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Posted on Jul 28, 2008
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I think everyone knows how much I am enjoying seniors (if not, you should check back on my blog more often! LOL!).  Well this session was two times as great as the norm.  Why?  Because I did two sessions at the same time!  These sessions were for sisters.  Twins!  Since it was two sessions, we could go to two locations.  Rollins was the first, and was very nice (but very early in the morning!).  But once we got to Leu Gardens, we really started having fun.  Either the girls were loosening up, or waking up!  Whatever the reason, it worked!  They could definitely be mistaken for models!

Anyway, here is the sneak peek for them!  (Lots of photos in this one, because of the double session):

*She REALLY loved this swing!*

*Her idea, and I loved it!*

*And one for mom to peek!  One of several sister shots we got.*

Thanks girls for a wonderful session!  I will get the rest to you as soon as I can!

Posted on Jul 22, 2008
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It is so nice being in new settings for sessions!  I really enjoyed Boston.  Who knows, maybe I will start a nation-wide tour and do photos in every city!  Well, that may be reaching a bit.  But I am always open to the idea of traveling, so if you know someone who wants a session, but they aren’t in FL, have them contact me anyway.  Never hurts to ask if I will come out where they are! 

Anyway, back to this Boston session.  It was for a very sweet, and very on-the-go little girl!  She was so interested in the pond and the ducks, she could care less about me and what I was doing! LOL!  Typical for an 18 month old little one!  This sneak peek is a perfect example of what I love to do.  Just follow the little ones around with a camera, and let them have fun, explore, and be themselves!

*I told you she liked ducks! LOL!*

And one more sweet face, just because!


Posted on Jul 21, 2008
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What a beautiful location Maine is!  Makes for some beautiful backdrops for sure!  However, when you put two gorgeous girls IN that location, you can’t help but to get spectacular shots!  I really lucked out photographing these two sisters.  They were so sweet, and so easy to work with.  Don’t they look like model material?!

I couldn’t just share one shot, so here are a few of my favorites:

And because I can’t decide if I love the color or the black and white more, here are both!:

And one of each of their individual shots:

I had a great time with you girls!  The rest of them should be ready by the end of the week!  

Posted on Jul 19, 2008
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Wow, that was wonderful!  I truly enjoy my family vacation every year.  This year we went up to Maine and then drove down to Boston for a couple of days.  It was so very relaxing!  And every year, I *try* to get on the other side of the camera (to prove to my kids when they are older that Mom really WAS there! LOL!).  It is very difficult to get yourself in the shot, especially when you are a perfectionist like I am!  But I have learned to let go, and just get in there. 

This year’s family shots were my husband’s idea.  He wanted sunrise photos on top of Cadillac Mountain (which we are told is the first place the sun hits the USA).  Well, sun rises pretty darned early in the summer that far east!  The sun cracked the horizon just before 5am.  EARLY!  But it was very neat to go see.  And I also have to thank my brother in law, who woke up early to come with us to press the shutter for me!  Such a good sport!

One I liked of my guys!

And one I liked of me and the boys (after sunrise, we went down to the beach).

I have lots more to go thru, but I just did a quick memory card dump, and pulled these couple off to post!  But before the rest of mine, I have a couple sessions to work on that I did while on vacation.  I tell you, THAT is how much I love my job.  I even did sessions while on vacation!  Not many though, I am not crazy!  Just one from Maine and one from Boston.  Check back in a couple days for their sneak peeks!

And last thing.  I have finally gotten all caught up on my e-mails from when I was gone.  If you e-mailed me while I was away, and I haven’t gotten back with you, that means your e-mail got lost in cyberspace somewhere (don’t I worry about the silliest things?!)!  Please e-mail me again, as I am officially back at work!

Posted on Jul 07, 2008
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I am happy to say that I am off on vacation!  I kept my schedule pretty light leading up to vacation, but I will be looking to come home refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running!

I will be checking my e-mail periodically, just not every day.  (This IS a vacation, you know!).  So, I may not be as quick as usual in returning e-mails.  But if you are interested in booking a session, check my availability calendar on my website for open days, and e-mail me with the date you are interested in, the kind of session it will be (family, senior, newborn, etc), and the location you want  (if you don’t know, that is fine, we can talk about it further.  The important things will be the date and the kind of session.  Everything else, we can work out later!

Thanks, and see you when I get back!