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Posted on Aug 18, 2008
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You know, I am so bummed that it looks like we are going to get that storm Fay.  And NOT just because that it means that after only one day of school, the kids already have a hurricane day off!  (That IS part of it, but just part! LOL!).  Storms like this are inconvenient, and just an all around pain!

So, as I am watching the news tonight, I had a thought.  I am always very excited to meet new clients and have new sessions, so that would brighten my mood!  But what would be in it for the new client (besides gorgeous photos, of course!), to brighten their mood?  Well, a little freebie!  We will call this a Hurricane (or Tropical Storm, whatever it is when it hits land) Fay bonus!

Call or e-mail me before the storm leaves us, and you will get a freebie with your session.  So, that means you would need to contact me today or tomorrow (or Wednesday, if the storm is still hanging around then) and book a session to receive the freebie.  Don’t wait, e-mail now!  We know how quickly these storms can pass by!

Posted on Aug 09, 2008
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While I have been out to the beach for sunrise sessions before, I have never done it for a senior.  No one has wanted it before this one!  But I have a feeling that more are going to want to make that hike out to the beach, after seeing this beauty’s shots!

I had such a nice time with this senior.  She heard about me from one of my senior reps (go reps!) and other friend that I shot last year.  She was so sweet, and I loved that she had some pictures in her head already before the session.  She knew exactly what she wanted to wear, and the look that she was going for.  Love that!  I have said it before, and I will say it a thousand more times, I LOVE shooting seniors!

Yes, it is very early (sunrise really IS the best time to go out there), but I think it is SO worth it!  What do you think?

I am always looking for more seniors to shoot, so if you haven’t gotten your senior photos done, or you had the yearbook shot done, but want something a little more *you*, shoot me an e-mail!  

Posted on Aug 08, 2008
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You may recognize this cutie, as I have had the pleasure to photograph him a few times already.  But this one was a little different.  Mom wanted to do this as a father’s day present when her husband’s father was going to be in town (following me?).  So, fast forward to now, everyone was in town.  She wanted a session for the three guys (grandfather, father, and son).  

And to take it a little further, she decided on a more “lifestyle” session.  What this is, is not staged or posed at all.  Just really follow them around.  Now, at this age, that is always definitely a part of it, but being that was the goal of the entire session, it was so much fun!  The session was held at a golf course on a putting green.  It was the first time he had “golfed”, and his dad and grandpa were teaching him.  He had a ball!  And the funniest thing, was after he would hit the ball, he did a “victory” dance.  He would put the club in the air and spin around (and wait for applause!).  SO stinkin’ cute!

Anyway, here are some sneaks from that fun session:

*and the victory dance*

Thanks for another great session!

Posted on Aug 05, 2008
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What doesn’t anyone want to think about right now?  HOLIDAYS!  Yep, I know, I feel the same way as  you!  The entire year has flown by way too fast.  The good news, is that there is still 4 months until Christmas.  That being said, there are NOT 4 more months for your holiday photos!

I know everyone likes to wait as late as possible, but every year, there people that push it back just too far, and I am not able to accommodate them.  It breaks my  heart, but there definitely is a time frame that has to be considered.  There is a week (usually a little longer during this busy season) for me to proof the photos, then you have another week to make your decisions and place your order, and then there are up to two weeks to get the photos back from the lab (even longer if you are doing something extravagant like a canvas).  So right there, that kills one month!

There you have the explanation!  Now for my holiday deadlines:

Absolute LAST session for Christmas delivery is November 30th.  (I allowed an extra week from last year – feeling confidant this year, I guess!).

Absolute LAST day to place and pay for any orders for Christmas delivery will be December 14th (and this will probably be ready for pick up on the 23rd or 24th) .  Now this assumes that you will be picking up your orders.  If you need it shipped, then allow an extra week.

Now my availability schedule is updated and on my site now.  So, as soon as you know that you do want a session with me, go ahead and pick a date.  Dates tend to fill up more quickly for this time of year, so don’t wait long!

One more note (and I will stop my long-winded post!).  I *may* do a day or two of mini sessions.  These are great for if you really just want a couple of proofs, or if you have already had a full session earlier in the year.  Demand in the past hasn’t been too good for them (everyone always wants that full session!).  But if you ARE interested in a mini session, shoot me an e-mail and let me know.  If there is enough interest, I will set something up.  If not, I will just enjoy your family for the full sessions!

I look forward to another wonderful holiday season with all of you!