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Posted on Jan 30, 2009
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I tell you, the mini models sessions went so well!  The kids were all great (gorgeous too, by the way!), the parents were all great, and everything just ran very smoothly!  Love it when everything works out as planned.  

Now comes the voting part!  Let’s see one of JPSearcy Photography’s models win this!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Even if you don’t know any of the models personally, that doesn’t mean you can’t vote for them!   How the voting works, is you go to:, and page down to ORLANDO, FLORIDA.  (I am going to try to link directly for each model, but just in case that doesn’t work, I want to tell you the “official” way to do it).  Then you will click on the letter that corresponds with the model’s last name.  Then vote!

Being that this is a charity contest, remember, the votes will cost $1 each.  All of the money will go to NILMDTS (if you have never heard of this wonderful organization, please take a few minutes to look at their website –  The great thing is, you can vote as many times as you want to!  Help your favorite model out, and know that you are also helping a lot of families at the same time.  What could be better than that?!

Because I want you to be able to see more than just the one for the contest  (contest site only lets you have one), I am going to post first the one that was entered, and then one other one that I really liked too!  Now, here are our models (in alphabetical order):

Last name starts with – Br


Last name starts with- Br


Last name starts with – Bu


Last name starts with – Ca


Last name starts with – Cr


Last name starts with – Cr


Last name starts with – El


Last name starts with – El


Last name starts with – Li


Last name starts with – Po


Last name starts with – Th

There you have it!  JPSearcy Photography’s contribution to the charity model search!  Please go vote, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Whether it is one vote for $1, or one hundred votes for $100, the money is going to a great cause, and every little bit helps!

Posted on Jan 26, 2009
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Oh my goodness, I know I am biased, but I have the most beautiful niece ever!  And apparently, she is a genius!  She is so alert, and aware of her surroundings.  (Made things a little more challenging for those sleepy newborn shots, but I got lots of beautiful awake shots!).  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be up there when she was born, but I was there a week later.  Not long enough of a visit, but I enjoyed every minute I could with her.  Oh yeah, and I took a few photos too.  LOL!  I took so many, it will take me a while to get through all of them.  But I know her mommy is anxious to see SOMETHING, so here you go!

Posted on Jan 21, 2009
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Whew!  It was a lot of work, doing so many sessions back-to-back like that, but it was also a lot of fun!  I normally will just do one session per day, but I had 3 on Friday and 7 on Saturday!  I thank all of you who participated.  Thank you for participating, thank you for being on time, and thank you for being such beautiful models for me!  You make my job easy!

No, no sneak peeks for these.  Sorry!  I am just trying to get all of them proofed, and then when they pick which ones that they want entered, I will put those up here so you can see all of my entries!  And even if you didn’t participate, you can still help out the charity by voting!  And who better to vote for, than one of our locals?!

And just a little note, I will be out of town for the next couple of days.  I am a new aunt!  And I need to go meet (and photograph) my sweet little niece.  I will be back by the weekend, so just be patient with me if I am not as quick as I usually am with my e-mails.  

Posted on Jan 17, 2009
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Yes, my kids again!  I recently redecorated my office, and thought, “I need some NEW photos on the walls now!”.  I am SO lucky that my boys will humor me (with minimum bribing involved).    All this little session cost me was dinner out (which I needed a good “date” night with my boys anyway, so it was win-win!).  

I am also very lucky about how close they are.  They are 5 years apart, so I really wasn’t expecting them to be friends.  But ever since my little guy was born, the two of them have had a very special bond.  Of course, they don’t get along ALL of the time, but I would say they get along MOST of the time.  I love that they want to hang out with each other, they want to play together, and they just like including the other, even when they have friends over.  I guess that is why I am partial to the “brother” photos of them.  

Here are a few from our little outing!

Posted on Jan 01, 2009
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I have decided that the little mini model search sessions will be taking place on Friday, Jan 16th and Saturday, Jan 17th.  At this time, these are the ONLY dates for the mini sessions.  (Of course, if you wanted a full session, there are several dates available.  And I would be happy to enter one of the shots from the full session into the model search.)  Saturday is filling up quickly, and only has a couple of slots left.  Friday has more sessions available, but they are going too!  

I am so excited that so many are excited about this!  It should be fun!

To clarify a point or two (from questions that I have been asked):

-The mini sessions are only $25 (for a 10-15 minute mini session); if you want to enter siblings, it is a separate $25 per child; the sessions will be held at a location to be determined (but will be in the Orlando area, probably Winter Park)

-The parent will get to choose which one they want to submit to the model search

-EVERY child entered in from me, will be entered into the national voting site

-The voting, is where the major fundraiser for NILMDTS is.  You (or whoever is voting for your little model) can vote as many times as you would like to, and it will cost $1 per vote.  All of this money goes directly to NILMDTS.

-The winner from each state (from the national fundraiser voting) will be then voted on for the national winner.  This voting is NOT done by public votes, it is done by a panel in the biz.  

If there are any other questions that you are still have, please don’t hesitate to ask!

It is a great opportunity on many levels.  One, if you have aspirations for modeling for your child, of course.  Two, it gives you an opportunity to get a few new photos of your child without needing to book an entire session!  And three, and most importantly, it helps to raise money for an amazing cause.  If you have not yet heard of NILMDTS, please check out their website at:

Don’t wait!  Book your slot today!  You don’t want to miss out on this!