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Posted on Sep 22, 2008
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Yes, even I get excited to have my boys photographed.   You would think that having a photographer mom, they would just love sessions and volunteer anytime I asked.  Well, you would be WRONG!  They do not enjoy sessions, but the tolerate them, because they are really good to me.  I wanted to get some shots of them while I had a little time.  Here are some that I really liked:

*This is what they LOVE about sessions: when we are almost done, we do jumping shots!*

Posted on Sep 22, 2008
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Personal life has been getting in the way!  Trying to tie up all loose ends before the busy holiday season starts!  Session dates are going quickly, so if you haven’t gotten your date booked, you don’t want to wait much longer.

I have a couple of travel dates to announce as well.  I will be in south FL from November 14-16th.  All slots are already filled, except for one on Sunday November 16th in the morning.  If you are interested in that slot (or know someone who is), please get in touch with me ASAP!  I am also thinking of going to Atlanta for a few days.  So, I will be opening up a few slots for there as well.  As of right now, I am only taking  *interest* in session slots.  Meaning, I am not definitely going, but will depending on interest.  The dates for that will be November 26-29 (that is right around Thanksgiving).  If you are interested (or know someone who is), please e-mail me and let me know.  I will work on first come first choice for time/date slots.  And hopefully, there would be enough interest, and I will get back with you and let you know for sure!  But please don’t wait.  If you are interested, let me know.  That won’t lock you in right away.  After I make my plans definite, THEN I will ask for you to lock in your slot with a session fee retainer.

Posted on Sep 03, 2008
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This session was a special one for me, because it is my niece inside that little baby bump!  My sister came down for a quick weekend visit and wanted to get a few maternity shots.  I did tell her that her “real” maternity session that we will have at the end of the pregnancy will be much more involved!  This one lasted a little longer than expected (by me), but I am so happy with them.  I have lots to show her, but for a little sneak peek, here is my sister (and my niece!):

*She asked if I make all pregnant women climb trees!  LOL!*

And now back to business!  The storms have passed (and fingers crossed that these next two will pass quickly as well), and it is a great time to have a session.  I did have some rain out cancellations, which left me pretty bummed.  But I did also have two people book sessions during that little impromptu special that I had during the actual storm!  I am anxious to get working again, so let’s book a session TODAY!

As you know, my holiday schedule is up on my website.  The weekends are already filling up!  The good news is that there are still a few left, but you don’t want to wait.  If you know you are going to want a session, e-mail me ASAP and hold your date.  There won’t be any more dates opening up, so what is on there is what is left.  

And last item of business!  I have been contacted lately from people in other areas (close, but not REALLY close by) asking if I would do a session there.  The answer is yes.  I WILL go do a session there, however, to make it most affordable for you, I would like to have a few sessions.  Otherwise, there would be a travel fee added to your session fee.  But if you have some friends who would love to have some beautiful portraits made, pass along my website to them, and see if they would be interested.  If I have several sessions for the same weekend, then I will waive the travel fee.  *Now, this is for south FL thru Atlanta area.  Any further than that, I will need to fly, so there will still be a travel fee.*

Posted on Sep 02, 2008
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Well, to be honest, I am not sure that I am!  Football is taken pretty seriously in this house.  But up until this year, it has been consisting of lots of watching on TV.  Now, my oldest has decided that it was time that he give this sport a go.  He has been working so hard all summer to get in shape for the season.  And now that practice has started, he is learning so much.  And the part that is making it worth it for me, is seeing how much he is enjoying it.  

His first official game was this weekend.  I tried my best not to embarrass him being “photo-mom”.  I was very good.  I stayed in the stands and didn’t call out to him so I could get a better shot. LOL!  Hopefully later in the season, I can get down a little lower and get some better shots.  But for now, this is what I have to work with!

He is #71 playing nose guard here 

And congrats team!  We won!  The boys all worked very hard.