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Posted on Mar 28, 2009
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After a crazy busy couple of weeks, I am headed out of town for a little bit.  It IS work related though!  I am going to what I hope to be, an amazing hands-on photography conference.  I will be gone tomorrow (3/29), and will be coming back home late Thursday night (4/2).  I WILL have access to my e-mail while I am gone, but I won’t be able to be as prompt as you are used to!  I will probably only get to check once a day, so be patient with me!  I will get back with you ASAP!

Also, I have a couple of trips in the works.  And as you know, when I travel, I love to set up sessions.  (Not TOO many though, it is supposed to be a vacation you know!).  So, if you, or anyone you know, is in the area that I will be, and would like to set up a session, e-mail me ASAP, and I will see what we can work out!

Atlanta (yes, I go to Atlanta often.  It is because my sister and my little niece are there!) – April 7th thru April 10th.  I only have space for one more session for this trip, so if interested, don’t wait.  Jump on it!

Atlanta – Washington DC (this is our summer vacation.  We will be driving, so any spots on the way would be fine as well.)  I just have tentative dates for this one.  So, if you are interested in a session, let me know and I can be a little more flexible about the exact dates.  It will be sometime between June 24th – July 4th.  I do know that we will be spending a night in Atlanta both on the way up and the way back.  But, I am happy to stop anywhere along the way!

That is about all I have for now!  Have a great week everyone (I know I will!).

Posted on Mar 24, 2009
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You know, it hasn’t rained for what?  A month?!  And of course, it would start to rain during our session.  And it wasn’t like the summer rain pattern here, where it will rain for 5 minutes, and then stop and be perfect again.  Nope, it came down for a good long time!  Thankfully, we had a majority of the session done already.  Then we just hung out waiting for the rain to let up so we could finish up.  No problem, it was definitely worth it!

This senior was so funny.  Almost every time I asked her to do something bizarre (well, not really bizarre to me, just a little different to others), she would look at me like I was crazy!  For example, she was dressed in a homecoming dress and heels.  So, of course, I would ask her to climb a tree!  Makes sense to me, doesn’t it to you?!  She was a wonderful sport, and her photos are looking beautiful.  I kept telling her that if it feels weird, then it probably will look really good!  To prove it, I am going to post the tree photo, just to show her that it was worth it! (I REALLY love that shot, btw!).  

And then we have lots of beautiful headshots that we did as well.  (The wind is great, but sometimes was working against us, as shown in the outtake! LOL!).

And then, after the rain, we could get a few different shots in her lacrosse gear.  One that I really liked was

All in all, I think it was a great session with a great girl!  Hope you like your peeks, and I will get the rest done as soon as possible!  THANKS!


Posted on Mar 23, 2009
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I don’t think I will ever get tired of the sunrise beach sessions.  Every time, it is just so beautiful and peaceful!  Yes, it really stinks to have to wake up really early (although with the time change, it isn’t all that bad now!), but as soon as we get there, it is always worth it!  Not to mention, it is a great excuse to take a nap later in the day. LOL!

I have known this family for a while now.  And they have been wanting a session for so long.  Timing was just never right.  But now it is!  Three beautiful girls + two wonderful parents = a great session!  The one issue we were having was hair!  With all those girls, hair was just flying around everywhere!  It is always breezy on the beach, but that day was particularly windy.  I can’t even tell you how many outtakesI have with hair completely covering their faces!  LOL!  But as soon as the wind would die down a little, we shot away.  And mom, I know you are worried, but I promise, there are lots of wonderful shots!  NO WORRIES!  

And just to prove it, here are a couple of teasers for you!

And at the very end, we did some jumping shots in front of the awesome coca cola sign.  (The girls seemed to really love the “jumping shots”!).


Posted on Mar 21, 2009
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Oh my goodness, Daddy is going to have his hands full in a few years with these two beauties!  This sweet family had the two most adorable little girls!  And I can see that they are already keeping their mommy and daddy on their toes! LOL!

It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with this family.  In addition to being beautiful ;), they were also very nice people (which always helps!).  I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Here is your little teaser sneak peek!

Posted on Mar 19, 2009
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I got this in my e-mail this morning from my aunt:

Sophie (my little cousin) is entered in a contest sponsored by USA Weekend and the Smithsonian. If she were to win the first prize, she would go to D.C and perform the Star-Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian and at a MLB game. In order to get to the finals, her video on youtube needs a lot of exposure and ratings.

Could you please take a minute and watch (and then give her a high rating? ;D)?  I promise, she is good!  Thank you so much!

Posted on Mar 17, 2009
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They are so amazing to work with (not to mention FUN!).  I will say, I get a lot more girls coming to me for their senior photos than guys.  (Hopefully, more guys start coming for fun photos soon!).  So, it is a nice treat to shoot one.  And this guy was so much fun!

We did a nice mix of photos.  Lots for him, and lots for mom.  (Gotta get the shots that the moms will love too!).  For the ones for him, he climbed, he skateboarded, and he got some lacrosse shots.  And for mom, of course we got smiling head shots, cap and gown shots, and some with his band instrument.  See how much we can accomplish in one session?!  We can do it all (and have fun doing it too!).  LOL!

Here are a few sneak peeks for him:

And a funky black and white conversion that I am just LOVING!

And the smiley shot for mom! 

See why I love seniors?!

Posted on Mar 16, 2009
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LOL!  He is just so stinking cute, I can’t stand it!  I have photographed this little guy since he was born, and every session that we have, he just gets cuter and cuter.  His little mannerisms, of course his face (and those cheeks!), and now he is talking so well too!  He is just too cute for words!  Just gotta bite him!  (BTW, my husband SO does not understand the “biting babies” thing.  It may just be a girl thing, but tell me I am not the only one!)

Another thing that really cracked me up this time was his little man suit.  Why do little guys look so irresistible when they are dressed like little men?!  To top it off, his parents were calling him “Agador Sparticus”.  Think back a couple of years.  The movie “The Birdcage”?  He was the house boy who couldn’t wear shoes.  Remember now?  Well, that is what his parents say about this little boy too!  He can run all around everywhere, but put the shoes on him and he trips every few feet! LOL!  All of this put together, and end result, we had a great time and a wonderful session!  I can’t help but to smile when I am looking at him, editing his photos!

Here is your sneak peek!  Hope you like!


Posted on Mar 09, 2009
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Call me crazy, but I have been really wanting to photograph newborn twins for such a long time now!  I have been waiting and hoping that one would cross my path, but so far, no luck.  So, I thought I would put a casting call out there, and see if anyone here knows any twins about to be born.  


-Must be NEWBORN (and when I say newborn, I mean under 2 weeks old).  It is perfectly fine for a momma to contact me while she is still pregnant with her twins to take advantage of this.

-Must be willing to sign a model release.  

-And must be open to creative ideas for the session.

That is it!  I am not asking too much, am I?!  And for this, the momma will get a complimentary session (valued at $150!), as well as a print credit.  

If you are interested (or know someone who may be interested, and come on, who WOULDN’T be interested in a free session of their newborn twins?!), contact me ASAP so we can get something set up (even if you are still pregnant!). My e-mail is