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Posted on Mar 22, 2008
Posted in Kids

Another wonderful family makes time in their vacation to see me for photographs! I have to say, I am always very honored when a family wants me to photograph them while on vacation. They are taking time away from the parks or beach, to have some wonderful memories captured, and they want ME to do it! I love it!

Well, most of the session was spent on their two sweet little kids. The little girl was so funny, she had me laughing! Now, if we are at the gardens and we see some flowers, I will point to them for the little ones to go up to. They love to sniff the flowers, and they just look so sweet doing it! Well, this little one gave me a first. When I asked her what the flowers smelt like, she would name off various VEGETABLES! Yes, a three year old who knows what zucchini smells like! LOL! Her little brother was a cutie pie. Very patient with us for a nice long time. And the EYES on this little guy! Amazing!

Anyway, thank you for including me on your vacation. I enjoyed meeting your family! Here are a couple of sneak peeks for you, and I will let you know when the rest are ready for you!

Posted on Mar 20, 2008
Posted in Maternity

All pregnant women are beautiful, really they are. Well, this one takes the cake! It would be easy to hate her because she looked so beautiful, however, she is fun and sweet on top of it. You just have to love her!

We had a very good time at our session in her beautiful home. The time flew for me, but I made her work pretty hard, so she probably took a nap after I left! It is hard work being a model, you know!

Anyway, I know she is very anxious for her sneak peeks, so here you go!

Turns out, she also owns a hair salon in Winter Park! So, if you are looking for a new place to go, check out her place at

Posted on Mar 11, 2008
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I have always loved photos of flowers. You know the ones that are taken super close up? Well, I had tried to do it with the lenses that I had, but they just weren’t cutting it. So, I rented one! It was a lot of fun, and I took SO many different flower photos during the week. I am happy with how they turned out too! Well, the ones that I have gotten a chance to look at. Truth be told, I still have a few hundred more to go through! As much as I liked doing the flowers, I don’t think I am going to “quit my day job” yet! LOL!

But here are a few that I have had a chance to get off the computer!

Posted on Mar 04, 2008
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Yes, those kids DO look familiar. They are mine! Photographer’s kids CAN be the toughest to photograph, because they always have a camera in their faces. However, not my little one (my big guy does pretty much hate photographs!). He plays up for the camera and we have a great time. He thinks he is a model!

So, when my kids are trying to earn money, they offer up sessions! They are both saving up for some new things, and instead of pulling weeds or doing extra household chores, they came up with a proposition. They would do a session at the location of my choice, and would cooperate for as long as a “real” session lasts. For a price!

The timing was great, because I had been wanting to try an “urban” location downtown. I had only done it once, and it wasn’t with kids, so this would work out just fine. Turned out to be a pretty good session with lots to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

My little guy:

My big guy: