy birthday little man!

Posted on May 10, 2009
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And my third rep is from Lake Mary.  If you know my Lake Mary rep, ask her about getting your photos done with me too!

Introducing my 2010 Lake Mary senior rep!

My last rep will be posted in a few days, as her session hasn’t taken place yet!  Stay tuned!

Posted on May 10, 2009
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If you know my Winter Springs rep, ask her about getting YOUR senior session done with me!

Introducing my Winter Springs 2010 senior rep!

Posted on May 10, 2009
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I am so excited to start another year, and meet new seniors (or upcoming seniors at this point!).  I have four new reps for 2010, so if you know any of these girls, stop them and ask them about getting senior photos done with me!

Introducing my Oviedo High 2010 rep!

Posted on May 09, 2009
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First of all, let me apologize for being a little MIA lately.  I have been busy with gearing up for a new senior season!  High school seniors, class of 2010 that is!  I am currently working on a seperate website just for them, as well as getting my new senior class reps photographed for their “promo” shots!  I promise I will be back to posting more regularly very soon!

OK, back to Mother’s Day!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you moms out there!  I happen to LOVE Mother’s Day, as I am sure you do as well.  Not only do I spend the day with my kids and my mom, I get to be pampered all day long!  Starting with breakfast in bed, to having all of the chores done in the house (without me having to say anything!).  And then sometime during the day, I get on the other side of the camera and get a photo (or two) with my boys.   

Like most of you, I really don’t LOVE the thought of getting my photo taken.  However, I make a point to get on that side of the camera at least twice a year (once on Mother’s Day, and once during the summer on vacation).  Do I like it?  Afterwards, absolutely!    I do know there are ALWAYS excuses NOT to do it: I still need to lose x amount of pounds; I need to get my hair done (want it longer/shorter/highlighted/roots, etc); you name it!  The bottom line is that while there is never going to be that perfect time, your family is getting older!  Your family loves you just the way you are!  And believe me, they will love looking back on photos of them with their mom.  And you will love having those photos of you and your family.  TRUST ME!

OK, so all that being said, I have a Mother’s Day present for all of you to take advantage of!  50% off your sitting fee and a complimentary 5×7 (but it has to be used on a photo of YOU with your kids or family!).  This can be used as a gift to your mom or wife or other special mother in your life (just think about it, “For your Mother’s Day gift, I have already arranged for a family photo session for all of us!”).  Takes all of the planning out of mom’s hands (which is also a HUGE relief to her!  OR, if you are a mom (and maybe either didn’t get what you were hoping for as a gift, or you want to give a gift for yourself!), you can take advantage of this offer as well!

This offer is good all family sessions booked either today or tomorrow (and no, you don’t need to get your photos done this weekend, you just need to contact me and book a session this weekend.  The offer is good until I go to bed tomorrow night, so e-mail me ASAP, so we can talk about your session, and find a good date for your session!